Rosary Blast

A good number of souls were able to join the Rosary Blast in Canterbury on 17th August.  People came from as far as Yorkshire and Berkshire to be able to participate.

Bishop Williamson led us and provided some profound meditations for all 45 Mysteries on the Church, the world and our families.

The first 15 Mysteries were said in St Dunstan’s church close to the spot where is buried the head of St Thomas More and his daughter, Margaret Roper. We then moved on to St Martin’s church, the oldest church in English Christendom, having been built by the Romans before AD. 410. Mass would have been said on this spot for over 1150 years before the Reformation so it was a great blessing for us to be able to recite the next 15 Mysteries on this spot.

Finally, we moved on to the grounds of the Franciscan Friary, founded during the lifetime of St Francis in the heart of Canterbury where we said the final 15 Mysteries.

The first 15 Mysteries in St Dunstan’s Church.
St Martin’s Church.
Inside St Martin’s Church
Inside St Martin’s Church