For all readers who have access to the Internet and who want to keep their heads free of the pack of lies that make up the official narrative on the Russia-Ukraine war, there are, still accessible on You Tube at least four notable truth-tellers who, at least up till now, have proved to be reporters on whom one can rely to know what is really happening in the unfortunate Ukraine. They are three Americans, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Scott Ritter and Gonzalo Lira, and a team of two Greeks who go under the name of The Duran, Alex Cristoforou, and Alexander Mercouris who lives in London.  At  can be found the Duran in a fascinating conversation dating from just before Christmas of last year, but not out of date, on the whole background of the war.  Here is a summary of the conversation –

The West’s objective in Ukraine is to destroy Russia. The supply of long-range missiles and drones by NATO is not about Ukraine achieving a military victory. It’s about creating chaos and sowing unrest and division in Russia.

The crisis in Ukraine was engineered by the West on the basis that there would be a colour revolution in Russia and regime change. Sanctions would knock the Russian leadership off balance and the Russian people would rise up and overthrow Putin as the economy collapsed. However, the opposite has happened. The Russian economy is stable, Putin’s popularity remains high and Russia is now embarking on a major military build-up to crush Ukraine.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently admitted that the Minsk agreement (signed by Russia and Ukraine in 2014) served only to buy the West time to re-arm Ukraine. Russia has determined that direct confrontation with the West is now inevitable. Either NATO dissolves and the EU breaks up, or there will be a conflict. Does NATO continue to expand towards Russia, or face reality?

However, the neo-cons in Washington are leading the West into a trap. They are going for broke to drag the war out to the last Ukrainian. They are calling for “whatever it takes”, including US boots on the ground, as the path to a Ukrainian victory (this demand has already been made in London by the Guardian journalist Simon Tisdall). US troops deployed in Ukraine will mean World War 3. Will the Pentagon resist the neo-con strategy? Possibly, but it may depend on who is in power in the US if the war drags on.

The main obstacle for the neo-cons is not Russia but China. China has a much bigger economy than Russia with a far larger military. The neo-con strategy is for the US to go in hard and fast in Ukraine, take out Russia with regime change and then have a clear pathway to war with China. It’s a reckless “winner takes all” gamble. We are coming to the final act of the play. The deliberate sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines demonstrates the lengths to which the neo-cons will go. If you are prepared to blow up a gas pipeline then where do you stop?

The great advantage of this presentation of the war in the Ukraine is that it gives the most convincing answer to serious questions : why is this war, so damaging to so many nations, being fought at all ?  Who is ultimately behind it, and what is their motivation ?  To punish the apostate Gentiles all over the world, God is using as His scourge a race of men (“neo-cons”) in their drive to achieve that tyranny over the world which they believe is their right. They are wreaking damage unimaginable, but they can never go any further than He allows, and nothing less will change men’s ways.

                                                                                                                                         Kyrie eleison.

God says to wicked men, “This is your hour,

But I alone grant to your darkness power.”           (cf. Lk. XXII, 53)