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Our dear Father Joaquim, a monk at the monastery of Father Jahir, Marianos, in Bahia, has a kidney tumour and everything indicates that it is malignant and even very serious.
We are starting a big crusade of prayer for him today because the final biopsy will be done this Tuesday and the type of tumour will become better known. Let’s hope in God for a miracle!
The preparatory and investigative examinations are private and very expensive, we would be very grateful if we could count on the charity of our friends. Any donations can be made through —


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Fr Joaquim giving Holy Communion.


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCXCIII  (September 24, 2022)

On the eve of the Feast of the Assumption appeared in “Atlantic” magazine in the USA an article which caused a little stir by associating the Rosary with right-wing violence and terrorism. Written by a certain Daniel Palleton based in Toronto, Canada, it was entitled  “How Extremist Gun Culture Is Trying to Co-opt the Rosary”, and it was sub-titled “Why are sacramental beads suddenly showing up next to AR-15s online?” (The AR15style rifle is a popular lightweight semi-automatic rifle.) Here is a  summary of the 13 paragraphs of Panneton’s article :– 

1  Rad-Trad (i.e. radical-Traditional) Catholics are turning the Rosary into a weapon of violence.   2  It shows on the Internet in their social-media pages, where they have thousands of followers. 3 Thus associated with extreme right-wingers’ violence and racism, the Rosary prepares for real-world terrorism. 4 Indeed the Rosary has long been associated with the fight of the Church Militant against its enemies. 5  In mainstream Catholicism the Rosary is no threat, but rad-trad Catholics are not mainstream. 6  They are militia-minded masculinists, playing at war-games,     7  with their own cottage industry of services and goods for sale, including “combat rosaries”.    8  They have masculine fantasies of resorting to violence in defence of their families or churches. 9  Formerly distrusted by Christian nationalists, they are now increasingly accepted among them.  10 Indeed Rad-trads and Christian nationalists are coming to share an ideal of “righteous violence.”  11  These two sides may still be divided in matters of doctrine and religion,  12  but they can and do make common cause, for instance in their homophobia and hostility towards abortion.  13  Rad-Trads are meant to love and forgive, but today they are turning the Holy Rosary into a weapon of violence and physical war.

Where Panneton is right is that there is a huge war going on between “left” and “right” warriors all over the world. It is a huge war because for both sides it is a sacred crusade. This is because it is in fact a war for or against God. Because Almighty God is today so widely discounted and discredited, normal “lefties” may not understand why their own fight is such a crusade to destroy the last remains of Christendom, but crusade it is for them. As for “right-wingers”, they cripple their own crusade to defend or conserve post-Christian decency if they do not base it on God, who is their basic strength. A notable example is their fight against abortion. If these right-wingers go on preferring to do without God, their reversal of “Roe v. Wade” will be reversed once more. Sharing the “lefties’” unconcern for God makes many “right-wingers” hardly any better.

Therefore if the Rosary has always truly been a great means of defending Christendom as in 1571 at Lepanto, in 1683 at Vienna, in 1955 in Austria, that is because it is so centred on God, on Our Lord and Our Lady. Only if today’s Rosary warriors are truly turning away from God to fight left-wingers with the weapons used by left-wingers to fight God, is Panneton right. But if those praying the Rosary forget all about right- or left-wingers when they use it to fill themselves with the interests of God, then certainly, once more, the Rosary can save Christendom.                                                                          

                                                                                                                                    Kyrie eleison.

God is not served by merely human fights,                                                                                   But only by the drive to serve His rights.




ELEISON  COMMENTS   DCCCXCII  (Sept. 17th, 2022) :   IS   GOD  SELFISH  ?

A reader writes in with an objection to the goodness of God which he knows to be false, but which nevertheless perturbs him, and to which he has for a long time found no answer that satisfies him. Here is the problem –

1   To command somebody,  “Love me, or I will blow out your brains,” is both selfish, because it is self-centred; and ridiculous, because threats cannot produce true love.

2   But God says just that when He says to His human creatures, “If you do not love Me, you will go to Hell.”

3   Therefore (it is Satan that speaks) God is both selfish and ridiculous.

In order to answer this objection to the love of God, let us see firstly what is the truth about what God says to His human creatures when, by Himself creating their immortal souls and infusing them into the material bodies put together by their two human parents, He brings human beings into existence : “My dear child, by giving you life and free-will, I mean you so to make use of your life on earth that when you die you will have deserved to share My eternal bliss with Me in My Heaven. But I will not force you to come to My Heaven, because if I forced you I would make you into a robot, and robots cannot enjoy My Heaven. I will leave you entirely free not to come to My Heaven if you do not want to do so. Choosing Hell will be entirely your own decision.

Now it is true that powerful influences such as the world, the flesh and the Devil will do their best to make you prefer Hell to Heaven, and it is true that a majority of men to whom I give life, end up by preferring Hell to Heaven, but in every case that will have been their own free choice, and I will no more have forced them to choose Hell than I force anybody to choose Heaven. And note that the more evil have been the influences they will have resisted in order to prefer My Heaven, the more glorious and happy that Heaven will be for them. So the evil has a purpose, and while I do not want it, I do want to allow it, precisely so that I can make it serve the eternal bliss of those who refuse evil.

And if you object to Me that in the modern world the confusion and the evil are overwhelming and are too strong for many souls to resist, I reply to you that whenever the evil really does become too much, as in the time of Noah (who still resisted it), I can intervene, as I did with the Flood. In fact the Flood saved for eternity many souls that would otherwise have given way to the corruption, so it was a great act of My Mercy. In the 21st century, just wait for Me to give you a great Warning, announced notably by the four girls of Garabandal in Spain in the 1960’s. It will give a great help from all the confusion towards salvation through Jesus Christ, but only if souls themselves freely choose that they want to be saved.

Now let us apply these truths to the three propositions of the original objection above –

1   To say to anybody “Love me or I will kill you”, is selfish if he who says it says it primarily himself to be loved. But God in Himself is in utter and unchanging bliss. Only externally to Himself does He gain anything by souls sharing His bliss. That bliss He wants for them primarily for their sake, not for Himself.

Nor is God ridiculous. Of course He wants no forced love. He leaves us entirely free to love Him, or not.

2   It is true that if we do not love God as we should, so that we die in a state of mortal sin, then we will have deserved Hell. But once in Hell, a large part of the torture will be to see with the utmost clarity just how easily I could have saved my soul, with all the help and graces that God gave me in my life on earth. But freely I chose not to want His help, and so what I am suffering now is entirely my own fault.

3   So God is not at all saying, “Love Me, or I will blow your brains out.” He is neither selfish nor ridiculous.

                                                                                                                                               Kyrie eleison

Love, if not freely given, is amiss.

God wants us free to choose, or not, His Bliss.



In one single Article of his common sense Summa Theologiae (I, 85, 2) St Thomas Aquinas refuted, some 500 years in advance, the nonsense of Kant and his numerous followers in modern times, according to which our human minds can know only the appearances of things around us. According to Kant, we human beings cannot know the reality of things as they really are behind their appearances. The thing as it is in itself, in German “das Ding an sich”, is absolutely unknowable by us. In that case, one may well ask, how do we even know that there exists any “Ding an sich” behind the appearances of things ?  Sure enough, Kant’s followers paid no more attention to any supposed reality in itself, or extra-mental reality, and modern “philosophy” was off into the Alice in Wonderland of the smile of the Cheshire Cat still in the tree after the cat has disappeared. Good bye, reality. Welcome, literally, any imaginable fantasy !

Aquinas has two common sense arguments to knock poor Kant out of the stadium. For instance, I see a horse in a meadow. Now the horse is obviously not inside my head, but only some representation of the horse. Now is that representation of the horse by which I know the horse, like a window on the horse itself so that the horse itself is what I know; or is that representation itself what I know, like a picture of the horse which portrays the horse but gives me no view of the horse itself ?  For Aquinas, representations in our mind are like windows on the reality outside our minds. For Kant they are like pictures behind or beyond which we can see nothing. For Aquinas they are whereby we know, for Kant they are what we know.

First argument of Aquinas: if we know only the smile of the cat and not the cat itself, so to speak, then how can we have any knowledge or science of cats or of any extra-mental reality ?  No more science or knowledge of reality outside our minds. But if we know nothing outside our minds but only our own representations, within them, then it is the end of any knowledge of reality, and the end of science. Sure enough. Many a contemporary “scientist” finishes by losing his grip on the reality of his own “science”, because, like almost all of today’s world, he has allowed Kantism to addle his wits.

Second argument: if we knew only the representations in our minds, then every representation would be true,  because truth consists in the conformity between our minds and the reality outside them.  But if we  could know nothing beyond our own representations, we would have no access to any reality outside, to be able to tell whether or not our representations conformed to it. So all judgments of our minds based on our own representations would become true, because they would be in conformity with themselves. So Paul could judge that honey is bitter while Peter could judge that it is sweet, and both of them would be right !  Neither of them would have access to any objective reality beyond each one’s own representations of it by which to settle the clash of their contradictory opinions. Here dies the law of non-contradiction, here dies the possibility of discussion, here dies all objective thought, here is born modern “philosophy”.

And, supreme objectivity, Aquinas goes on in the same Article to explain that in real life the very form of the object outside our minds, that gives to that object its existence, is what also in-forms our minds, giving to our minds the very existence of its thoughts. In other words, not only are our minds capable of grasping extra-mental reality, but also they are incapable of functioning at all without it (at least at the origin of their thinking).  Therefore the very basis of human thinking must be objective, that basis (as far as it is knowable) can be resorted to to settle any clash of subjective opinions, and the law in objective reality of non-contradiction – nothing can be and not be in the same respect at the same time – is also the basis of our thinking. Thus our representations of reality are emphatically windows that faithfully present reality outside our minds, and not pictures that block our view of any reality beyond or behind them, as the abominable Kant pretends, to the ruination of any grasp on reality, and of any objective thinking.

                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison

Read Thomas Aquinas in the original Latin –

The greatest healer of minds one can imagine !

An Appeal for a Monstrance

The SAJM Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary House of Formation situated next to the Santa Cruz Monastery of Bishop Thomas Aquinas near Nova Friburgo in Brazil is still endeavouring to buy a monstrance to use for the their daily Holy Hours and nightly adoration. If you are able to help them, they have a Paypal account for easier donation. The Paypal email address to use is –semimaculadocoracaodemaria@respicestellam

All donations are gratefully received, and donors and benefactors will be remembered in their prayers.

The chapel at the House of Formation where the monstrance will be used.

Bishop Thomas Aquinas giving a class to the seminarians.



What these “Comments” strongly suggested last week is that in judging of what reality is, common sense is much superior to so-called scientists and intellectuals. As for “scientists”, this is because their minds are usually confined to matter, or things material. Of things spiritual or “invisible”, as the Nicene Creed says, the mass of their minds have no inkling. That makes poor judges of reality in its highest part.  As for “intellectuals”, the mass of their minds are boxed in by Kant (1724-1804), virtual king of the philosophy department of modern “universities” which make a point of despising common sense. This is because our  common sense can be defined as our natural and God-given grasp of the realities all around us between birth and death, and since the later 18th century especially, man has been making war on God and nature.

Here is why today common sense is being steadily washed out of men’s minds by their supposed leaders, so that, for instance, men must be womanly and women must be manly, and children must change sex.

Yet how can what the common man still has of common sense stand up to the studies and learning of the “philosophers” ?  Is it not as though a team of amateur footballers should defeat a team of professionals ? Normally, as professionals in any sport will easily defeat amateurs, so ordinary men will follow their leaders, and one such following his common sense in society today will easily be persuaded he is wrong. However, Aristotle (384-322 BC), a truly great philosopher for his analysis of reality still largely valid today, once said of his colleagues, “There is no stupidity that some philosopher has not been found to put forward.” So when it comes to the philosophical principles of life, the professionals are not always right.

Let us distinguish two meanings of the word “philosophy”. It can mean the intellectual activity of men who think, study, read and write books often in universities, i.e. the professional philosophers. Or a man’s philosophy can mean the principles by which, consciously or unconsciously, he lives, and since no man can live without having some such principles for living, then in this second sense some philosophy belongs to every man alive, amateur or professional.  

Now these two senses are not the same. In the first sense, if a philosopher is writing a book, he can be doing it for a variety of other motives than to analyse reality. He can be writing philosophy to make a living, or to make money, or to make himself a name, and so on. And in that case he may or may not himself believe in what he is writing, he may be writing what he knows is nonsense, far removed from what he knows is real. In any case he wants people to take him seriously, so he must at least make them think that he is writing what he believes to be real. So I may not know if he is being real, or not.

So if I want to know what the professional philosopher really thinks, I will turn to the second sense of the word, and instead of listening to what he says, or just reading what he writes, I will watch how he lives, because that is bound to tell me what he really thinks. Here of course is why personal example is so much more telling, and persuasive, than mere words. If Archbishop Lefebvre made so many good priests, it was above all by his own example. So if I want to know what any given philosopher really thinks is reality, I will watch his actions rather than listen to his words.

At last we come to these “philosophers” who teach, following Kant, that the human mind cannot know what is behind the appearances of things. How do they act ?  Do they live as though they do not know what is water for washing or coffee for drinking ?  Of course not. How could Kant have walked to the Koenigsberg University each morning if he had not known the difference between a door and a wall, between stairs and a chair ?  He could never have lived had he taken seriously his own stupidities. The enormous advantage of St Thomas Aquinas is that his system corresponds to common sense. God’s “Common Doctor” corresponds to God-given common sense.

                                                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

God bless the teachers teaching as they live,

Who do not silly fabrications give.



The question could not be more basic, and yet in the engineered confusion of today, the answer is being made more and more uncertain. And it is the “scientists” themselves who are muddying the waters, as is clear from a recent item appearing in the “positive news” section of the August 21 Internet issue of the “Epoch Times”. The item is entitled, “Is Reality a Hologram? a Social Agreement? or Just in Your Mind? Scientists Explain What Reality Really Is.” We can hardly wait to find out what reality really is !  So let us look at a few quotations in the article from “scientists”, and add to each of them a Catholic comment.

1    Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Shortly before his death he is quoted as having said, “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” The reality Einstein is here referring to is no doubt reality outside the mind, or extra-mental reality, and of course a mass of human beings are convinced that the world around them is outside, and not just inside, their own minds. That is common sense, but of course the modern “scientist” thinks that he is above common sense, and he is convinced that his “science” knows deeper and better. However, as Einstein seems to recognise, common sense is “very persistent”.  Any ordinary man knows that his dog is not just a fabrication of his own imagination, or mind.

2    Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976). Pioneer of quantum physics, he is quoted as saying, “The same organizing forces that have shaped nature in all her forms are also responsible for the structure of our minds.” While this statement has a true sense (God made both extra-mental reality, and human minds to grasp that reality), nevertheless it is suggesting that our minds by their nature cannot help shaping what they grasp of extra-mental “nature”, in other words our minds cannot know extra-mental reality as it is in itself, independently of our minds. This suggestion is completely false, because what he calls “organising forces”, and what Catholics call “God”, shaped our minds precisely to know extra-mental reality as it is in itself, and not as shaped by our minds in the process of knowing it. By themselves, our minds are blank.

3    Peter Russell (born 1946). Physicist and religious author aiming to combine science with spirituality, is quoted as saying, “The illusion comes when we confuse the reality we experience with the physical reality, the thing-in-itself.” Now this writer is open to “spirituality”, so he is not a rank materialist, yet still he is a Kantian, cut off from extra-mental reality, because what he says here is that what we human beings “experience of reality” is not the same thing as extra-mental reality, which he calls here “physical reality” or  “the thing-in-itself”, in Kant’s own language “das Ding an sich”.

In other words, like Einstein, as suggested by Heisenberg and like the mass of “intellectuals” and “scientists” of today, but unlike ordinary people who still have some common sense, Russell is accepting the mad proposition of the German “philosopher” Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) that the human mind is intrinsically and absolutely incapable of knowing what any thing is, we can only know its appearances, while it is our own minds that fabricate inside themselves what the thing-in-itself is, behind or beyond those appearances, or phenomena. Hence so many modern “philosophers” taken over by phenomenology. Yet how many of these phenomenologists will have had a dog of their own, in whose extra-mental reality they never for a moment doubted !  The dog had to be fed every day, it had to be absolutely prevented from exercising certain natural functions inside the house every day, and so on.

This crippling of the human mind by Kant – and he was merely systematising the apostasy of Europe all around him –  is crucial to Catholics and to anybody who wants to save his soul. How can I take any extra-mental God seriously if there is no extra-mental reality that I can know ?  When the Red Army overran Kant’s city of Koenigsberg in 1945, they smashed all kinds of things, but they carefully respected every monument of Kant, as can be seen to this day…  see next week’s EC.                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                       Kyrie eleison.

Communists, “scientists”, love the system of Kant,

But Catholics can only hate his unreal rant.



Fr Peter Lang is another brave priest of the Society of St Pius X, thinking clearly and writing in public about the full religious dimension of the secular horrors overtaking the world around us. Instead of hiding his head in the sand, he is informing his flock of the full threat now menacing their eternal salvation. His article entitled “The Ultimate Tower of Babel” was summarised already in these “Comments” of  26th February 2022, but the content is so valuable that it is summarised again here below. For the full text in German see 

As in the Old Testament (Gen. XI, 1-9), men are building a mighty tower to lift up man against their Creator, only this time it is not with stones and mortar but with “vaccines” and electronics. This time what is in fact a very small group of men plan to take God’s place by a threefold programme:  decimate mankind; create a new Global World Order; create a new kind of man, under their own satanic control.

These satanists have been at work for hundreds of years, but the breakthrough came with the worldwide Covid “pandemic” which they engineered from Wuhan in China, and which was in reality no more than a slightly more aggressive flu wave, as the relatively small number of deaths demonstrated. That Covid was from the start a fraud and a farce, but engineered by some totally efficient, supreme and ultimate centre of power, was also proved by the tyrannical synchronisation of the media all over the world to exclude even the least calling in question of the fraud. The same centre of power also brought to heel their mass of puppets among the world’s politicians and medics in order to create and maintain a state of panic among the world’s citizens, whereby they would be the more easily manoeuvred into accepting the “vaccine”.

But even while this “vaccine” is vaunted day by day to be the solution to the “pandemic”, nevertheless its present results have been horrific in the number of deaths and serious injuries that it has already caused, let alone in the long-term effects it threatens to have. Normally it uses cell lines from recently aborted babies. It manipulates human genes. It sterilises women. It blazes the trail for “vaccines” which will supposedly change the nature of human beings, by blending them with machines – the “new man.”

Conclusion ? From a Catholic standpoint, this “Vaccine” is Satanic, and absolutely unacceptable. It is a major step towards achieving the three goals mentioned earlier of the New World Order elite –

1   The decimation of mankind:  this NWO elite does not need that many slaves, and so they make everyone believe that the world is overpopulated and must be “depopulated” from 7 billion to under five hundred million. Six and a half billion people must perish. The Covid “vaccine” will serve that purpose.

2   The creation of the New World Order: the Covid “vaccine” is also of use to wreck the capitalism of the old world order by an engineered financial crash, because only on the ruins can everybody be forced to accept the “Great Reset” of the Satanic elite. Here, says Klaus Schwab, everybody will be without property, yet happy. The abolition of property is of the essence of Communism. The NWO will be a godless dictatorship by the elite over enslaved, chipped, digitalised and dehumanised human beings.

3   The creation of the New Human Being:  Karl Schwab preaches “transhumanism”, meaning the blending of man with machine, or the diluting of God’s man with man’s machine, to make man more controllable and more intelligent, “purged of God’s errors and omissions” (Karl Schwab). Along these lines God will be eliminated, and the satanic elite will have complete control of every “Manachine.”

Here is the ultimate Tower of Babel. Given that the same elite already have immense control over our politics, media, economy and so on, is the situation hopeless ?  NO !  Nobody can take from us our Faith or Grace. God is punishing and testing us, but He will greatly reward us if we persevere. This latest Tower of Babel is bound to fail, as did the first. Let the enemies of God find us fearless !

                                                                                                                                    Kyrie eleison.

Dear Father Lang, you’re like a dog, doing your duty as a priest,–

Mightily guarding the sheep of God, protecting souls from wolf and beast.




Here is a brief overview, slightly adapted but not summarised, of our problematic world today – see for the original article in French, – and see here a brief explanation of how and why Our Lady’s Holy Rosary is the nearest thing to a solution.

It is so convenient to say, “I don’t know !  I’m not interested ! And I don’t want to know !” while globalism is all the while weaving its web to entrap us, by which an unnoticed veil of rules and restrictions, under cover of making things easier, is soundlessly smothering public and personal liberties so as to stifle whatever soul the peoples, long tamed, may still have. Digital tyranny and the all-consumer society, by turning everything into merchandise of known price but no value, thus setting up the all-embracing State, make steady progress under cover of a series of crises skilfully arranged, exploited and manipulated; health crises past and to come, or panic over the open clash between sovereign Russia, and the Globalist Deep State entrenched in Washington, London, Tokyo, Paris and Berlin.

Our societies are at the point of civilisation breaking down. Right now it is a choice between a return to some natural order, or a transhumanist reset as promised to us by the World Economic Forum of Davos. This Great Reset begins with the digitalising of mankind, and it means to end in a fusing of man with computer, through the human brain interfacing with the machine. Our ruling classes are past-masters at this deadly ideology, an ideal of unlimited progress, with conscience having no part to play.

President Macron in France and Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada are front-runners in this super-liberal, messianic and totalitarian project, which claims to be preparing a World Government.   They are impostors who climbed to power by lies and manipulation. They rule over crowds kept in a permanent state of shock by the mass-media, in a panic-fear of climate change, of scam-demics, of an expansionist Russia… thus betraying the democracy, the nations and the peoples that elected them, and which, for their part, they are driving straight into the wall.   

By way of solution, firstly, why Our Lady ?  Because God exists and He wants all men to be saved (I Tim. II, 4), whereas the Devil also exists and he wants all men in Hell. It is the Devil who is mainly responsible for the problematic modern world as sketched out above. But he is too strong an adversary for mere men (cf. Eph. VI, 12). Therefore the solution lies with God alone. But because fallen human nature gets into worse and worse trouble as the world draws to its close, so God entrusts the world’s salvation more and more to His gentle Mother as being an advocate more difficult for sinners to push away than even His own Sacred Heart. Hence, especially ever since 1789 when the French Revolution launched, as one may say, the modern world, She has been especially appointed by God to intervene with Him on mankind’s behalf. Thus He wishes this to be recognised by the spread of the devotion to Her Immaculate Heart.

And secondly, when She intervenes among men, why does She almost always promote the prayer of the Holy Rosary ?  Because it is a prayer simple and humble, occupying our mouths with praise of Jesus and Herself, occupying our minds with the Mysteries of the joint lives of Jesus and Herself, and occupying our fingers with the beads which will continue to pray when our minds go wool-gathering, and which will call our minds back to prayer when they cease wool-gathering. In brief, the Rosary is extremely well adapted to helping our fallen human nature to turn to Her divine Son and to God through Herself. And  one might as well accuse – modern comparison ! – a funnel of holding back gasoline from the jerry-can as accuse Her of holding back for Herself any of the attention or adoration due to Her Son !

                                                                                                                                              Kyrie eleison.

If only hordes of men anew would pray the holy beads,

‘Twould rescue all mankind in all its most appalling needs !



When in mid-19th century Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) set out to make a list of the errors tearing mankind away from God, from Jesus Christ and from His Catholic Church, he began his “Syllabus of Errors” in 1864 with the most radical error of all : “There exists no Supreme Being…God is thus one and the same thing as the world and consequently spirit is identified with matter, truth with falsehood, good with evil, and justice with injustice.” In other words from the refusal of God follows immediately materialism and the denial of free-will, of truth, goodness and justice. Thus, as Karl Marx held, man would be a purely material creature with no spirit or anything spiritual in him.

On the contrary the Catholic Church has always taught that God exists, the Creator and the one and only infinite purely spiritual Being; that a multitude of angels exist, purely spiritual but finite created beings; while men are a multitude of finite created beings composed of body and soul, material by their physical body composed of the physical elements provided by the biological father and mother, but also spiritual by their immortal soul created individually by God, and infused by Him directly in those elements meeting in the mother’s , to dwell in that body and to give it life for as long as it will live. In other words man is indeed a material being, but he is much more than just material. In fact it is the soul which will determine, by the use it makes of its spiritual free-will while joined with the body, what will be the eternal fate of that body, either bliss in Heaven or torment in Hell, both of them humanly unimaginable.

Therefore man is the highest of God’s material creatures because he is the only one that is also spiritual, and that spirituality of his soul means a capacity for knowing and loving God which is the most important thing in him. To pretend that he is merely material is a gigantic untruth or lie, as the case may be. In fact all men have some knowledge of their own spirituality and eternal destiny, because “The true light that enlightens every man came into the world,” Our Lord Jesus Christ (Jn. I, 9). Yet so many souls around us, especially but not only of youngsters, have been made to believe that their spirit is only matter !

Now music is a special language of the human soul, appreciated also by animals and even by plants, but which expresses for man things in his soul which nothing else can express in the same way. Therefore man’s soul being both spiritual by its opening to God and material by its function of enlivening the body, man’s music will be both spiritual and material, with all kinds of mixtures of the two. Gregorian chant is highly spiritual, Rock and Rap are highly material, and classical music is somewhere in between the two. What is of special interest – although it is basically common sense – is how music has an objective geography, so to speak, corresponding to the objective geography of the human soul. Thus if we break down music into its three main elements, namely melody (the tune), harmony (its accompaniment) and rhythm (its beat), we can say that melody speaks to the spiritual soul, harmony to the higher passions in the material soul, and rhythm to the lower passions in that lower soul.

Now in music as in man, there is an infinite variety, so that there can always be exceptions, but broadly speaking the objective correspondence between the nature of man’s soul and the nature of music is common sense, remarkable only for dyed-in-the-wool subjectivists brainwashed by their liberalism. In any case on Friday evening, August 26 is planned a preliminary conference on the geography of the soul here in Broadstairs; on Saturday, August 27th, several conferences on the geography of music, and on the Sunday a final conference to draw a few of the numerous available conclusions. John Sullivan will again be playing the piano, both to illustrate and to perform, especially from Beethoven who is pivotal between higher and lower music. Participants will need to find their own accommodation for the two nights. After the event, there should be recordings for anybody interested, but unable to attend themselves.

                                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison.

Music, they say, is merely a matter of taste.

But that is not thought out, just said in haste.