In the last four issues of these “Comments”, they have taken a position on many vexed questions in the present crisis of the Catholic Church with which a number of readers may not agree, and they are absolutely entitled to disagree, unless and until Church Authority comes back to its senses and settles any of these problems once and for all. In the meantime, however, on a first question constantly arising, let these “Comments” offer some considerations. This question and its follow-up are in heavy black to correspond to the force with which some readers might express them ! –

1   If it is true, as you claim, that Almighty God has accompanied Eucharistic miracles, wrought within the Novus Ordo Mass, with ample proof of their authenticity, then why should believing Catholics not simply go back to attending the New Mass, and save themselves a lot of bother ?

Because the New Mass is the central act of worship of the new and false man-centred religion which came out of Vatican II. The text of this Mass, fixed on paper, is objectively offensive to God because it is likewise centred on man, not on God, and by being regularly attended it will normally undermine a person’s Catholic faith, for instance in the Real Presence, in the Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Holy Orders of a Catholic priest, and so on. Regular attendance can turn a Catholic into a Protestant without his even realising it. However, by the diabolical cunning of the fabricators of this text of the New Mass, it keeps enough elements of the true Mass for it to be able to be celebrated validly, so that any particular celebration of it is not necessarily invalid as a Mass, even if it is celebrated invalidly more and more.

Therefore one can say of the New Mass neither that it is valid and can therefore be attended, nor that it cannot be attended, therefore it is invalid. The truth is, as often, neither all white nor all black. One must say that the New Mass can still be celebrated validly, but it may not therefore be attended, because regular attendance has contributed hugely to millions of Catholics losing their faith.

1b   But how can God possibly work with and through a text of Mass essentially offensive to Him ?

Because even Mass is not the final end, but only a means, albeit a mighty means, to the final end of souls dying with true faith in God so as to achieve salvation, help populate Heaven, and thereby give glory to God. If souls have no Mass to attend, can they keep the faith ?  Yes. If they have no faith, will they attend Mass ?  No. Therefore the Mass relates to the faith as means to end, and not as end to means. Therefore the New Mass is only a means, and if it is a mixture of good and bad in which its villainous fabricators had to keep enough good in order to deceive Catholics into accepting it when it was introduced in 1969, for instance enough good for possible validity, then God is easily great enough to work around the bad if He has a good reason to do so. To this day, does He have such a reason ?  Yes.

All human souls that ever lived are the sheep of God, and His personal creation (Ps. 94, 7), He wants all of them to be saved (I Tim. II, 4), and not just the Catholics (or the Traditional Catholics). The Sacred Heart knows from eternity just how many of His sheep were deceived at Vatican II by their shepherds, how many were more sinned against than sinning, and He knows today how many good believing souls, how many believing priests and even bishops there still are, and who they are, and He reaches through to them in the diabolical mixture of the Novus Ordo, working around the bad and with what is still good,  towards the salvation of their souls. And as for those who love the Newchurch and want its bad Mass, they have been reminded and warned by the miracles that they are choosing to go to Hell. If one starts out from the Heart of God, these Novus Ordo miracles make perfect sense…

                                                                                                                                        Kyrie eleison

The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants to save.                                                                                                         He wades through mud to rescue an erring knave.