More than once these “Comments” have highlighted the importance of bishops for the whole Catholic Church. If the bishops are Catholic the Church will be Catholic. If the bishops are not Catholic the Church will not be Catholic. Ever since Vatican II (1962–1965) the bishops and the churchmen have been, broadly, modernist instead of Catholic. Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991) founded the Society of St Pius X to defend the true Catholic Faith, and all that goes with it, against the unprecedented corruption of that Faith by the unprecedented heresy of Modernism, which attacks no one dogma in particular but which, by totally undermining all sense of truth, finishes by undermining every single dogma.

In other words, the modernism of today’s highest officials of the Church, and true Catholicism, are as necessarily and intrinsically opposed to one another as ice and sunshine. As soon as the sunshine becomes hot enough, it cannot not melt ice exposed to it. As soon as modern people’s loss of objective truth becomes strong enough, it cannot not undermine their Faith. If there is no reality outside my mind, nor truth inside my mind corresponding to that reality outside, then for me there is no reality or truth. If there is no reality or truth, how can there be a real or true God ? And if there is no true God, then all Catholicism and all Faith are obviously fairy tales. That is how radically opposed to one another are today’s all-engulfing godlessness and that true Faith without which I cannot save my soul.

Now, a battlefield can change while the same war continues. Between the Catholic Faith shielded by Archbishop Lefebvre and modernist Rome arose, necessarily and intrinsically, war. Now, that same war can continue on different battlefields. Thus in the 1970s and 1980s the battlefield was the Mass. By the grace of God when the Archbishop died in 1991, the war had been essentially won on that battlefield of the Mass. Remarkably, in the circumstances of the almost unanimous opposition to the true liturgy of the Mass on the part of the Church’s Shepherds (Popes, Cardinals and Bishops), the true Mass had recovered sufficiently in Catholics’ minds and hearts, that it was not done away with as the modernists had so fought to achieve. Instead it has regained a footing in the Church which it will only lose again under the Antichrist. But the implacable war between Catholicism and Modernism was not over. It merely shifted to a new battlefield which was the appointment of bishops. Hence the fight in 1988 over the Consecrations.

This is the fight in the Church of 2023, as clearly shown by the latest rumours or news (we cannot yet be sure which). The rumour is that Rome is offering to the SSPX three bishops of Rome’s own choosing, but very cleverly chosen for purposes of undermining the remains of the Catholic Faith of the SSPX. These three men were all once priests of the SSPX. All three left the SSPX at some point in the last, let us guess, 20 years, for different reasons, in which the true Faith played more or less of a part. Now Rome is mocking the SSPX by refusing any candidates of the Society itself and offering to Consecrate candidates who left the Society. But also Rome is without any possible doubt retaining control of these “Bishops for the SSPX”. Thus the Romans can reassure the modernists that they are not Consecrating Bishops “of the SSPX”, but Bishops capable of deceiving Traditionalists that Rome and Tradition can be reconciled.

And very possibly, these three bishops will succeed in deceiving many Catholics who still dream of ice which will not melt in the sunshine; of Modernists who really want to serve the Church; of bishops able to serve two opposed masters at once. But Catholics who understand what Modernism really is will not be deceived. They will say that by abandoning the Archbishop’s famous principle of “No practical agreement without a doctrinal agreement”, and by consequently begging from faithless Romans for their protection of the true Faith, the SSPX has been essentially betraying that Faith. Catholics wanting to preserve the true Faith have no business to be begging for favours from faithless Romans. Followers of the Faith wanting to save their souls must put their trust not in men but in God. Not even Modernists are capable of outsmarting Almighty God. He will save His Church, when He will, and how He will.

Kyrie eleison.

Most souls today have let reality slip.

Their faithless la-la-land has lost all grip !