An immense advantage of having a strong and well-informed Catholic faith is that not even news of a huge armaments build-up by Russia, almost guaranteed to lead to the Third World War, will leave one alarmed. The will of God is being worked out in the world, and even His enemies are contributing to that working out of the divine will. If they wish to stop Him from populating Heaven with the souls that love and obey Him, they rage in vain, in fact they help Him. They instrumentalise the world. He instrumentalises them.

For details of the massive expansion of the Russian armed forces just announced by President Putin, see on You Tube an excellent presentation – Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO › watch . In the weeks before Christmas a series of top-level meetings of leading Russian politicians and military personnel were held in Moscow, where Putin explained that the West is so set upon destroying Russia that Russia has no choice but to prepare itself for a major confrontation with the European nations of Nato, with the Americans behind Nato and with the so-called “Neocons” behind the Americans.

As for Nato, it is an alliance of European nations originally set up with and by the USA in the Cold War following on World War II, to enable Europe to defend itself against the very real threat of invasion by Communist Russia. Then Nato was essentially defensive, but once the Cold War was over in the 1980’s, Nato had to justify its existence by turning offensive through an eastward expansion towards Russia. This alarmed the Russians because their former enemies in Europe would now be sitting on their western borders. For the same reason the Russians did not want the Ukraine to join Nato’s military alliance, just as in the 1960’s the USA did not want Russian missiles on Cuba, and threatened WW III to prevent them.

As for the “Neocons”, that is one of many expressions to avoid naming that race of people to which four members out of five belong in the Democrat cabinet of President Biden, now ruling the USA. Why avoid naming them ?  Because their mere name evokes that hostility towards them which has caused them to be thrown out of one host nation after another, over 80 times in all, all over the world. Anybody might suspect that by dominating the USA and instrumentalising its military strength, they might have in mind once more to establish their Communist dictatorship over the entire world, by which every one of them would be a king and every one else a slave. No wonder they wish their name and action to be unknown.

But such an ambition is insane ?  Not for the remote descendants of that race once chosen out by God to be the race of the Messiah, and the launching ramp of His New Testament and Catholic Church. But when their Messiah came and of course refused to serve their worldly ambitions, creating instead a People of God chosen by faith, not race, then they turned against Him, crucified Him and have done their best ever since to destroy that continuation of His Incarnation which is the Catholic Church. Then let us suppose that “Holy Russia” is the last serious obstacle standing in the way of their New World Order, and we have a deep and ancient motive for the “Neocons” to drive the USA to drive Nato to destroy Russia.

But Russia is not Catholic ?  True, but in recovering from Communism (1917-1989) it is turning to Christ.  To recover also from the errors of Orthodoxy, it absolutely needs that Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Catholic Pope and bishops which She referred to at Fatima in 1917. Only then will “a period of peace” be given to our tormented Church and world.                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                              Kyrie eleison 

So let us pray, let us pray,

Fifteen Mysteries every day.                                   



The Old Testament collection of 150 Psalms have, like the rest of the Bible, Almighty God as their primary Author, while the various human beings that He inspired to compose them, notably King David, are merely the Psalms’ instrumental author. For the horrors of trench warfare in World War I, Great Britain sent each of its soldiers to war with a copy of the New Testament and the Psalms in their pocket. For the threatening horrors of World War III, readers of these “Comments” will be wise to make themselves quite familiar with God’s own manual of prayer – the Psalms. They are not at all out of date.

Here for instance is Psalm 2 which goes straight to the point of World War III – the nations had better pay attention to Almighty God and His only-begotten Son, the Messiah, Our Lord Jesus Christ, because God exists, He mocks their foolish efforts to defy Him and to drive His Son out of His world, and the nations will pay for it if they do not soon come to their senses. The Psalm has four parts, headlined below.

I   The nations plot in vain against God and Jesus Christ

 1  Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?  2  The kings of the earth set themselves,
and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and his anointed, saying, 3 “Let us burst their bonds asunder, and cast their cords from us.” 
From 1717 onwards, Freemasonry was created by enemies of God, essentially to destroy the Catholic Church. With its slogan of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, it so successfully infected men’s minds with godless humanism that in 2023 few modern men can still even imagine that turning their backs on God is their huge problem. They will have to learn by suffering.

II   All such plotting is doomed to failure, and to punishment

4  He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision. 5  Then He will speak to them in His wrath, and terrify them in his fury, saying,  6  “I have set my king on Zion, my holy hill.” Modern man, having no idea of God, has no idea of how ridiculous before God is all his posturing and warmongering.  But modern man had better watch out, because if he goes on angering God, WWIII will be devastating. God’s solution is the “holy hill” of “Zion”, i.e. Jerusalem of the Old Testament, standing here for the “holy hill” of the New Testament,  i.e. the Catholic Church.

III  The divine Decree, by which Jesus Christ is King of kings, and Lord of all nations

7   I will tell of the decree of the Lord: He said to me, “You are my Son, today I have begotten you. 8  Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.  9  You shall break them with a rod of iron, and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”  The divine Father begets from eternity the divine Son, and once the divine Son is incarnate in human history, then He has only to ask, and the Father will give Him “all power on Heaven and earth” (Mt. XXVIII, 18). Such power, that if men’s sins make it necessary, not only the Ukraine but all the world’s nations could be smashed to pieces.

IV  Practical conclusion: nations, behave;  blessed are the godly    

10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth.  11  Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice unto Him with trembling.  12  Embrace discipline, lest he be angry, and you perish from the just way, for his wrath is quickly kindled.   13  Blessed are all who take refuge in him.  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Modern man’s scorn of God can have terrible consequences. But souls that rightly fear God have, even in 2023, nothing else to fear.

                                                                                                                                          Kyrie eleison

O little flock, says God, be not afraid,                                                                                                         For by Himself your littleness was made.



(With apologies for the late appearance of this particular EC)

Early in the New Year there is due to be ordained, on the Emerald Isle another priest for Catholic Tradition, by a bishop who is well-known in that country as a priest but not as a bishop. This is because he was consecrated in private nearly two years ago, in January of 2021, when the false Covid crisis with all its travel restrictions was in full swing. It then seemed that Éire might be completely cut off from England for an indefinite length of time, and then what would have continued to protect in the Land of Saints and Scholars those Catholics who understand the dangers for their Faith both of the Newchurch and of the Newsociety of St Pius X ?  These Catholics may not be numerous, but by their rare grasp of the unchanging Catholic Faith they have for the future of the Church a rare importance. The precious consecration might have remained private for longer, were not circumstances seeming to become steadily more hostile to Catholic Tradition.

Now as Catholic bishops are, by the power of their sacramental Orders to ordain priests and to consecrate bishops, essential for the survival of the Church, so Traditional bishops have been essential to the survival of Catholic Tradition.  When Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated four bishops in 1988 without the clear permission of the Church’s official leaders in Rome, let nobody think that he was simply defying those leaders, because they had in fact given permission in principle for at least one to be consecrated. But when it came to fixing a date for that one consecration, Cardinal Ratzinger so avoided naming a date that the Archbishop saw clearly that he would never in practice be able to use the permission granted to him in principle by Church Authority. That was the decisive moment for the Archbishop to understand that Catholic Truth would never be properly defended by the modernists ruling in “Rome”, and so he went ahead with the consecration of four of his own priests as bishops, to ensure “Operation Survival”, as he called it, the very survival of Catholic Tradition.

At the time, many believing Catholics did not understand his action, and roundly condemned it, but today, after Pachamama, and after Traditionis Custodes pretending to abolish the Traditional rite of Mass, and after a host of other heresies coming from the summit of the Newchurch, many of those same Catholics now admit that it is thanks to those consecrations of 1988 that the true Church survived. In the unprecedented crisis of the Church precipitated by its own leaders splitting their Catholic Authority from Catholic Truth at Vatican II (1962-1965), Archbishop Lefebvre never scorned or defied the true Authority of the Church, he merely put the Truth of Tradition in front of that Authority as embodied in neo-modernists, and by his so doing, more and more Catholics still have a Tradition to which they can rally.  Honest souls among them acknowledge Mother Church’s immeasurable debt to the Archbishop.

Now in the early 2020’s, Almighty God has still not yet seen fit to reunite Catholic Truth and Catholic Authority, so that the neo-modernists are still in control of “Rome”, and the Faith needs still to be sustained despite “Rome”. Therefore what the Archbishop began by putting Truth before Authority must be continued.  However, while Catholic Truth must be preferred in the last resort to Catholic Authority if “Authority” opposes that Truth which it was only instituted by Our Lord to defend, nevertheless Truth in a fallen world does need that Authority to protect it, so that without that Authority on high, Truth has real difficulties. For instance the Archbishop’s successors had such problems in ruling the Society after his death that by a policy of deferring to “Rome” much more than he would ever have done, they so changed the Archbishop’s Society that it needs a new name, e.g. the “Newsociety”. And just as the mass of Catholics after Vatican II followed their leaders from the Church into the Newchurch, so the mass of followers of the Archbishop’s Society have followed his successors from his Society into what one can call the “Newsociety”, because it strains after official approval by the neo-modernists of “Rome”.

Therefore as in 1988, or even more today, for the survival of Catholic Tradition, the necessity arises for the consecration of bishops without Roman Authority, so to speak, to maintain the Archbishop’s defence of the Faith above all. Hence the consecration in private of Fr Giacomo Ballini, here in England on January 14, 2021. The on-going Covid crisis showed how bravely he looks after the Mass and the Faith of all time.

                                                                                                                                                  Kyrie eleison

Today’s “Rome” will not properly care for sheep ?

We must have shepherds who will the true Faith keep !



This is the story of a miracle that took place a few days before Christmas of 1956 in Communist-occupied Hungary. The story comes to us through one Fr. Norbert, a parish priest in Budapest, who later fled to the West. It must be known to a number of readers of these “Comments”, but not to all. The text is taken from’s stories/come-infant-jesus  .  We thank “America Needs Fatima”.

Gertrude was a rabidly militant Communist who was an elementary teacher in a girls’ school. She made it her mission to try to steal her pupils’ Catholic faith, and constantly mocked their belief, or taught them Marxism. One particular pupil, Angela, an intelligent, devout little leader, asked Fr. Norbert to let her receive Holy Communion daily to help her to endure her teacher’s constant persecution. “She will persecute you worse,” Fr. Norbert warned, but the ten-year old insisted she needed Jesus more than ever.

Sure enough, from that day, sensing something different, Gertrude began a veritable psychological torture campaign. On December 17, the schoolmistress devised a cruel trick, meant to strike a deadly blow against what she termed “ancient superstitions infesting the school”. In a sweet voice, she began to teach the children atheistic materialism by arguing that things only exist that can be seen and touched. To illustrate her point, she asked Angela to step out of the room. Then she had the whole classroom call to her. The girls called out, “Angela, come in!”, and Angela duly entered, intrigued, but suspecting a trap.

“You see, girls,” oiled Gertrude, “because Angela is a living person, someone we can see, hear and touch, when we call her she hears us. But suppose…we were to call the Infant Jesus, in whom some of you seem to believe…do you think He would hear you?”  There was a loaded silence; then some voices timidly said, “Yes, we do.”  “What about you, Angela ?”, asked the teacher. Now Angela understood. She had expected a trap, but not one so terrible. But she answered with ardent faith, “Yes! I believe that He hears me!” Now Gertrude laughed loud and long. Then, turning to the class, she shot;  “Well! Then call Him!” Silence. The Communist’s arguments had not been totally ineffective.

Suddenly, Angela rushed to the front of the class, her eyes glistening. Facing her classmates she shouted, “Listen girls, we are going to call Him! Let’s all call together: come, Infant Jesus!” All the girls sprang to their feet and began, “Come, Infant Jesus, come, Infant Jesus…”  Gertrude was startled. She had not expected this reaction. But the young ones continued. There was now an aura of expectant hope around the little leader. When anticipation was at a height, the classroom door opened soundlessly, an intense brightness shining there, then entering the classroom and slightly increasing like the light of a great, gentle fire. In the midst of this splendour, there was a globe that shone with an even clearer light.

As the girls and teacher watched, riveted to the floor, the globe opened disclosing a handsome Infant dressed in a shining tunic. His smile was ravishing, as the little girls smiled back, in perfect peace and joy. Then, gently, the globe closed and disappeared through the door. The children were still raptly gazing in the direction of the door, when they were jolted back to earth by a sharp scream. “He CAME!” screamed the terrified school mistress, “He CAME….!!!” And she fled down the hallway.

Fr Norbert questioned the little girls one by one. He attested under oath that he did not find the least contradiction in their accounts. As for Gertrude, she was interned in an asylum. The tremendous shock of the apparition affected her godless mind, and she never stopped repeating, “He came, He came!”

                                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison            

Better be run through with a flaming sword                                                                                              Than scandalise the little ones of Our Lord.



As Christmas approaches, the world scene is dark.  What does Our Lord say to His Apostles ?  “In the world you have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn. XVI, 33).  Let us remind ourselves of what it is that He has overcome with the summary below of a dialogue last September with one of the best commentators now appearing regularly on the Internet, Gonzalo Lira, available at    End of abundance w/Gonzalo Lira (live) – YouTube   :–

The West is teetering on the brink of civilizational collapse. We are entering into dark territory, with  what is being announced for our near future, such as the coming digital currency and the social credit system. President Macron of France has declared an end to the “era of abundance”, and we are told that each crisis will be “worse than the last”, nor will there be any return to the “old normal”.  

The Covid crisis of 2020 has been succeeded by the Ukraine crisis of 2022 in which Western leaders have virtually declared war on Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy. Sanctions were designed to hurt the Russian people and to overthrow the government in the Kremlin. However, in their hubris, these leaders misjudged the Russian economy. Russia does not need the West. There are now other buyers of Russian gas. The West has lost its dominant position in the global economy. Western-sanctioned Russian crude oil exports have been re-directed to China, India and Brazil.

Sanctions against Russia have accelerated the inevitable economic crash in the West. The industrial base of the West has been hollowed out. People’s incomes are imploding. The costs of fuel and food are rising. We are about to suffer another Great Depression, like that of the 1930’s, an inflationary depression not seen in Europe since Weimar Germany. This major economic depression will be accompanied by energy and food shortages.   

Is there a way out of the impending collapse of Western economies? Only by ending sanctions. However, the West is gripped by insanity and psychosis in relation to Russia. Hysteria has taken over. There is now an ingrained hatred and distrust of Russia in the West, fuelled by a constant drumbeat of propaganda and lies. The “Russiagate” hoax cast Trump as a “Russian agent” and “Putin puppet”. How does the West return from psychosis to rational politics?  

And what is the response of the Western political class to Europe’s social and economic collapse? To blame Putin. The energy crisis is the “fault of Russia”. However, it was the West which weaponised energy and started the sanctions war. Even if the Western powers now wanted to cut a deal, why would Russia play ball? Russia will not negotiate with the Zelensky regime, a puppet of the West. The West’s word is not to be trusted after the failure of the Minsk agreements. Europe’s destiny is to go hungry, cold and dark. The damage will last for generations.      (Since that interview in the autumn, no less a former Western leader than Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021, has admitted in public that the two Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 were signed by Western leaders merely to obtain time for Ukraine to prepare for war. Why should Russia now trust any attempt to negotiate on their part ?)

Back to Our Lord :”Therefore do not be anxious” for food or drink or clothing (or light or heating) since “your heavenly Father knows that you need them all, but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be yours as well”  (Mt. VII, 32-33). But if, dear readers, mankind scorns His very existence, let alone His kingdom and righteousness, what can it expect ?   See Mt. VII, 26-27.

                                                                                                                                        Kyrie eleison

So whose is the house that can all storms withstand ?

His alone that built on God, and not on sand !



3  Excellency, following on the last few issues of these “Comments” I am somewhat confused. Was or was not the General Chapter of the Society of St Pius X in 2012 the work of traitors ?  If so, why be at all lenient with them ?  If not, why call their work a “disaster” ?

Any lack of clarity can be blamed on the confusion wrought by the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), where, asthe murder of Duncan makes Macduff cry out (Macbeth, II, 3), “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”. Let the Catechism try to clear up the confusion.

For a sin to be mortally grave, three things are required: that the sin be in itself, objectively, grave enough to cause the spiritual death of the soul; secondly, that the sinner be aware that his act is mortally sinful; and thirdly that he give his full consent to committing the sinful act. What this means is that if somebody commits what is in fact a mortal sin without his knowing that it is, then the act is objectively sinful, but not subjectively, because of his ignorance.  Such was the case of many Catholics after Vatican II.

For at Vatican II a diabolical plot to destroy the Catholic Church succeeded in persuading the Church’s leading churchmen to replace the true God-centred Faith with a false man-centred parody of that Faith. And these churchmen – two Popes and about 2,000 bishops – went on in turn to persuade a large majority of Catholic souls all over the world to adopt the new humanist religion, because these Popes and bishops seemed to be that Authority of which these souls knew that Christ had instituted it to know, preach and protect the Truth, i.e. His own unchanging truths of salvation.  Therefore the ringleaders of Vatican II who knew exactly what they were doing to destroy the Church were supremely guilty, while any bishops, priests and laity beneath them who were duped – and that was the mass of them – were relatively innocent. As Archbishop Vigano says, he was at the time unable to believe that his colleagues could possibly have been wanting to destroy the Church. He believes it now, because confrontation with the immorality that always follows on corruption of Catholic doctrine opened his eyes to how Authority had betrayed Truth.

Now the exact degree of guilt or innocence in each single soul that has taken part in that betrayal ever since, is known to God, but common sense is enough to tell that a large proportion of Catholics following the apostasy of Vatican II ever since have been more sinned against than sinning, and here is the common sense reason for ourselves to judge them leniently. The more the shepherds were guilty, the more the sheep have been innocent, because when they followed the representatives of Catholic Authority, they seriously believed that it was a sure source of that Truth which is absolutely necessary for them to save their souls.

3b   Yes, but the bad fruits following on the Council should have opened by now many more eyes than they have done. Many Catholics prefer the soft new religion. Leniency must have its limits !

True, and here is where the objective sin of betrayal of the Faith comes in. The doctrine of the Conciliar religion is false, it corrupts morals, it is destroying the Church and sending countless souls to Hell. The Council itself was the final product of centuries of moral rot, ever growing, from the decadence of the Middle Ages onwards. This growth explains – without excusing – the blindness of the bishops voting at Vatican II, because what Archbishop Lefebvre then saw, they should all have been able to see. Instead, at least objectively, they then betrayed, and now the leaders of the Society that he built to resist the rot still want to put themselves under its ringleaders, more rotten than ever, e.g. Traditionis Custodes. Such creators of the Newsociety are traitors in their turn. Their Founder repudiated the Romans whom they love, and with whom they are today, reportedly, plotting to change the Statutes of the Society with which he gave it its structure. If the report is true, no wonder the Roman modernists insist on a new structure, open and no longer closed to appropriation by the traitors of Rome and of the Newsociety.

                                                                                                                                             Kyrie eleison.

How can the Archbishop’s heirs be quite so blind ?

Evil is good, to the liberal’s “open mind”.



To attempt a just judgment upon the record 79 young men entering this year the major seminaries of the Society of St Pius X, as it is known (see the last five issues of these “Comments”), more considerations of today’s Church context may be useful. Let them again be set up by the question in heavy black print –

2   Excellency, why are you so relatively lenient in your criticism of the Newsociety ?  Did it not betray its Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, in 2012 ?  Should those responsible not be called out as the traitors that they are ? 

Go easy !  In the Catholic Church at Vatican II (1962-1965) the shepherds were struck by the error of modernism, as the Catholic shepherds have never before been struck in all Church history, not even in the Arian crisis of the fourth century, because modernism turns the subjective brain into objective mush – see Pius X’s Pascendi (1907), where he flayed this catastrophic condition of the human mind. But Pius X was able to restore sanity only temporarily in the Church, because the insanity in the world grew only worse after him, so that by 1991 when the Society’s Founder died, the Catholic sheep had become deeply “scattered” (Zech. XIII, 7; Mt. XXVI, 31) all around the Society. It was the Universal Church’s very own shepherds who had betrayed at Vatican II by splitting their own Authority from Catholic Truth.

Now, strictly speaking, all Catholics following their misled leaders ever since Vatican II have been, in the same measure, abandoning Catholic Truth, but, obviously, not all of them meant to be abandoning the Truth, in fact many followed misled Authority only because they still trusted it to tell them the Truth. The proof is that whenever since then the Holy Ghost has, at varying speeds, given light to such souls, many have, like Archbishop Vigano, seen through the false Authority and returned to the Truth of Tradition. To these Catholics of good will, God gave in the 1970’s and 1980’s a great leader of Truth in the person of Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991), and the Traditional movement and the true Society of Pius X were born, but once his personal charisma died with him in 1991, then the charisma of Rome and its Authority, universal for Catholics, re-asserted itself, and by 2012 the Archbishop’s Society had turned into the Newsociety, just as by 1965 God’s Catholic Church had turned into the Newchurch, for parallel reasons.

However, just as in 1965 most Catholics did not have the light to see what had happened at the Council, so in 2012 most Traditionalists lacked the light to see immediately what had happened in 2012, when the Society’s leaders set the Society on the path of seeking agreement by stages (Confessions, Marriages, Ordinations) with the apostate Romans, with whom the Archbishop had refused all further contact until they returned to the Truth of the great anti-modernist doctrinal documents from the Catholic Popes of the 19th and 20th centuries. And again, just as most Catholics in 1965 followed misled Authority only because they counted on it for Truth, so most Traditionalists in 2012 only continued to follow the leaders of the Newsociety flirting with apostates because they trusted in it to continue telling them the Truth. Now it is true that in 1990 the Society’s leaders were solemnly warned, on retreat in Econe, that the Romans were apostates. “I repeat,” their Founder emphasized, “they have lost the faith”.  Yet nobody can say that the Newsociety has completely betrayed the Archbishop’s Truth, because it still refuses the two main points on which “Rome” insists: the acceptance of Vatican II and acceptance of the New Mass.

In conclusion, we need to pray that the Newsociety never give way on the Council or the Mass, because it can still have much truth to tell many Catholics if it stands firm on Catholic doctrine. But let the pastoral appeal above for charity and humility among Catholics not be taken as any kind of approval of the change of doctrine from true Church to Newchurch in 1965, or from Society to Newsociety in 2012. Both of these were real disasters for Church and world.

                                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison

Patience we need. All inter-Catholic fights

Will not stop God from setting all to rights.



In the last four issues of these “Comments”, they have taken a position on many vexed questions in the present crisis of the Catholic Church with which a number of readers may not agree, and they are absolutely entitled to disagree, unless and until Church Authority comes back to its senses and settles any of these problems once and for all. In the meantime, however, on a first question constantly arising, let these “Comments” offer some considerations. This question and its follow-up are in heavy black to correspond to the force with which some readers might express them ! –

1   If it is true, as you claim, that Almighty God has accompanied Eucharistic miracles, wrought within the Novus Ordo Mass, with ample proof of their authenticity, then why should believing Catholics not simply go back to attending the New Mass, and save themselves a lot of bother ?

Because the New Mass is the central act of worship of the new and false man-centred religion which came out of Vatican II. The text of this Mass, fixed on paper, is objectively offensive to God because it is likewise centred on man, not on God, and by being regularly attended it will normally undermine a person’s Catholic faith, for instance in the Real Presence, in the Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Holy Orders of a Catholic priest, and so on. Regular attendance can turn a Catholic into a Protestant without his even realising it. However, by the diabolical cunning of the fabricators of this text of the New Mass, it keeps enough elements of the true Mass for it to be able to be celebrated validly, so that any particular celebration of it is not necessarily invalid as a Mass, even if it is celebrated invalidly more and more.

Therefore one can say of the New Mass neither that it is valid and can therefore be attended, nor that it cannot be attended, therefore it is invalid. The truth is, as often, neither all white nor all black. One must say that the New Mass can still be celebrated validly, but it may not therefore be attended, because regular attendance has contributed hugely to millions of Catholics losing their faith.

1b   But how can God possibly work with and through a text of Mass essentially offensive to Him ?

Because even Mass is not the final end, but only a means, albeit a mighty means, to the final end of souls dying with true faith in God so as to achieve salvation, help populate Heaven, and thereby give glory to God. If souls have no Mass to attend, can they keep the faith ?  Yes. If they have no faith, will they attend Mass ?  No. Therefore the Mass relates to the faith as means to end, and not as end to means. Therefore the New Mass is only a means, and if it is a mixture of good and bad in which its villainous fabricators had to keep enough good in order to deceive Catholics into accepting it when it was introduced in 1969, for instance enough good for possible validity, then God is easily great enough to work around the bad if He has a good reason to do so. To this day, does He have such a reason ?  Yes.

All human souls that ever lived are the sheep of God, and His personal creation (Ps. 94, 7), He wants all of them to be saved (I Tim. II, 4), and not just the Catholics (or the Traditional Catholics). The Sacred Heart knows from eternity just how many of His sheep were deceived at Vatican II by their shepherds, how many were more sinned against than sinning, and He knows today how many good believing souls, how many believing priests and even bishops there still are, and who they are, and He reaches through to them in the diabolical mixture of the Novus Ordo, working around the bad and with what is still good,  towards the salvation of their souls. And as for those who love the Newchurch and want its bad Mass, they have been reminded and warned by the miracles that they are choosing to go to Hell. If one starts out from the Heart of God, these Novus Ordo miracles make perfect sense…

                                                                                                                                        Kyrie eleison

The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants to save.                                                                                                         He wades through mud to rescue an erring knave.


 ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCCI  (November 19, 2022) :  79  SEMINARIANS  –  IV

It is not always easy to judge in many a situation whether justice or mercy is the correct reaction. Should the risk of the “Newsociety” of St Pius X failing to teach to its 79 new seminarians the most important lesson of their Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991), be more emphasised or less emphasised than it has been in the last three issues of these “Comments” ?  Since that “most important lesson” is central to the future of the Universal Church, then let one more issue of these “Comments” be devoted not to what the Newsociety is still doing right in service of the Church, but to what it is doing wrong, or rather to how much more right it could be doing if it had not officially deviated from the balance between Truth and Authority traced out by its Founder.

When in 1970 the Archbishop founded the Society of St Pius X with its traditional seminary in Fribourg, Switzerland, he took care to ensure that it would not be a “wildcat seminary” but would have the Church’s official approval from the bishop of the local diocese. The Newchurch of Vatican II (1962-1965) did not like what it saw, but official Rome waited a few years before intervening, no doubt in the hope that the traditional Society and seminary would fail all on their own. When on the contrary they flourished, then the modernists struck. In 1975 they “dissolved” the Society and commanded that the seminary of Econe should be disbanded. The Archbishop refused to obey, because there is in the true Church an objective procedure by Canon Law for such dissolving and disbanding, and it had not been correctly followed.

Therefore the Archbishop continued with his Society to defend the Truth while “Rome” with all of its “Authority” continued its persecution, on the grounds that nothing opposing that Authority can belong to Truth or to Catholic unity. Normally that is true, because Catholic Authority is normally welded to Catholic Truth, but, quite abnormally, at Vatican II Catholic Authority jettisoned Truth for “up-dating”. Now no doubt many of the Archbishop’s colleagues saw that he was right and “Rome” was wrong, but such is the force of Catholic Authority that not until 1981 did one other single bishop support him in public. Nevertheless the Archbishop was undaunted. In 1982 to help prepare his succession, he appointed a Superior General to take over the administration of the by now worldwide Society, but he reserved to himself all relations of the Society with Rome, no doubt because he feared that the array of the Society’s leading Red Riding Hoods would all be eaten alive by what he knew to be the Big Bad Wolves of Rome.

And so it turned out. While he lived, the little Red Riding Hoods followed his putting of Truth before Authority by putting doctrine before diplomacy, but almost as soon as he died they were making sheep’s eyes at the Roman modernists. Contacts with “Rome” were re-opened, and to this day the Newsociety will not take for itself the Catholic bishops that Truth needs all over the world, as the Archbishop did in 1988. Rather, it will wait for the murderer of Tradition to give a “green light” for the Newsociety to consecrate these bishops for Tradition ! Oh, sweet Red Riding Hoods !  But those who commit murder are murderers !   Who do you think they are ?  Such are the fruits of preferring Authority to Truth.

But that is what the Newsociety is till set upon. The veteran truth-telling priest who wrote the excellent article on the Tower of Babel, summarised in two issues of these “Comments” (763 and 788), has been rebuked by his (young) Superior for writing in public on current events. He may not even write on “philosophy or theology”! He may only write on “spiritual or edifying” subjects !   And a clear-seeing seminarian fears that “niceness” in his SSPX seminary is being made to override the “fight for the Faith”, and any fighting seminarians with character are being discouraged, defused and side-lined.  And so, if the Newsociety has its way, 79 seminarians will become 79 little Red Riding Hoods ?   God forbid !

                                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison

Warriors for the Faith our poor world hates,

And yet such men our whole poor world awaits !