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Early in the New Year there is due to be ordained, on the Emerald Isle another priest for Catholic Tradition, by a bishop who is well-known in that country as a priest but not as a bishop. This is because he was consecrated in private nearly two years ago, in January of 2021, when the false Covid crisis with all its travel restrictions was in full swing. It then seemed that Éire might be completely cut off from England for an indefinite length of time, and then what would have continued to protect in the Land of Saints and Scholars those Catholics who understand the dangers for their Faith both of the Newchurch and of the Newsociety of St Pius X ?  These Catholics may not be numerous, but by their rare grasp of the unchanging Catholic Faith they have for the future of the Church a rare importance. The precious consecration might have remained private for longer, were not circumstances seeming to become steadily more hostile to Catholic Tradition.

Now as Catholic bishops are, by the power of their sacramental Orders to ordain priests and to consecrate bishops, essential for the survival of the Church, so Traditional bishops have been essential to the survival of Catholic Tradition.  When Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated four bishops in 1988 without the clear permission of the Church’s official leaders in Rome, let nobody think that he was simply defying those leaders, because they had in fact given permission in principle for at least one to be consecrated. But when it came to fixing a date for that one consecration, Cardinal Ratzinger so avoided naming a date that the Archbishop saw clearly that he would never in practice be able to use the permission granted to him in principle by Church Authority. That was the decisive moment for the Archbishop to understand that Catholic Truth would never be properly defended by the modernists ruling in “Rome”, and so he went ahead with the consecration of four of his own priests as bishops, to ensure “Operation Survival”, as he called it, the very survival of Catholic Tradition.

At the time, many believing Catholics did not understand his action, and roundly condemned it, but today, after Pachamama, and after Traditionis Custodes pretending to abolish the Traditional rite of Mass, and after a host of other heresies coming from the summit of the Newchurch, many of those same Catholics now admit that it is thanks to those consecrations of 1988 that the true Church survived. In the unprecedented crisis of the Church precipitated by its own leaders splitting their Catholic Authority from Catholic Truth at Vatican II (1962-1965), Archbishop Lefebvre never scorned or defied the true Authority of the Church, he merely put the Truth of Tradition in front of that Authority as embodied in neo-modernists, and by his so doing, more and more Catholics still have a Tradition to which they can rally.  Honest souls among them acknowledge Mother Church’s immeasurable debt to the Archbishop.

Now in the early 2020’s, Almighty God has still not yet seen fit to reunite Catholic Truth and Catholic Authority, so that the neo-modernists are still in control of “Rome”, and the Faith needs still to be sustained despite “Rome”. Therefore what the Archbishop began by putting Truth before Authority must be continued.  However, while Catholic Truth must be preferred in the last resort to Catholic Authority if “Authority” opposes that Truth which it was only instituted by Our Lord to defend, nevertheless Truth in a fallen world does need that Authority to protect it, so that without that Authority on high, Truth has real difficulties. For instance the Archbishop’s successors had such problems in ruling the Society after his death that by a policy of deferring to “Rome” much more than he would ever have done, they so changed the Archbishop’s Society that it needs a new name, e.g. the “Newsociety”. And just as the mass of Catholics after Vatican II followed their leaders from the Church into the Newchurch, so the mass of followers of the Archbishop’s Society have followed his successors from his Society into what one can call the “Newsociety”, because it strains after official approval by the neo-modernists of “Rome”.

Therefore as in 1988, or even more today, for the survival of Catholic Tradition, the necessity arises for the consecration of bishops without Roman Authority, so to speak, to maintain the Archbishop’s defence of the Faith above all. Hence the consecration in private of Fr Giacomo Ballini, here in England on January 14, 2021. The on-going Covid crisis showed how bravely he looks after the Mass and the Faith of all time.

                                                                                                                                                  Kyrie eleison

Today’s “Rome” will not properly care for sheep ?

We must have shepherds who will the true Faith keep !