To attempt a just judgment upon the record 79 young men entering this year the major seminaries of the Society of St Pius X, as it is known (see the last five issues of these “Comments”), more considerations of today’s Church context may be useful. Let them again be set up by the question in heavy black print –

2   Excellency, why are you so relatively lenient in your criticism of the Newsociety ?  Did it not betray its Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, in 2012 ?  Should those responsible not be called out as the traitors that they are ? 

Go easy !  In the Catholic Church at Vatican II (1962-1965) the shepherds were struck by the error of modernism, as the Catholic shepherds have never before been struck in all Church history, not even in the Arian crisis of the fourth century, because modernism turns the subjective brain into objective mush – see Pius X’s Pascendi (1907), where he flayed this catastrophic condition of the human mind. But Pius X was able to restore sanity only temporarily in the Church, because the insanity in the world grew only worse after him, so that by 1991 when the Society’s Founder died, the Catholic sheep had become deeply “scattered” (Zech. XIII, 7; Mt. XXVI, 31) all around the Society. It was the Universal Church’s very own shepherds who had betrayed at Vatican II by splitting their own Authority from Catholic Truth.

Now, strictly speaking, all Catholics following their misled leaders ever since Vatican II have been, in the same measure, abandoning Catholic Truth, but, obviously, not all of them meant to be abandoning the Truth, in fact many followed misled Authority only because they still trusted it to tell them the Truth. The proof is that whenever since then the Holy Ghost has, at varying speeds, given light to such souls, many have, like Archbishop Vigano, seen through the false Authority and returned to the Truth of Tradition. To these Catholics of good will, God gave in the 1970’s and 1980’s a great leader of Truth in the person of Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991), and the Traditional movement and the true Society of Pius X were born, but once his personal charisma died with him in 1991, then the charisma of Rome and its Authority, universal for Catholics, re-asserted itself, and by 2012 the Archbishop’s Society had turned into the Newsociety, just as by 1965 God’s Catholic Church had turned into the Newchurch, for parallel reasons.

However, just as in 1965 most Catholics did not have the light to see what had happened at the Council, so in 2012 most Traditionalists lacked the light to see immediately what had happened in 2012, when the Society’s leaders set the Society on the path of seeking agreement by stages (Confessions, Marriages, Ordinations) with the apostate Romans, with whom the Archbishop had refused all further contact until they returned to the Truth of the great anti-modernist doctrinal documents from the Catholic Popes of the 19th and 20th centuries. And again, just as most Catholics in 1965 followed misled Authority only because they counted on it for Truth, so most Traditionalists in 2012 only continued to follow the leaders of the Newsociety flirting with apostates because they trusted in it to continue telling them the Truth. Now it is true that in 1990 the Society’s leaders were solemnly warned, on retreat in Econe, that the Romans were apostates. “I repeat,” their Founder emphasized, “they have lost the faith”.  Yet nobody can say that the Newsociety has completely betrayed the Archbishop’s Truth, because it still refuses the two main points on which “Rome” insists: the acceptance of Vatican II and acceptance of the New Mass.

In conclusion, we need to pray that the Newsociety never give way on the Council or the Mass, because it can still have much truth to tell many Catholics if it stands firm on Catholic doctrine. But let the pastoral appeal above for charity and humility among Catholics not be taken as any kind of approval of the change of doctrine from true Church to Newchurch in 1965, or from Society to Newsociety in 2012. Both of these were real disasters for Church and world.

                                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison

Patience we need. All inter-Catholic fights

Will not stop God from setting all to rights.



In the last four issues of these “Comments”, they have taken a position on many vexed questions in the present crisis of the Catholic Church with which a number of readers may not agree, and they are absolutely entitled to disagree, unless and until Church Authority comes back to its senses and settles any of these problems once and for all. In the meantime, however, on a first question constantly arising, let these “Comments” offer some considerations. This question and its follow-up are in heavy black to correspond to the force with which some readers might express them ! –

1   If it is true, as you claim, that Almighty God has accompanied Eucharistic miracles, wrought within the Novus Ordo Mass, with ample proof of their authenticity, then why should believing Catholics not simply go back to attending the New Mass, and save themselves a lot of bother ?

Because the New Mass is the central act of worship of the new and false man-centred religion which came out of Vatican II. The text of this Mass, fixed on paper, is objectively offensive to God because it is likewise centred on man, not on God, and by being regularly attended it will normally undermine a person’s Catholic faith, for instance in the Real Presence, in the Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Holy Orders of a Catholic priest, and so on. Regular attendance can turn a Catholic into a Protestant without his even realising it. However, by the diabolical cunning of the fabricators of this text of the New Mass, it keeps enough elements of the true Mass for it to be able to be celebrated validly, so that any particular celebration of it is not necessarily invalid as a Mass, even if it is celebrated invalidly more and more.

Therefore one can say of the New Mass neither that it is valid and can therefore be attended, nor that it cannot be attended, therefore it is invalid. The truth is, as often, neither all white nor all black. One must say that the New Mass can still be celebrated validly, but it may not therefore be attended, because regular attendance has contributed hugely to millions of Catholics losing their faith.

1b   But how can God possibly work with and through a text of Mass essentially offensive to Him ?

Because even Mass is not the final end, but only a means, albeit a mighty means, to the final end of souls dying with true faith in God so as to achieve salvation, help populate Heaven, and thereby give glory to God. If souls have no Mass to attend, can they keep the faith ?  Yes. If they have no faith, will they attend Mass ?  No. Therefore the Mass relates to the faith as means to end, and not as end to means. Therefore the New Mass is only a means, and if it is a mixture of good and bad in which its villainous fabricators had to keep enough good in order to deceive Catholics into accepting it when it was introduced in 1969, for instance enough good for possible validity, then God is easily great enough to work around the bad if He has a good reason to do so. To this day, does He have such a reason ?  Yes.

All human souls that ever lived are the sheep of God, and His personal creation (Ps. 94, 7), He wants all of them to be saved (I Tim. II, 4), and not just the Catholics (or the Traditional Catholics). The Sacred Heart knows from eternity just how many of His sheep were deceived at Vatican II by their shepherds, how many were more sinned against than sinning, and He knows today how many good believing souls, how many believing priests and even bishops there still are, and who they are, and He reaches through to them in the diabolical mixture of the Novus Ordo, working around the bad and with what is still good,  towards the salvation of their souls. And as for those who love the Newchurch and want its bad Mass, they have been reminded and warned by the miracles that they are choosing to go to Hell. If one starts out from the Heart of God, these Novus Ordo miracles make perfect sense…

                                                                                                                                        Kyrie eleison

The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants to save.                                                                                                         He wades through mud to rescue an erring knave.


 ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCCI  (November 19, 2022) :  79  SEMINARIANS  –  IV

It is not always easy to judge in many a situation whether justice or mercy is the correct reaction. Should the risk of the “Newsociety” of St Pius X failing to teach to its 79 new seminarians the most important lesson of their Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991), be more emphasised or less emphasised than it has been in the last three issues of these “Comments” ?  Since that “most important lesson” is central to the future of the Universal Church, then let one more issue of these “Comments” be devoted not to what the Newsociety is still doing right in service of the Church, but to what it is doing wrong, or rather to how much more right it could be doing if it had not officially deviated from the balance between Truth and Authority traced out by its Founder.

When in 1970 the Archbishop founded the Society of St Pius X with its traditional seminary in Fribourg, Switzerland, he took care to ensure that it would not be a “wildcat seminary” but would have the Church’s official approval from the bishop of the local diocese. The Newchurch of Vatican II (1962-1965) did not like what it saw, but official Rome waited a few years before intervening, no doubt in the hope that the traditional Society and seminary would fail all on their own. When on the contrary they flourished, then the modernists struck. In 1975 they “dissolved” the Society and commanded that the seminary of Econe should be disbanded. The Archbishop refused to obey, because there is in the true Church an objective procedure by Canon Law for such dissolving and disbanding, and it had not been correctly followed.

Therefore the Archbishop continued with his Society to defend the Truth while “Rome” with all of its “Authority” continued its persecution, on the grounds that nothing opposing that Authority can belong to Truth or to Catholic unity. Normally that is true, because Catholic Authority is normally welded to Catholic Truth, but, quite abnormally, at Vatican II Catholic Authority jettisoned Truth for “up-dating”. Now no doubt many of the Archbishop’s colleagues saw that he was right and “Rome” was wrong, but such is the force of Catholic Authority that not until 1981 did one other single bishop support him in public. Nevertheless the Archbishop was undaunted. In 1982 to help prepare his succession, he appointed a Superior General to take over the administration of the by now worldwide Society, but he reserved to himself all relations of the Society with Rome, no doubt because he feared that the array of the Society’s leading Red Riding Hoods would all be eaten alive by what he knew to be the Big Bad Wolves of Rome.

And so it turned out. While he lived, the little Red Riding Hoods followed his putting of Truth before Authority by putting doctrine before diplomacy, but almost as soon as he died they were making sheep’s eyes at the Roman modernists. Contacts with “Rome” were re-opened, and to this day the Newsociety will not take for itself the Catholic bishops that Truth needs all over the world, as the Archbishop did in 1988. Rather, it will wait for the murderer of Tradition to give a “green light” for the Newsociety to consecrate these bishops for Tradition ! Oh, sweet Red Riding Hoods !  But those who commit murder are murderers !   Who do you think they are ?  Such are the fruits of preferring Authority to Truth.

But that is what the Newsociety is till set upon. The veteran truth-telling priest who wrote the excellent article on the Tower of Babel, summarised in two issues of these “Comments” (763 and 788), has been rebuked by his (young) Superior for writing in public on current events. He may not even write on “philosophy or theology”! He may only write on “spiritual or edifying” subjects !   And a clear-seeing seminarian fears that “niceness” in his SSPX seminary is being made to override the “fight for the Faith”, and any fighting seminarians with character are being discouraged, defused and side-lined.  And so, if the Newsociety has its way, 79 seminarians will become 79 little Red Riding Hoods ?   God forbid !

                                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison

Warriors for the Faith our poor world hates,

And yet such men our whole poor world awaits !


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCC  (November 12, 2022) :  79  SEMINARIANS  –  III

Over the last two weeks these “Comments” have presented the apparent good news of a record number of new seminarians for the new school-year in the four major seminaries of the “Society of St Pius X”, but the “Comments” also wondered whether that good news is as real as it is apparent. For, just as Vatican II (1962-1965) officially replaced the true Catholic Church with the Conciliar Newchurch, centred on man instead of on God, so the Society’s General Chapter of 2012 officially replaced Archbishop Lefebvre’s true Society with an essentially different Newsociety. What remains to be proved is that what happened to the Society in 2012 was such a change as to cast some doubt upon the good news of 79 new priestly vocations.

Now praise be to God for so many young men still today having enough faith, courage and good will to be wanting to be traditional priests, and praise be to the Newsociety for maintaining enough of Catholic Tradition to attract these young men. However, in seminaries of the Newsociety under the control of the Archbishop’s successors, will they be learning what they would have learned while the Archbishop was still in control ?  Surely not. And does it matter ? Surely it does. And in what does the difference consist ?

Prior to 2012, a principle laid down by the Archbishop was still the Society’s official policy towards Rome, namely, there can be no merely practical agreement between the SSPX and the Newchurch without there first being a doctrinal agreement, in other words Truth before Authority. On the contrary, because in 2012 any such doctrinal agreement seemed impossible, the General Chapter of that year laid down as principle that even without a doctrinal agreement, nevertheless a practical agreement with Rome would be possible and desirable, in other words friendliness with Authority even without Truth. Now in fairness to the Newsociety, this did not mean accepting either Vatican II (the theory of modernism) or the New Mass (its practice), so that the Newsociety cannot be accused of completely abandoning the Truth. But whereas the Archbishop had after 1988 cut all practical contact with the faithless modernists, on the contrary almost as soon as he died in 1991, his successors renewed those dangerous but supposedly harmless contacts (is there in fact anything more slippery or infectious than the heresy of modernism ?).

And whereas Archbishop Lefebvre crowned his long and illustrious career as a Catholic bishop by saving Catholic Tradition (Truth) for the entire Church, by consecrating four bishops to ensure the Society’s survival in 1988 against (Authority) the Pope’s express condemnation; and whereas Archbishop Vigano continues in his glorious footsteps by (Truth) denouncing clearly and in public the unutterable crimes of our present (Authority) Church and world leaders; on the contrary, the official Newsociety is silent or critical of Archbishop Vigano (Truth), but defers to apparent Authority, in the world concerning, for instance, the abominable Covid “vaccine”, and in the Church concerning Pope Bergoglio, because the Newsociety wants this notorious murderer of Catholic Tradition to give his official approval to its consecration of bishops for Tradition !  Did not Fr Schmidberger (SSPX Superior General from 1982 to 1994) recently tell a layman asking about bishops so needed for the SSPX that it is not consecrating any, because it is waiting for the green light from  Pope Bergoglio ?  And has the Newsociety anybody but itself to blame for having in 2012 driven the SSPX up this blind alley !  But is it aiming to produce 79 blind alley priests ?

Patience. In worldly terms, the basic problem is that Archbishop Lefebvre was an old wolf whereas his successors have been, relatively speaking, wolf cubs. He knew the old Faith and the old Church, as it is difficult for youngsters to know them, and he took the old doctrine seriously, knowing that Catholic Truth redeems the world. God is love, yes, but without Truth He cannot be the true God. “For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth, hears my voice” (Jn. XVIII, 37).       Seminarians, old or new, let us hear His voice !

                                                                                                                                         Kyrie eleison

Have patience, many lies will soon be banished.

God’s wrath will see to it, that they have vanished.


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCXCIX  (November 5, 2022) :  79  SEMINARIANS  –  II

In these “Comments” last week was mentioned the news of a record entry for the new school-year of 79  young men to try their vocation to the traditional Catholic priesthood in the four major seminaries of what is known as the “Society of St Pius X”.  This ought be good news for the entire Catholic Church, because every traditional priest eventually ordained will be a source of traditional sacraments for the benefit of all Catholic souls. But it may not in reality be such good news, for two reasons in particular, both of which call for prayer, only one of which was mentioned last week.

The second reason needs little explanation, but is very real – electronics. When Fr Franz Schmidberger was Superior General of the SSPX from 1982 to 1994, a layman reportedly once said to him words to the effect that electronics would destroy his priests. He was referring of course to the swamp of temptations against holy purity being made so easily available by television and the Internet, and this was even before the invention of the Smartphone, coming a few years later. Indeed, is it not becoming almost superhuman for a young man born and bred long after the invention of such machines, to keep clear of their seduction ?  Of course God and His Mother can take a young boy or girl through a maze of sewers and bring them out smelling of roses, but given God’s respect for the free-will with which He endowed each of them, may we not reasonably surmise that such cases will be the exception rather than the rule ?  And in that case, how many of the 79 young men may not run into that obstacle on their way to the priesthood?  Every single faithful Catholic priest is a great gift of God. We must pray for all 79 vocations…

As for the first reason, introduced in last week’s “Comments”, it is less obvious because it involves not physical purity but, still more serious, the spiritual purity of the faith. A reader had suggested that today’s so-called Catholic “Resistance” movement might have had more success in attracting vocations (like the 79), he argued, if it had been properly structured, as is much more normal for Catholic communities, like the four major seminaries of the “SSPX”. Last week these “Comments” began to answer that, abnormally today, an emphasis on structure is liable to distract from what is more important, namely the Catholic faith, and that one may fear that this is what is happening in the four seminaries mentioned.  Here are two separate points, the second of which will have to wait until the “Comments” of next week.

Last week it was stated that the essence of today’s crisis of the Church consists in the Vatican II split between Catholic Authority and Catholic Truth, when the highest authorities in the Church, assembled in Council, officially abandoned Church Tradition for “church” modernisation. This meant that from then on Catholics had to choose : either cling to Authority by “obeying” the modernists and abandoning Tradition, or cling to Truth and defy more or less the apparent Church “authorities”. Or they can choose any one of several possible combinations of part Truth and part Authority anywhere between the two poles.

As for Archbishop Lefebvre, his choice was as much respect as possible for Authority in Rome as would be consistent with not abandoning Tradition (because Catholic Truth can only be in accordance with Tradition). But when in 1988 the Roman authorities backed him up against the wall by their implicit refusal to look after Tradition, then for him doctrine (Truth) finally took precedence over diplomacy (towards Authority, finally truthless).  And so he defied the Romans by consecrating four bishops, in “Operation Survival”, instead of “obeying” truthless Authority in what would have been “Operation Suicide”.“Operation Survival” ensured for his Society over two more decades of the primacy of doctrine (Truth), but then by striving to obtain official approval for theSociety, his successors turned the Society into the Newsociety, by preferring Authority (recognition by Rome) to Truth (the defence of the Faith). They were giving up on the Archbishop’s heart and soul – the heroic defence of that Truth which is the heart and soul of the Church. Their Newsociety might be more popular and more comfortable, but it would no longer be the stuff of martyrs.

                                                                                                                                          Kyrie eleison                                                                                                                                         

How can “good” Catholic churchmen go so wrong ?

The modernising influence is too strong.



Some good news for what can be called the Newsociety of St Pius X is that it had this year in its four major seminaries, taken together, a record intake of 79 young men taking action to try their vocations for the traditional Catholic priesthood : Flavigny (Econe), France 21; Zaitzkofen (Germany) 21; Dillwyn (USA) 28 and La Reja (Latin America) 9.  In today’s anti-traditional world this is an admirable feat, and while a number of these entrants will certainly not persevere all the way to the priesthood, nevertheless they represent a serious hope of many of them providing Catholic sacraments in, say, six years’ time.

By way of contrast, the only classical seminary of what can be called the “Resistance” movement in Morannes, France, has only one or two young men entering this year to try their vocation. At least one reader of these “Comments” is led to ask the question, should not the “Resistance”, from the moment that it started, have been structured with an organised Congregation and seminary, as was the Society of Archbishop Lefebvre, to collect and rally refugees and dissidents from that original SSPX instead of letting them just vanish into independent obscurity ?  The same reader grants that the substance or content of the Newsociety is no longer what it was under the Archbishop, but he attributes that decline rather to a lack of leadership than to a maintaining of structure and organisation, so that if only the “Resistance” had not tended to give up on structure, it might have succeeded better than, so to speak, one or two to 79.

The question is serious, and it has been there since the beginning of the “Resistance”, because Our Lord instituted the Catholic Church as the monarchy of a Pope (Peter) with Apostles (bishops) and Disciples (priests) and laity organised hierarchically beneath him, with every member of that hierarchy having a lawful Superior or Superiors up to and including the Pope, who answers to God for how he governs all Catholics beneath him. This structure is already clear in the New Testament from the very beginning of the Church, and it depends on the obedience of all Catholics to their respective Superiors for the Church to hold together, and to save souls for eternity by maintaining intact Catholic truth and morals. Moreover, by His own atrocious death on the Cross Our Lord gave to Catholics the sublime example of the obedience that they would need as His followers to do the will of their Father in heaven.

However, this obedience and the Church structure that goes with it is not an end in itself. Its final end or purpose is the salvation of souls for the glory of God. Thus the last Canon in the Church’s Code of Canon Law states that “The supreme law is the salvation of souls.” But souls cannot be saved unless they please God, they cannot please God without faith (Hebrews XI, 6). Therefore a prime purpose of Church Authority is to protect Catholic Truth amongst men from the ravages that will be caused to it by their original and personal sins. In other words, Catholic Truth is purpose and substance of Catholic Authority, and not the other way round. Thus in His Passion Our Lord tells Peter that Satan will put him to the trial, but Our Lord will be praying for his “faith not to fail”, and once Peter himself has “turned again” (understand, from his triple denial in the Truth), then let him use his Authority to “strengthen his brethren”, i.e. the other Apostles.  Truth is the basis of Peter’s Authority (Lk. XXII, 31).

But the heart and soul of the present crisis of the Church, unprecedented in all Church history, is that Vatican II (1962 to 1965) split Catholic Authority from Catholic Truth. From, now, six successive Popes downwards, the Catholic hierarchy has abandoned Catholic Tradition, forcing all Catholics who believe both in Truth and in Authority to become more or less schizophrenic. Had Archbishop Lefebvre not blazed the trail of returning to Tradition, i.e. Truth, never would there be these 79 vocations. But are they, in the Newsociety, going to be taught his greatest lesson ?  See these “Comments” next week.

                                                                                                                                             Kyrie eleison

God bless young men seeking God’s will today.

But will the structures teach it ?  We must pray.



October is the month of the Holy Rosary, as instituted in 1883 in the reign of Pope Leo XIII (1878- 1903),
himself a fervent devotee of this second most important prayer, after the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, in the
Roman Catholic Church. Between 1883 and 1898 he wrote 13 Encyclical Letters on the Rosary, almost
one every year, because he clearly considered it to be a major remedy for the growing evils of the modern
age in his day. The Rosary has not changed in nature since then. Those evils have only grown worse. Here
is why some English Catholics of the so-called “Resistance” are making a pilgrimage to the famous
English shrine of Walsingham in the county of Norfolk in one week’s time, as they have done for the last
two years, to pray a “Rosary Blast” under the ever greater threat of the third World War.
Meanwhile here is the briefest overview of those Encyclicals to see why the Pope of the Rosary, as one
may call him, gave to it such importance.
1883 : Supremi Apostolatus, an account of the great victories in history won by the Rosary, notably the
sea-battle of Lepanto in 1571, when a Catholic fleet defeated a far greater Muslim fleet, crippling for
years to come the Muslim threat to Christendom from the South-east (there is no question that if only
enough souls were praying seriously enough today the Rosary, Our Lady could prevent, or immensely
soften, the third World War – hence next week’s “Rosary Blast” – non-Catholics are welcome).
1884 : Superiori Anno, a request for the Rosary to be prayed for current problems in Italy, five Mysteries
before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, with the Litanies of Our Lady and Benediction.
1885 : Quod Auctoritate Apostolica, how the Rosary suits our age, is easy to perform, bears much fruit.
1886 : Saepe Numero, establishing the daily Rosary in Rome as an example for all dioceses to follow.
1887 : Vos Probe Nostis, how, once again, the Rosary can solve political problems, as nothing else can.
1889 : Quamquam Pluries, asking for resort to the Rosary against problems caused by Freemasonry.
1891 : Octobri Mense, a complete analysis of the Rosary, most important of Pope Leo’s Encyclicals on it.
1892 : Magnae Dei Matris, stating that the Rosary is “ a magnificent form of prayer, an effective way
to keep the faith and an outstanding model of perfect virtue.”
1893 : Laetitiae Sanctae, presenting the Rosary as a supernatural solution of social and political
problems. (This point cannot be emphasized too often for souls thinking that “prayer is only prayer.”
Prayer reaches God, especially through His Mother, and God is in supreme command of world events !
1894 : Jucunda Semper, how the Rosary is the summary of the whole Christian religion, through Mary.
1895 : Adjutricem Populi, how the Rosary’s final purpose is the Reign of Christ the King over all souls.
1896 : Fidentem Piumque, how we must fight for the Faith by not ceasing the Rosary prayed in common.
1898 : Diuturni Temporis summarises all Pope Leo’s 12 preceding Encyclicals on the Rosary.

Complete original texts of Papal Encyclicals in several languages can be found on the Internet at the
Vatican site : The abbreviations above draw heavily on the
October bulletin of a Society priest in France, accessible at Thank you, Fr. Castelain.
The “Rosary Blast” begins, God willing, at 17h00, GMT + 1, Thursday, October 27 with the first of ten
complete rosaries, with the last at 9h00, GMT, on Sunday, October 30, followed by Holy Mass. Contact
the site for any further information or details.

Kyrie eleison

You really want to stop the third World War ?
Join in the “Blast”, to work by Heaven’s law !


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCXCVI  (October 15th, 2022)

There is a good old proverb, maybe Chinese, which says, “The wise man blames himself, the fool blames others.” Not that others are never to blame, but that once I recognise that some blame belongs somewhere, I may myself be able to do at least something about it, whereas often I risk being powerless to get those that I want to blame to do anything about it. For instance, in today’s run-up to the potentially catastrophic World War Three, some Europeans are being tempted to blame either the United States, or Jews behind the United States, for the suicidal blindness of the European nations, behaving like puppets of the United States. But in a higher perspective, Europeans would be wiser to blame themselves.

For it is true that Jews exert enormous power in the United States, so that it is reported that four out of five members of the Cabinet by which President Biden governs the country are Jews, no doubt one reason for his earning the nickname of “President Bidenstein”. But who was responsible for electing President Biden, or at least for not rising up against the utter falsehood of his “election” in 2020, if not the American people as a whole ?  And if then Europeans want to blame Americans as a whole, who are Americans if not, centrally, the descendants of Europeans who emigrated from the Reformation onwards across the Atlantic ?  To the question of who is the central person in the history of the USA, is not Charles Coulombe’s answer, surprising at first view, of an Englishman – King Henry VIII – in fact very reasonable ?  Coulombe called his history of the United States “Puritans’ Progress”. Religion is decisive.

Closer to our own time, who, if not a European, signed the Balfour Declaration to promise to the Jews the Holy Land, if they would bring the USA into World War One on the side of England and France ?  And who, if not Europeans, to achieve the same purpose, arranged the trickery of the torpedoing of the “Lusitania” ?  Who then, if not Europeans, was responsible for the American soldiers tilting the balance of war against Germany in 1918, thus ensuring that American diplomats, with their President Wilson, would play also a decisive part in shaping the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which was designed to bring on World War Two ?  And when it duly broke out in 1939, to resist the military might of a revived Germany what was the great hope of Europe overwhelmed if not to bring once more the United States to their aid, which President Roosevelt achieved by the trickery of Pearl Harbour in 1941 ?  And after World War Two, who, if not Europeans, relied on the United States to form, and largely pay for, the defensive alliance of NATO to protect Western Europe from the threat of invasion by the Red Army of Soviet Russia ?  Can President Trump be blamed for having wanted Europe to pay for its own defence ? 

But why would Americans be right in considering Europeans, then and now, to be too gutless and effete to defend “the West” for themselves ?  Because, as Hilaire Belloc said, “The Faith is Europe, and Europe is the Faith.”  But Europe has been losing the Faith steadily, ever since the Reformation in particular, which opened the way for Judeo-Masonry to begin turning “Christendom” into “Western civilisation”, by a process of decadence which reached its climax with Vatican II (1962-1965), where it was not the Potomac, the river of Washington, USA, but four countries of the Rhine which flowed into the River Tiber of Rome : France, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

For, once again, Europeans may well accuse Vatican II of having “americanised” the Church, and there is substance to the accusation, but while American cardinals and bishops at the Council vigorously promoted the adoption by the Catholic Church of their own country’s ideal of “religious liberty”, they had not the majority of votes on the floor of the Council.  Who did have ?  Frenchmen, Germans, Dutchmen and Belgians.  These latter completed the temporary victory of liberalism over the Catholic Church, but let us have patience.  Almighty God is far from having said His last word. 

                                                                                                                                         Kyrie  eleison.

Europe, there may be others worthy of blame,

But to yourself look firstly, in God’s name !