In an attempt to explain how the words “racist” and “racism” have recently become almost as vicious as the words “anti-semite” and “anti-semitism”, these “Comments”presented last week an argument to show how Marxism might be renamed “Marxianity”, because it was designed as a substitute for Christianity.

If then today’s anti-racism is simply a re-run of Marxism, that would explain why “racism” inspires an almost religious horror in the liberals who are quasi-crusading to eliminate it. Crusading ?  Yes, because liberals are fighting to replace God’s order in the universe with man’s order, God with man. The 19th century Popes taught that it was the worship of false liberty, liberalism, that paved the way for Marxism.

How then does the American author and cultural critic introduced last week, James Lindsay, show that anti-racism is simply a re-run of Marxist Communism ?  (see     theepochtimes.com/James Lindsay).  The basis of Marxism is atheistic materialism, in other words, God does not exist and man must take the place that He had in Christianity. Religion is simply “the opium of the people”. The sin which is responsible for so many miseries in society is no longer the original sin of Adam and Eve, but private property, because by creating a division of labour, it creates inequality among men through social relations of domination, exploitation and alienation. Therefore Communism will recreate paradise, but on earth not in Heaven, by abolishing private property and restoring equality between all men. “Workers of the world, unite,” and together we will abolish the different classes of men. Hence the class warfare following on Communism.

Now in the 19th century, this reading of society had a certain justification in reality insofar as capital and labour were too divided and there was exploitation of workers by capitalists seeking only profits. But the Popes, especially Leo XIII in his Encyclical Rerum Novarum of 1891, made the capitalists realise that it was in their own interest to look after the workers, and so wiser counsels prevailed. The working class in the West was rather better looked after, with the result that the prosperous workers could no longer be relied on as the lever with which to bring about Revolution. However, the workers’ welfare had never been the real aim of Communism, but simply a means of overthrowing what remained of Christian order, to make way for the triumph of men’s order. A new lever had to be found.

The finder was the German-American philosopher, Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979), the most influential Marxist of the 20th century, who had in his bones the same instinct of anti-Christian Revolution as Karl Marx, son of a Rabbi. Marcuse felt betrayed by the working class because they were all becoming middle class. Where could he find a new inequality with a deep-seated sense of injustice which could be inflamed into an enthusiasm for Revolution, and turned into a lever to overthrow the present social order and open the way for the New World Order ?  He hit upon race, and turned in his own words to the “ghetto population”, to be led by students, spiritually underfed by the materialism of their Western “universities” and therefore hungry for a new religion, a New World Order – Communism.

Hence identity Marxism, identity politics, the left-wing mobilisation of white students, the “Black Lives Matter” to wreck the white men’s cities, the white men’s sense of guilt. Hence the scorn for all those now on the right wing who had betrayed Communism, hence political correctness and the making sacred of a censorship to shut down the very possibility of right-wing thinking.  Hence today’s “cancel culture” because democratic tolerance can no longer be granted to any resistance to left-wingery, because such resistance has no right to exist.  And so on, and so on. Here are the roots of today’s Brave New World !

And all because mankind is turning its back on the true Messiah, and turning instead to those expert fabricators of one false messianism after another. It will have to learn the hard way that Truth matters.

                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison.

Dear Lord, save those who were your very own people,

Forgive us super-materialistic sheeple !