These “Comments” have at least once warmly recommended readers to read the frequent articles of John HORVAT on the TFP website at This is because for countless adults today, God is the Great Unmentionable. He is not even to be named in polite society. On the contrary, while Horvat is often commenting on American politics, he is always doing so from the Catholic perspective of Almighty God.

In the words of one of the great Catholic thinkers of the 19th century, Horvat sees, and says, that if God today is not ruling Creation by His presence, then He is ruling it by His absence.

This is because God created the world freely, out of love, and He loves in particular the creature whom He set up to rule Creation as His deputy, and that creature is man, who sub-rules by that faculty of reason and free-will which he alone possesses among all God’s material creatures. However, if man uses that free-will to turn away from God, which God can allow him to do, then God fully knows what man does not know, namely the horrible eternity he is deserving for himself by his spurning of God’s great love of him, and God cannot leave His beloved creature alone on the road to such a destruction. And here is why modern man, fleeing God, cannot help recognising that the love of God is still pursuing him, even if that recognition merely drives him to flee all the more:  “Stop loving me !  I do not want Your love !”

Thus Horvat reads (article of 11 November, 2021) a recent surprise election in the State of Virginia, by which the right-wing Republicans swept all three State-wide races and surprisingly took back the House of Delegates from the left-wing Democrats. Horvat says that whereas “moderate Republicans promise everything but deliver next to nothing”, it was the moral conservatives (“with their powerful pro-life voting bloc”) who won this surprise election by voting on moral issues of the so-called “Culture War”: on Critical Race Theory, radical sex education, gender ideology and procured abortion. Notice how closely these moral issues in fact involve and offend Almighty God.  Horvat says that these issues win elections because if they are well presented, “they address deep problems inside the souls of countless Americans”. In other words, the “Culture War” frames the debate in terms of what is deepest and truest in us men, God’s natural law, even if He Himself is rarely mentioned. “God, bless America” – still.

But the left-wingers are intent on driving God out of His Creation. Correspondingly, they hate the “Culture War”, and want it never to be mentioned, nor its issues to be raised. The cultural warriors who do so are “deplorables” (said Hilary Clinton), with no legitimacy inside the liberals’ overwhelming liberal culture. It goes without saying that the vile media do all they can to stifle the conservatives and to stop them from framing the issues as cultural or moral, i.e. pointing towards God. They absolutely cannot handle Him, nor even His shadow. Man has taken God’s place, and nothing and nobody may be put forward as imposing on man any objective right and wrong. Therefore anyone attempting to do so will be discredited as a “racist” or “sexist”, or “fascist” or “anti-semite”, or by some other bigoted label of hatred.

And yet so little do liberals know themselves that they are fanatical believers in “anti-hate ” legislation !

Horvat’s conclusion is entirely logical, and taken seriously, it could save America from ruin: “Above all, conservatives must confide in God to come to their help. Disguised behind the façade of a thousand skirmishes is an all-out war against God and His order. Those who champion His cause can expect His assistance.” Archbishop Viganò makes exactly the same point.

Mother of God, whenever I pray your most holy Rosary, please let me grasp that I am not “just praying”, but I am doing the very best I can to assist you in your tremendous battle for the salvation of men and of their nations, through your divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                                                         Kyrie eleison.

Good men, the fight is over God, no less.

Fight openly for Him, and see Him bless !



Psychology “professors” at modern “universities” can emphatically not be relied on to talk good sense, butDr.Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium, may be an exception to that rule. He makes no mention of God, but on the Internet at he tells many human truths as to “Why so many people still buy into the Covid narrative”. It is not a problem of truth. It is, as Dr. Desmet explains, a problem of empty and anxious human beings latching onto a false fulfilment presented by the media.  Read below a (partly adapted) summary of his own interview.

The majority of the world’s population have fallen under a kind of spell – a “mass formation” or mass hypnosis. Mass formation is a specific type of group formation that can emerge in society under certain conditions:

1. People experience a lack of social bond; a lack of social connectedness.      

2. A large part of society feels a lack of meaning in the world.                                                                   

3. A general anxiety exists in society, an anxiety without a specific focus. For example, in Belgium, which has a population of 11 million, around 300 million doses of anti-depressants are used each year.            

4. There is frustration and aggression, but without direction in a specific aim or cause.

Under these conditions, people connect their general anxiety to a specific object of anxiety presented via the mass media. The media not only focus the nameless anxiety, for instance on Covid, but they also give a concrete strategy to deal with it (lockdowns, etc.). People start to participate together in the strategy to deal with the anxiety. A new way of being social emerges. For instance in England was seen for a while the absurd banging of saucepans in the street at 8pm on Thursdays to recognise the “heroes” of the National Health Service, “battling” with the supposedly “overwhelming threat” of Covid. But everybody could feel good in the new group, with a cosy feeling of solidarity in meaningful action:”Save our NHS”.

People within this mass formation (mass hypnosis) must all participate in the lock-downs, mask-wearing or vaccinations. If you do not participate then you are not showing solidarity with the new group. The Covid measures are designed to identify who is part of the new cult-like social group and nothing more. They are not backed by science, nor do they have any ability to defeat the “pandemic”. Covid is a psychological and not a biological crisis. The artificial focusing of the anxiety leads moreover to a very narrow field of attention. People are only aware of a small part of reality, on which the media narrative focuses their attention. Any arguments against the Covid narrative falling outside this small field of attention get little or no traction, because people are only able to view the “pandemic” through this small lens, as if nothing else mattered.  The artificial narrative also enables insubstantial politicians to set themselves up as leaders once more. Prior to Covid they were losing their grip, but now they can resound through the media, which enable them to hypnotise the mass of the population.

And the truth ?  Forget it !  It interferes with the narrative. But such artificial narratives do require an enemy. With Covid, that will be the unvaccinated, who will be to blame for all infections and deaths. They are to be marginalised, dehumanised – and vaccinated by force, if all else fails.  Dear readers, if all else fails, pray the Rosary to empower the Mother of God to stop these servants of the Devil !  She can.                                                                         

                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison                    Almighty God is big. If He’s kicked out,                                                                                                     He leaves a big, big gap to fill, no doubt !


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCLV  (January 1, 2022) : “RESISTANCE’S”  2022

If by “Resistance” we understand that loose grouping together of Catholic priests and lay-folk striving to maintain and to live by the faith and morals of traditional Catholicism prior to its essential dislocation by the modern world through the Second Vatican Council, then what are its prospects in the New Year just arriving ?  In appearance those prospects are not bright, because the Devil seems with the Covid-nonsense to be winning the battle for control of our world. In reality they are bright, because if the “Resistance” has survived so far, it can only be because God is granting to it minimal graces of survival in accordance with His promise to be with His Church to world’s end, and that promise still stands (Mt. XXVIII, 20).

But what are the principles by which the movement of “Resistance” (or “Fidelity”as it can also be known) came, and still comes, into existence ?  Most of the priests who would recognise themselves as belonging to the movement are former priests of the Society of St Pius X who disliked the policies it was officially adopting from around the General Chapter of 2012 onwards. These policies were characterised by a kind of benevolence towards the Church’s rulers in Rome, and towards the decisions of Vatican II shaping those rulers, that Archbishop Lefebvre, the Society’s Founder, had never shown towards either.

And what is wrong for Catholics to show benevolence towards the Church’s rulers ?  Is it not Catholics’ bounden duty to show respect and obedience towards the Church’s officials, in particular its Pope ?  Yes indeed, that is the normal rule, but there is one exception, and that is when the Catholic Faith is being endangered. Alas, it is seriously endangered by the most typical documents of Vatican II (1962-1965), e.g. Lumen Gentium, Unitatis Redintegratio, Gaudium et Spes and Dignitatis Humanae amongst others. And worse even than the grave but particular errors in these Conciliar documents, said the Archbishop near the end of his days, is the general subjectivism suffusing them all, in other words that mushing of the mind by which a man puts his subjective feelings in front of the objective truth. But if there is no objective truth, how can there be a true God ?  Vatican II opened the door wide to Pachamamma in the 20th century.  

But does not Pope (or at least seeming Pope) Bergoglio show a special benevolence towards the Society of St Pius X ?  That, says Archbishop Viganò (once Number 11 inside the Vatican), is only trickery on his part to lure the Society into abandoning that juridical status of independence from the official hierarchy of the Church which Archbishop Lefebvre so carefully ensured for his Society, but which its present leaders still seem to want to exchange for full official acceptance by the Church’s apparent Authority. Yet at this very moment those leaders must be admitting that it is only the Society’s unofficial status which protects it from the sledgehammer of Traditionis Custodes, now smashing all other Traditional communities which strive to preserve the true Mass but which still want to respect these Romans’ Truth-less Authority.

The safeguarding of that Truth which is the Catholic Faith, without which nobody can be saved (Heb. XI, 6), was the mission and the strength and the glory of the Archbishop and his original Society of St Pius X. The strength was undermined and the glory was tarnished over the last 10 years by even just the shadow of compromise with the unfaithful Church authorities, but the mission remained, and it remains through the New Year, indeed until the Lord God puts the Pope back on his feet. In the meantime the “Resistance” (so-called), like any faithful remnant down the ages, requires no large numbers, nor prestige, nor official approval, but, to save the stones of the street from having to cry out (cf. Lk. XIX, 40) it does require from its followers faithfulness to the true Faith, and it may well at some stage require martyrs.

And so if Catholics fasten their eyes on Heaven, and pray seriously, quietly, steadily, if at all possible 15 Mysteries of the Rosary every day, they cannot make a better use of 2022. Happy New Year !

                                                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

Than blind obedience, faith that sees is greater.

The time for obedience to return is later. 



After the first three chapters of the Book of Job set up the problem of apparently innocent souls suffering,  in the next 34 chapters there emerged in a discussion between Job and four of his friends three solutions: Eliphaz, Baldad and Sophir said that suffering is always a punishment, Elihu said that it can also be a warning, Job himself said that it is an impenetrable mystery. But in the course of the discussion he had called in question more than once his Maker, by Whom his faith knew that the suffering had come upon him. And so while Job’s patience was admirable – “the Lord has given, the Lord has taken away, blessed be the Lord” (I, 21)–  nevertheless it was not perfect. Job has given Almighty God questions to answer.

Here they are: why does God give life to souls longing bitterly for death (III, 20-21) ?  Why does He single out Job to maltreat him (X, 2-3) ?  Why does He hide His face from Job and treat him like an enemy (XIII, 23-24) ?  Why do those who know Him never see His days (XXIV, 1-2) ?  And finally, “Oh, that I had someone to hear me !  (Here is my signature !  Let the Almighty answer me (XXXI, 35) !)  Job is a man “blameless and upright” (I, 1), but in his extreme suffering he is not above calling the Almighty to account. Job is clearly no plaster Saint, but a man of flesh and blood, with human reactions.

However, Almighty God does know Job’s virtue, and that it was only Job’s virtue that caused him to be so put to the trial by Satan, and so although He answers to nobody and need not give an answer to Job, nevertheless He will do so (XXXVIII-XLI), as soon as Job and his four friends have all had their say. Now God’s answer is not the answer that either Job or we ourselves might have expected, because the Lord God does not address any of Job’s questions directly. Instead He appeals to His own immeasurable majesty, infinitely above all merely human calculation, in some of the pages sublimest in all Scripture for His self-revelation, and which we would do well to keep by our side, until God’s own Chastisement puts an end to the Covid nonsense and to all the suffering that it will unleash.

“Alright, Job.  You have questioned me. Now let me question you  (XXXVIII, 2) !  Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth ?  Have you ever commanded the morning, or appointed the dawn ?  Do you tie the constellations together, or loosen the bonds of Orion ?  Do you even know the laws of the heavens ?  Do you give to the horse his strength ?  Is it at your orders that the eagle soars aloft ?  Can your arm match the arm of God, or can your voice thunder like His ?  If nobody dares provoke the crocodile, who do you think would dare take on Me ?…

Under the hail of such questions and many more like them, Job has the wisdom to give way (XL, 3-5) : “I am a nobody, what can I say ?  I have no more to say”. But he has been answered – God is infinitely above merely human thoughts – His thoughts are not ours, and our ways are not His (Is. LV, 8, 9). The questions of Job may not have been answered directly, but the thirst of Job for some answers has been drowned in the inscrutable majesty of God. And God goes on to warn Job against pride, as exemplified in two of God’s proudest creatures among His animals, the hippopotamus, Behemoth (XL, 15-24), and the crocodile, Leviathan (XLI). Job is humbled, and admits that his questions were out of place – “…I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know… therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes” (LII, 2-5). 

As a conclusion to all Job’s sufferings, God blames Job’s four friends for their ignorance and harshness towards Job, but to Job himself He gives back his family and prosperity and much more than before (XLII, 7-17). Blessed are those souls which will never question God’s purposes or plans through all the chaos and hurt to be let loose by the Covid nonsense over the next several years. We may not know what we are doing, but God has known since eternity what He is doing – getting us to Heaven !

                                                                                                                             Kyrie eleison.

If souls must die in millions to be saved,

So be it – Covid mankind is depraved.



Elmer Gantry is a classic film from the United States dating back to 1960, about a con-man pursuing an attractive revivalist preacher named Sister Falconer. In his pursuit of Sister he runs into a former victim of his charms who still loves him but is indignant that he is now pursuing another woman, so she says to him, “Tell me a good strong lie that I can believe, but hold me tight.” This quotation is so true to life that it was featured in these “Comments” nearly ten years ago, October 13 of 2012, #274, from where a reader remembered it, and re-applied it to the world of Covid.

What had struck her in 2021 was how seriously well-known people can be injured by the Covid jab, but if they then speak out, their fans turn against them !  The pop singer Eric Clapton is one example. A more recent example is Kyle Warner, a popular mountain-bike rider from Idaho in the USA, who was seriously injured by the Covid jab, but appeared in earlier video clips to be taking his misfortune well. However, in a more recent clip he could be seen breaking down in tears, not so much because of the injury itself, as because of the hate coming at him from all sides for his telling his story and thereby making the jab look bad. What on earth is going on ?  Here is how the “Comments” reader was reminded of Elmer Gantry – she imagined the fans of today crying out to the puppet-masters in control of the politicians, doctors and  media, all still fabricating the Covid scam, “Please deceive us !  We love the rotten way of life that you give us !  Please pretend you are not there, and we will pretend also !”

It is a point being continually made by these “Comments”. Ever since Luther pretended to be reforming, and not deforming, the Catholic Church, the hallmark of non-Catholic “Western civilisation” has been hypocrisy, because the Protestants have been pretending to want what God wants, but in reality they and their offspring, all alike – Puritans, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, etc. –  have wanted what they wanted for themselves. During the whole process, behind various pretences of virtue has been the one reality of the advance of rot, no longer held in check by the one true Church. Finally the rot seeped even inside the Church, and that was Vatican II.  In fact modernist bishops have been the worst hypocrites of all.

But let not the peoples, in the name of democracy, claim that they have been innocent, or that the rot, then or now, has all been their leaders’ fault, be it politicians or doctors or media. It is they that have wanted the free lunch from their politicians, the contraception and abortion from their doctors, and the whole scenario of lies from their media. And from here comes the Covid rot, not resisted but positively promoted by a mass of puppet politicians, delinquent doctors and vile media, all lying at every turn. Thus it is the peoples’ own fault when their world is turned upside down, when Fauci is made a hero and Kyle Warner into a villain. Here is the conclusion of the “Comments” of a decade ago –

“Tell me a good, strong lie I can believe, but hold me tight”, says the mistress that Elmer abandoned. Loving him still as she does, all she wants is to be deceived.  Such is the world around us. All it asks is to be deceived. That is why we are living in a world of Satan’s lies. We do not want God. Now, life without Him cannot work – see Ps. 126, v.1, and just look around you – but we desperately want to believe that life works best of all without Him. In effect we say to our leaders, “We elected you to tell us good, strong lies, and to hold us tight in our godlessness. Please do a 9/11, a 7/7 (U.K.’s 9/11), or anything you like, just so long as we can go on believing in you as a substitute for God to look after us. The bigger the lie, the more we will believe it, but you must hold us tight. Tighten up our police states as much as you like, but you must keep out God.”

Is it any wonder we have the satanic world we have?                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison.

Weep, peoples of the world, unite in pain –                                                                                                    Here come the “Comments”, blaming us again !


 ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCLII  (December 11th, 2021) :  JOB’S  PATIENCE

If we name the second and longest section of the Book of Job by that “patience” for which he is famous, it is because Chapters 4 to 37 consist of a dialogue between Job and four of his friends in which they mean to console him but in effect do little more than rub salt in his wounds. As Job says, some friends !

In the third section, Chapters 38 to 42, God Himself will intervene to deliver the true solution, which He alone could deliver with such authority, and which we are certainly in need of, to frame correctly in our minds the Covid-nonsense, the Chastisement coming closer and closer, and the end of the world.

Job is patient with his friends because the first three all insist that he must have sinned in order to have deserved the appalling suffering of his complete loss of property and health, and the fourth is only a little closer to the true explanation. However, in pursuit of the solution Job’s three older friends, Eliphaz and Baldad and Sophar, do enounce many valuable truths on the connection between sin and suffering. It is only that they misapply their good principles to the particular case of Job, as he knows and tells them.

Heaven knows, the sin of worldwide apostasy is more then enough to deserve the punishment of worldwide Communism descending upon us from Covid criminals such as Schwab, Gates, Fauci, and their hidden handlers, but it is not totally responsible, insofar as there are also innocents suffering.

Usually of course, suffering is closely connected with sin because it only came into the world with sin. Prior to the Fall, Adam and Eve could not have suffered because they were shielded from suffering of any kind by their supernatural gift of Original Justice, but once they sinned that was replaced by Original Sin, through which their nature lost its perfect balance and poise and from then on became deeply flawed. Hence the human nature underlying the flaw is still from God and it is still good, but its flawed condition came from Adam and Eve, and that is so grave that it can only be wiped out by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  And even then God leaves our nature with the consequences of the Fall so that we have to fight with our flawed nature until we die, and so deserve Heaven. Thus if the Covid fraud causes over the next few years all the suffering it was designed to cause, let us never blame God,  but rather His human enemies, making war on Him to drive Him out of His own Creation. 

So from Chapters 4 to 31 Job’s three friends attempt in turn to persuade him that he has sinned – by impatience, presumption, despair, contradicting God’s justice, refusing to repent, vainglory, arrogance and so on. However, Job patiently refutes each of them in turn, because he is a “blameless and upright” man who knows that he may not be sinless, but he is not guilty as accused by them. Answering Baldad in Chapter 19, he makes a famous declaration of faith in the Redemption and resurrection, all the more remarkable for Job’s being a pagan with no access (that we know of) to the Revelation of the Old Testament: “I know that my Redeemer lives, and at last he will stand upon the earth, and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then from my flesh I shall see God.” With such faith in his mind and heart, no wonder he rejected the accusations of his “consolers”.

Such faith is neither a fairy tale nor self-deceit, but sheer truth, and it is this Catholic truth in our minds and hearts which can and will carry us serenely through a mass of trials and tribulations in the next few years. “Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief” (Mk.IX, 24)  Lord, grant to us Catholic victims of today’s seeping apostasy so to profit by any time now of relative calm that our faith will be strong enough then to carry us through any degree of intervening turbulence which You may allow ahead on our way to Heaven.

Elihu, chapters 32 to 37,  is the fourth friend of Job to speak, younger than the previous three and indignant at their inability to confute Job.  He does say fine things about the justice of God, whom Job is wrong to be questioning, and he does say that God uses suffering to keep souls out of Hell, but he has no direct answer to the problem of innocents suffering, answer which must come from God Himself (38-42).

                                                                                                                                                   Kyrie eleison.

Tomorrow’s suffering will appal,

But God is far above us all !



At the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) 2021 Fall General Assembly held in Baltimore, November 15-18, they were due to consider the application of Canon 915 of the (1983) Code of Canon Law which says : “Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty, and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”  Prior to the Bishops’ Assembly, the American Cardinal Raymond Burke made a Declaration, the main points of which are summarised here below –                      

“The Bishops will address the long-term and gravely scandalous situation of Catholic politicians who persist in supporting and advancing policies such as abortion in grievous violation of the most fundamental precepts of the moral law, while, at the same time, claiming to be devout Catholics, especially by presenting themselves to receive Holy Communion. This is a critical matter – a matter of life and death for the unborn, and of eternal salvation for the Catholic politicians involved.

There is a common refrain that what is needed is more “dialogue” with the Catholic politicians and legislators in question. However, the teaching of the natural law, which necessarily is also the teaching of the Church, is beyond discussion. The practice of abortion is a most grievous violation of the first precept of the natural law, which safeguards the inviolability of innocent and defenceless human life. There is nothing about which to dialogue. The subject of dialogue must be how best to prevent such an evil in society. Such prevention can never involve the actual promotion of the evil.

Pastoral action taken against politicians has nothing to do with “interfering in politics.” It is directed to the safeguarding of the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist and to the salvation of the souls of the Catholic politicians in question and to the prevention of the serious scandal caused by them. They are not only sinning gravely against the Fifth Commandment but they are also committing sacrilege by receiving unworthily Holy Communion.

The grave scandal caused by such Catholic politicians has contributed in a significant way to the consolidation of a culture of death in the United States, where procured abortion is simply a fact of daily life. The Catholic Church’s witness to the beauty and goodness of human life, from its first moment of existence, and the truth of its inviolability, has been grievously compromised. The USCCB had previously discussed the issue in June 2004. Some of the most influential Bishops desired to avoid any intervention with Catholic politicians who, according to the discipline of Canon 915, should not be admitted to receiving Holy Communion. The matter was remanded to a Task Force on Catholic Bishops and Catholic Politicians under the chairmanship of the then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. With time, the Task Force was forgotten, and the critical issue was left unaddressed by the Conference of Bishops.

While the true Church of Christ is totally opposed to the attack on innocent and defenceless human life, the Catholic Church in the United States seems to accept the abhorrent practice, in accord with a totally secularized view of human life and sexuality.  Pray for the Church in the United States and in every nation, that it will be uncompromising in applying Canon 915 and that it will defend the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist, and safeguard Catholic politicians’ souls, because if they support abortion and still present themselves to receive Holy Communion, then they commit sacrilege and serious scandal.”                   Catholic Politicians and Non-Admittance to Holy Communion

                                                                                                                                             Kyrie eleison

What God condemns, politicians may not approve.                                                                           

Eternal Law not even they can move.                                                           



The Old Testament is a store of treasures, because every one of its 46 Books is, by definition of the Council of Trent, the Word of God. To define the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, it has been well said that the New lies hidden within the Old, while the Old comes clearly into view in the New. Thus there is no contradiction between the two Testaments, nor between the God of the Old and the God of the New Testaments (as some people are tempted to think), nor between the doctrine of the Old and the New, but the Old is simply fulfilled in the New.

Therefore the Old Testament can have much to give us in this crisis of the New Testament Church, approaching its close in human history with the end of the world. For indeed that end is not going to be without much human suffering of the innocent, which is the problem of suffering in its acutest form, and which is the central theme of the Old Testament’s 20th Book, the Book of Job. These “Comments” will present in three separate issues Job’s problem, patience and solution respectively. Firstly the problem.

The problem is that Job is a wholly blameless and upright man, a very successful landowner with a large family of ten children and considerable property, with thousands of farm animals. Moreover he has a great piety and devotion to God. Yet he is going to be made to suffer intensely, without his knowing why. Firstly attacks from outside on his property and children deprive him entirely of both. But his only reaction is to bless God. In his own sublime words, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return, the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” But then, as though he is not suffering enough, he is attacked in his own person with loathsome sores from head to foot, so that he is reduced to scraping himself off with a fragment of pottery. His wife tempts him to seek relief in cursing God, but again he reacts with an exceptional piety: “Foolish woman, if we accept good from the hands of God, shall we not also receive evil ?” – Let us remember this admirable example of Job and his noble words when the heavens come crashing around our ears in the next few years !

What Job had not known, but what the narrator of Job’s story had told us in those first two chapters of the Book, was that his appalling sufferings, apparently undeserved, had indeed come from God, from a kind of tussle between God and Satan, no less. When Satan had once appeared before God, God asked if he had ever seen such piety as in His servant Job. Satan responded that that was due to a special protection from God for Job, but if God would only stop protecting him, in suffering Job would curse God just like anyone else. God then gave Satan permission to make Job suffer in all his belongings but not in person. That was when Job had lost his family and all his property, but had said not a word against God. “You see ?” said God, when Satan reappeared before Him.  “Ah,” replied Satan, “but just let him suffer in his own person, and You will see him curse You.” God then gave permission to Satan to do his worst against the person of Job, but not to take his life, and that was when Job had been stricken with unbearable sores from head to foot, reducing him to a human wreck sitting on a heap of ashes, agonising over what he might have done to deserve such misery upon misery. The story continues with the patience of Job.

Meanwhile in our Covid misery, a first great piece of wisdom is to remember how all our lives are slung between two invisible powers in their tussle for our invisible souls, Satan striving with might and main to pull us down to Hell, and God doing all He can, short of taking away our free-will, to get us with Him for ever enjoying the beatific vision of Himself in Heaven. Almighty God could easily nullify all efforts of Satan, but then His Heaven would fill with robots, and that is not what He had ever meant to create Creation for. Then let us all read between the lines of the Covid nonsense, and recognise a just and loving God at work to get us to Heaven. Unlike Job, by our worldwide scorn for His very existence, we have deserved our worldwide nonsense.


Kyrie eleison                                                                                              

God does exist. Our bliss He does desire,

But our misdeeds have fully deserved His ire.



From the Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, living in hiding for fear of his life, comes yet another admirable declaration to say what every single serious churchman should be saying in order to defend and protect Our Lord’s own sheep from a gang of murderous wolves, now revelling in the effective paralysis of those who should be their shepherds. And if these “shepherds” actually believe in, and preach, compliance with the wolves, can they really not see the dictatorial power grab of these wolves ?  What blindness !  Truly, “Only I can help you now” – Our Lady, in 1973 !  Here is the usual summary of the Archbishop’s clear and truthful words, as he spoke, no doubt by electronic means, to a protest meeting held in Turin on October 18 against the “Green Pass” being imposed to prove one has been inoculated –

The globalist elite have declared in no uncertain terms the society that they want to create. In the documents about the Agenda 2030 of the World Economic Forum we read: “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Private property, in the plan of the globalists, will have to be abolished and replaced by a universal income that allows people to buy only what the elite have decided to sell them. Agenda 2030 also includes electronic money, with the obligation to buy and sell with a card that is linked to the “Green Pass” and to social credit.

The health dictatorship and the now-imminent ecological dictatorship, effectively legitimize a system for evaluating our behaviour, such as is already in force in China. Each of us will have a certain score, and if someone is not vaccinated or eats too much meat, their points will be reduced, and they will no longer have access to specific goods and services. These tyrants want to deprive us of our very means of subsistence, forcing us to be what we do not want to be, to live as we do not wish to live, and to believe in things we consider to be a blasphemous heresy.

“You have to be inclusive,” they tell us; but they hurl themselves against us, discriminating against us because we want to remain sane, because we consider it normal that the family is composed of a man and a woman, because we want to preserve the innocence of our children, because we do not want to kill children in the womb or the elderly in their hospital beds. “We respect all cultures and religioustraditions,” they specify; and it is indeed true that all of the idols and superstitions find a place in the ecumenical Pantheon of the new Universal Religion desired by Freemasonry and the Bergoglian church. But there is one religion that is banned: the true Religion that Our Lord taught to the Apostles, the Religion that the Church proposes to us for belief.  The lie reigns, and there is no citizenship for the truth.

Nevertheless, our protest against the Green Pass must not stop at considering this specific event, however illegitimate and discriminatory, but it must expand to the overall picture. We must know how to identify the aims of the globalist ideology and those who are responsible for this crime against humanity and God.  If we do not understand the threat that looms over us, limiting ourselves to protesting only one detail of the entire project, we will not be able to mount a strong and courageous resistance. 

However, we do have something globalists do not have. We have the Faith, the certainty of Our Lord’s promise: “The gates of hell will not prevail.”We invoke the Most Holy Virgin, the Janua Coeli, the Gate of Heaven. May she who in the Book of the Apocalypse strikes the head of the ancient Serpent be our Queen and our Leader in battle, in view of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

                                                                                                                                      Kyrie eleison

Catholics, wake up !  We are on the very brink                                                                                            Of being forbidden by law to eat or drink !



Doug Casey on the Next “Crisis” the Global Elite Have Planned (

Every year, the most influential world leaders come together at Davos in Switzerland, where they present the most visible element of our international ruling class. They overlap with many other groups who are pushing the same agenda, including Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations and Bohemian Grove. These people are all part of what we might call the “World Deep State.” They all know each other. They go to the same conferences and share the same world-view. They live in their own little silo, where the rest of the world’s 7.9 billion population are outsiders.

In 2019, well before the first case of COVID was reported, the World Economic Forum (WEF), which hosts the annual Davos conferences, held an event to discuss the possibility of a worldwide pandemic – Event 201. They ran a simulation exercise for how the Covid scenario could play out and how governments, large corporations, and the media should handle the situation.  This elite has been planning the idea of a virus for years, and they may do various things with it. Pretending to be friends of mankind, they may justify their plan as a way to cleanse the gene pool, reducing world population by 80 or 90%. Or the vaccine may be used itself to kill many people after a while and to sterilize the rest. Or it may serve as a means for the vaccinated herd, the obedient 80%, to put the independent 20% into internment camps for the unvaccinated. Or the current virus may be just the first gambit, and after the Delta and Mu strains a genuinely serious Zeta “variant” will present itself.

In any case we now have genuinely crazy people in control of the apparatus of the state. They have exactly the same psychological and philosophical profile as the French (1789) or Russian (1917) Revolutionaries. They are not going to let go of power voluntarily. They are turning many countries into genuine police states. It is happening right before our eyes in Australia – the entire country is locked down. Masked at all times, people cannot go more than a couple of miles from their homes without suffering draconian penalties. No one can enter Australia, no one can leave !

Here in the USA, vaccine passports are on the way. In a recent speech of Biden, he made the unvaxed out to be a potential enemy – a domestic danger. With this COVID nonsense the elite are playing the health card. They are also playing the race card and domestic terror card. They are succeeding in delegitimizing American values and history, as well as masculinity in general and white males in particular. Next is due to come back the Global Warming scam. The “plebs” will not be allowed to do anything, and most will go along with it because they have been indoctrinated over several generations. The elite are doing everything in their power to ramp up fear. Fear for our health, fear of domestic terror, fear of the non-compliant, and fear of the climate destroying the planet. Fear is the most powerful tool governments have to control the people.  They thrive on fear. Fear is the health of the modern State.

And so as we enter the trailing edge of the Greater Depression, things are similar to 1914 or 1939.  However, World War 3 will not be about nuclear weapons or conventional armies. It will be primarily a cyber and biological war. The cyber war aspect will be huge because the entire world now runs on computers and is starting to run on Artificial Intelligence. Earlier this year, the WEF started to make a lot of noise about cyberattacks disrupting global supply chains. A cyber pandemic and a closing down of the Internet are a near certainty, because for the elite to get control, it is essential for them to stop the people organizing to challenge them, so they must stop them from communicating with one another.

                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison.

An ace investor knows how the real world works.

One such tells here what in our future lurks.