Fr Peter Lang is another brave priest of the Society of St Pius X, thinking clearly and writing in public about the full religious dimension of the secular horrors overtaking the world around us. Instead of hiding his head in the sand, he is informing his flock of the full threat now menacing their eternal salvation. His article entitled “The Ultimate Tower of Babel” was summarised already in these “Comments” of  26th February 2022, but the content is so valuable that it is summarised again here below. For the full text in German see 

As in the Old Testament (Gen. XI, 1-9), men are building a mighty tower to lift up man against their Creator, only this time it is not with stones and mortar but with “vaccines” and electronics. This time what is in fact a very small group of men plan to take God’s place by a threefold programme:  decimate mankind; create a new Global World Order; create a new kind of man, under their own satanic control.

These satanists have been at work for hundreds of years, but the breakthrough came with the worldwide Covid “pandemic” which they engineered from Wuhan in China, and which was in reality no more than a slightly more aggressive flu wave, as the relatively small number of deaths demonstrated. That Covid was from the start a fraud and a farce, but engineered by some totally efficient, supreme and ultimate centre of power, was also proved by the tyrannical synchronisation of the media all over the world to exclude even the least calling in question of the fraud. The same centre of power also brought to heel their mass of puppets among the world’s politicians and medics in order to create and maintain a state of panic among the world’s citizens, whereby they would be the more easily manoeuvred into accepting the “vaccine”.

But even while this “vaccine” is vaunted day by day to be the solution to the “pandemic”, nevertheless its present results have been horrific in the number of deaths and serious injuries that it has already caused, let alone in the long-term effects it threatens to have. Normally it uses cell lines from recently aborted babies. It manipulates human genes. It sterilises women. It blazes the trail for “vaccines” which will supposedly change the nature of human beings, by blending them with machines – the “new man.”

Conclusion ? From a Catholic standpoint, this “Vaccine” is Satanic, and absolutely unacceptable. It is a major step towards achieving the three goals mentioned earlier of the New World Order elite –

1   The decimation of mankind:  this NWO elite does not need that many slaves, and so they make everyone believe that the world is overpopulated and must be “depopulated” from 7 billion to under five hundred million. Six and a half billion people must perish. The Covid “vaccine” will serve that purpose.

2   The creation of the New World Order: the Covid “vaccine” is also of use to wreck the capitalism of the old world order by an engineered financial crash, because only on the ruins can everybody be forced to accept the “Great Reset” of the Satanic elite. Here, says Klaus Schwab, everybody will be without property, yet happy. The abolition of property is of the essence of Communism. The NWO will be a godless dictatorship by the elite over enslaved, chipped, digitalised and dehumanised human beings.

3   The creation of the New Human Being:  Karl Schwab preaches “transhumanism”, meaning the blending of man with machine, or the diluting of God’s man with man’s machine, to make man more controllable and more intelligent, “purged of God’s errors and omissions” (Karl Schwab). Along these lines God will be eliminated, and the satanic elite will have complete control of every “Manachine.”

Here is the ultimate Tower of Babel. Given that the same elite already have immense control over our politics, media, economy and so on, is the situation hopeless ?  NO !  Nobody can take from us our Faith or Grace. God is punishing and testing us, but He will greatly reward us if we persevere. This latest Tower of Babel is bound to fail, as did the first. Let the enemies of God find us fearless !

                                                                                                                                    Kyrie eleison.

Dear Father Lang, you’re like a dog, doing your duty as a priest,–

Mightily guarding the sheep of God, protecting souls from wolf and beast.