Here is a brief overview, slightly adapted but not summarised, of our problematic world today – see for the original article in French, – and see here a brief explanation of how and why Our Lady’s Holy Rosary is the nearest thing to a solution.

It is so convenient to say, “I don’t know !  I’m not interested ! And I don’t want to know !” while globalism is all the while weaving its web to entrap us, by which an unnoticed veil of rules and restrictions, under cover of making things easier, is soundlessly smothering public and personal liberties so as to stifle whatever soul the peoples, long tamed, may still have. Digital tyranny and the all-consumer society, by turning everything into merchandise of known price but no value, thus setting up the all-embracing State, make steady progress under cover of a series of crises skilfully arranged, exploited and manipulated; health crises past and to come, or panic over the open clash between sovereign Russia, and the Globalist Deep State entrenched in Washington, London, Tokyo, Paris and Berlin.

Our societies are at the point of civilisation breaking down. Right now it is a choice between a return to some natural order, or a transhumanist reset as promised to us by the World Economic Forum of Davos. This Great Reset begins with the digitalising of mankind, and it means to end in a fusing of man with computer, through the human brain interfacing with the machine. Our ruling classes are past-masters at this deadly ideology, an ideal of unlimited progress, with conscience having no part to play.

President Macron in France and Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada are front-runners in this super-liberal, messianic and totalitarian project, which claims to be preparing a World Government.   They are impostors who climbed to power by lies and manipulation. They rule over crowds kept in a permanent state of shock by the mass-media, in a panic-fear of climate change, of scam-demics, of an expansionist Russia… thus betraying the democracy, the nations and the peoples that elected them, and which, for their part, they are driving straight into the wall.   

By way of solution, firstly, why Our Lady ?  Because God exists and He wants all men to be saved (I Tim. II, 4), whereas the Devil also exists and he wants all men in Hell. It is the Devil who is mainly responsible for the problematic modern world as sketched out above. But he is too strong an adversary for mere men (cf. Eph. VI, 12). Therefore the solution lies with God alone. But because fallen human nature gets into worse and worse trouble as the world draws to its close, so God entrusts the world’s salvation more and more to His gentle Mother as being an advocate more difficult for sinners to push away than even His own Sacred Heart. Hence, especially ever since 1789 when the French Revolution launched, as one may say, the modern world, She has been especially appointed by God to intervene with Him on mankind’s behalf. Thus He wishes this to be recognised by the spread of the devotion to Her Immaculate Heart.

And secondly, when She intervenes among men, why does She almost always promote the prayer of the Holy Rosary ?  Because it is a prayer simple and humble, occupying our mouths with praise of Jesus and Herself, occupying our minds with the Mysteries of the joint lives of Jesus and Herself, and occupying our fingers with the beads which will continue to pray when our minds go wool-gathering, and which will call our minds back to prayer when they cease wool-gathering. In brief, the Rosary is extremely well adapted to helping our fallen human nature to turn to Her divine Son and to God through Herself. And  one might as well accuse – modern comparison ! – a funnel of holding back gasoline from the jerry-can as accuse Her of holding back for Herself any of the attention or adoration due to Her Son !

                                                                                                                                              Kyrie eleison.

If only hordes of men anew would pray the holy beads,

‘Twould rescue all mankind in all its most appalling needs !