Fr. Chad Ripperger is a Catholic priest and exorcist of many years’ good standing in the archdiocese of Denver, USA, and he is still not yet cancelled despite the fact that he is telling much truth from the pulpit. The Newchurch must be longing to cancel him as they have done in recent years to so many good priests all over the world, but perhaps they dare not do so because he knows too many of their hidden secrets. Be that as it may, here below is an adaptation and summary of many points that he made in a sermon entitled “On the State of Evil in the World”  and accessible on You tube, unless it too has been cancelled. We lay out Fr. Ripperger’s  problem in Church and State, and then his solution.

In the Church : the modernists’ take-over of the official Church in the 1960’s has proved to be an unmitigated disaster, but officially Vatican II remains the elephant in the room which no priest is allowed to mention without his running the serious risk of being “cancelled”, or deprived of any standing or activity in the Newchurch (not Fr. R’s own term, he might rather call it the “Deep Church”). Here the modernists are becoming ever more draconian, because they have lost the argument, and there remains for them only force by which to ram the disaster down Catholics’ throats. The Church is in survival mode, it is only getting smaller, and if events turn really ugly, then even more Catholics will give up. That high churchmen are positively evil, is proved by their fruits which invariably maximise the damage they do to the Church. Our Lord’s own words to His Apostles, “Going teach all nations” (Mt. XXVIII, 19-20), clearly signify that the State has no power over the Church or over its doctrine, yet the Conciliar bishops lie down under the State authorities, as they did with the Covid scamdemic, and they are silent even on horrors like transgender, leaving the laity with no guidance to save their souls. As a result, Catholics behave just like non-Catholics and can no longer be distinguished from the world.  However, if 98% of the laity go on practising contraception, as research found them to be doing 30 years ago, with the silent approval of bishops and priests, then God may well take away from Catholics their spiritual gifts to give them to others more deserving, and the laity may lose even their good priests. Bad priests can be the sign of a special punishment from God.

In the State :  all four sins taught by the Church to be crying for vengeance, are rife !  Wilful murder we see in abortion, euthanasia and the Culture of Death. Defrauding the labourer of his lawful wage is to be found in excessive government taxation, far beyond the Biblical tithe, or one tenth of their subjects’ income. As for sodomy, not even in Sodom was same-sex marriage flaunted and promoted like today. Lastly, an example of oppression of the poor can be seen in how Communism everywhere eliminates the middle class.  Here the Deep State shows its control, which can shut down the world economy in two weeks, and effectively silence any truth-tellers, just as in the parallel Deep Church, or Newchurch. Our supposed political leaders are mere puppets of evil, but its present triumph can only mean that the triumph of good is coming. If bad predictions can come true, so can good predictions…

Fr. Ripperger’s good news :  At Fatima Our Lady promised an era of peace, an incomparably glorious triumph of the Church. We see already preventive graces preparing for graces to come. The demons know that their time is coming, when God will say, “Enough !” Many of the younger clergy are more Catholic than their elders. Governments are not persuading people, but are ramming the evil down our throats. Many a young priest wants Catholic doctrine, liturgy, and the truth. The older generation, fixated in the revolutionary 1960’s, is dying out. The more suffering there will be of priests cancelled and silenced, the more they will be orthodox. Many young married folk are having large families again. Things are changing slowly. The remnant will be more solid. Those who persevere under persecution will go high in Heaven. To suffer is a sign of God’s favour. Our Lady has said that when Communism seems to have won, it is then that God will intervene. The ensuing Chastisement will be for our sanctification. We must focus on God, and peace and joy will be ours.

                                                                                                                                               Kyrie eleison

                                                                                                                                                                     Had souls but prayed for Russia’s Consecration,

What ills would have been spared to every nation !