When in mid-19th century Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) set out to make a list of the errors tearing mankind away from God, from Jesus Christ and from His Catholic Church, he began his “Syllabus of Errors” in 1864 with the most radical error of all : “There exists no Supreme Being…God is thus one and the same thing as the world and consequently spirit is identified with matter, truth with falsehood, good with evil, and justice with injustice.” In other words from the refusal of God follows immediately materialism and the denial of free-will, of truth, goodness and justice. Thus, as Karl Marx held, man would be a purely material creature with no spirit or anything spiritual in him.

On the contrary the Catholic Church has always taught that God exists, the Creator and the one and only infinite purely spiritual Being; that a multitude of angels exist, purely spiritual but finite created beings; while men are a multitude of finite created beings composed of body and soul, material by their physical body composed of the physical elements provided by the biological father and mother, but also spiritual by their immortal soul created individually by God, and infused by Him directly in those elements meeting in the mother’s , to dwell in that body and to give it life for as long as it will live. In other words man is indeed a material being, but he is much more than just material. In fact it is the soul which will determine, by the use it makes of its spiritual free-will while joined with the body, what will be the eternal fate of that body, either bliss in Heaven or torment in Hell, both of them humanly unimaginable.

Therefore man is the highest of God’s material creatures because he is the only one that is also spiritual, and that spirituality of his soul means a capacity for knowing and loving God which is the most important thing in him. To pretend that he is merely material is a gigantic untruth or lie, as the case may be. In fact all men have some knowledge of their own spirituality and eternal destiny, because “The true light that enlightens every man came into the world,” Our Lord Jesus Christ (Jn. I, 9). Yet so many souls around us, especially but not only of youngsters, have been made to believe that their spirit is only matter !

Now music is a special language of the human soul, appreciated also by animals and even by plants, but which expresses for man things in his soul which nothing else can express in the same way. Therefore man’s soul being both spiritual by its opening to God and material by its function of enlivening the body, man’s music will be both spiritual and material, with all kinds of mixtures of the two. Gregorian chant is highly spiritual, Rock and Rap are highly material, and classical music is somewhere in between the two. What is of special interest – although it is basically common sense – is how music has an objective geography, so to speak, corresponding to the objective geography of the human soul. Thus if we break down music into its three main elements, namely melody (the tune), harmony (its accompaniment) and rhythm (its beat), we can say that melody speaks to the spiritual soul, harmony to the higher passions in the material soul, and rhythm to the lower passions in that lower soul.

Now in music as in man, there is an infinite variety, so that there can always be exceptions, but broadly speaking the objective correspondence between the nature of man’s soul and the nature of music is common sense, remarkable only for dyed-in-the-wool subjectivists brainwashed by their liberalism. In any case on Friday evening, August 26 is planned a preliminary conference on the geography of the soul here in Broadstairs; on Saturday, August 27th, several conferences on the geography of music, and on the Sunday a final conference to draw a few of the numerous available conclusions. John Sullivan will again be playing the piano, both to illustrate and to perform, especially from Beethoven who is pivotal between higher and lower music. Participants will need to find their own accommodation for the two nights. After the event, there should be recordings for anybody interested, but unable to attend themselves.

                                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison.

Music, they say, is merely a matter of taste.

But that is not thought out, just said in haste.

Many Blessings for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Fr. Paul Rousseau SAJM visited Czech and Slovak republic a month after his ordination by Bishop Williamson. He said Masses and gave his first blessings on Sunday in Prague and western Moravia, on Monday, feast of St. James, in southern Bohemia.

On 26th July, feast of St. Anne, he said a Mass at the Marian column in the Prague’s Old Town Square. The orginal column with statue of Our Lady on top and image of “Our Lady of Square” inside was erected in 1650 as a thanks to Our Lady, who helped to defend Old and New Town of Prague during Battle of Prague (1648) – c.  7500 Swedish protestant soldiers against c. 2000 Catholic defenders, aided by local militia and university students led by Jesuit priest Fr. Jiří Plachý holding the image of “Our Lady of Square”.

On 3 November 1918, a few days after Czechoslovak republic declared independence on Austro-Hungarian Empire, the column, considered a symbol of the monarchy and Catholicism, was torn down by leftist mob. In 1995, a group of Czech artists, started work on restoring the Marian column, however its restoration was rejected several times by Prague City Council. In January 2020, after many prayers, the reconstruction of the column was approved and on 15th August 202 its copletion was celebrated.

Thanks be to God that Fr. Rousseau was able to say the true Mass there, which has been attended by about a hundred of faithful not only from Prague. After the Mass Father had a conference about the Kingship of Christ and work of Fr. Denis Fahey, whose book of the same name was published for the first time in a Czech translation.

The same conference he had on the next day after Mass in western Slovakia.



If “sociodynamics” is not yet a word to be found in any respectable English or American dictionary, it is nevertheless a reality parallel to aerodynamics. For just as there are objective laws of aerodynamics which must be carefully observed if any new make of aeroplane is not to crash immediately after it first takes off, so there are objective laws for the launching and survival of any society of human beings if that society is to survive and not crash to the ground. Now Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was a brilliant American lawyer who played a leading part in the founding of the new nation of the USA in 1776, and, unless it is a spurious quotation, he said how new that nation was going to be – “We are going to show the world that it does not need cardinals or kings.” In other words, men can rule by themselves without divine authority, religious or civil, to back them. In brief, human government does not need God.

Thus at the heart of the new nation’s Constitution was the principle of dividing its government into its three branches, legislative (making of laws), judicial (judging by courts) and executive (applying the laws), so that, in the absence of a Higher Being to control government activity, each of the three human branches of government could act as a check upon the other two. Now from 1776 onwards, it cannot be denied that the new nation was so flourishing and prosperous that the 20th century has come to be called by many “the American century”, meaning to say that the USA then emerged as the leading nation of the world by its economic and political power, admired and imitated all over the world. Yet in the 21st century few serious observers can deny that in 2022 its President is essentially inapt for his high office, having been elected by a stolen or fake election. And that nation is on the brink of civil war.  What went wrong ?

A number of friends of the USA are asking themselves the question. For instance in an interesting article by Jeffrey Tucker , the author argues that since the late 19th century there has been emerging inside the USA a fourth branch of government, growing in size, scope and strength, taking on a power of its own.  It is now, he says, an unelected bureaucracy with some 432 agencies, employing nearly 3 million people who cannot be fired or controlled. For Tucker, the existence and harmfulness of this bureaucracy has been highlighted by a recent decision of the Supreme Court against one of the bureaucracy’s agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, which the Court decided was overreaching its powers.

For Tucker, this was an admirable case of the nation’s judicial power holding in check its executive power, fully in line with the nation’s Constitution. However, as another example of an agency of the same kind, escaping unduly from Constitutional control, he quotes no less than the Federal Reserve, legislated into existence in 1913 by Congress, but coming since then to govern the entire economics and politics of the USA (see these “Comments” for March 7 and May 23, 2022). Does Tucker realise what he is saying ?  If he is right about these unConstitutional agencies, then for more than a century the main life of the USA has been doing an end-run around the Constitution of 1776, to evade its famous “checks and balances”.

But is that surprising after all ?   Scripture says, “Better a live dog than a dead lion” – Ecclesiastes IX, 4.

All the more: better a pack of live dogs than a piece of paper. It was live judges on the Supreme Court who in 1973 discovered in the USA Constitution the “right” to abortion, live judges who in 2022 found that it is not there after all. It all comes back to live human beings. Who has the power to hold them in any real kind of check or balance ?  “One Nation under God” used to appear on American coins. It is from God that came whatever once made the USA great, in any real sense in which it was truly great. And if the USA, or any other country, will not turn back to God, its human beings will tear it apart.

                                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison.

The rule of cardinals, kings may fail, of course,                                                                                         But human authority must have in God its source.



Please let me thank you for having sent to me 7 volumes of your writings, 4 volumes of “Letters from the Rector” (1983-2003) and 3 volumes of “Eleison Comments” (2005-2019). I had not been aware of this great treasure of Catholic history, culture, music & art. Reading the books has been a “fast track” restoration of Truth in the Faith, history and culture. I am reaping a harvest of understanding in my heart and soul, after decades of wandering in the desert of Modernism. In a world of complete and utter nonsense, how true, how refreshing, is the objectivity that you yourself found, and followed, in Archbishop Lefebvre. I believe this is the remedy for the torrents and torments of subjectivism & confusion swirling all around us today.

As a child I lived in a beautiful, small country town. In 1970, at the age of 12, my Protestant parents took me with them into exile, into the suburbs of a large modern city, where I was to experience practically every devastating consequence of modern city life for a young girl…and also of “man taking the place of God” through money & materialism, consumerism, collapse of morality, feminism, ecumenism, rebellion and sadly my family was radically influenced & affected by all these Liberal and Modernist destroyers of the family, the heart & soul. On this journey I lost my natural wonder and my dawning love for God, whom I had begun to love in the beauty of Creation in the small town of my childhood.

In the mid-1970’s I attended a large city University, where I obtained a completely worthless “Education” with its so-called “Degree”. I had become sure, that if truth existed, it was not to be found in such a place. Thankfully, I went on to become a Registered Nurse in a wonderful old-fashioned Hospital based training. Inevitably sin, anti-family propaganda, immorality, emotional damage, drugs, New Age pseudo-spiritual nonsense, all wrought havoc in my life, so that when I became the single mother of a dear little fellow in the late 1980’s, I knew, that I knew nothing whatsoever about how to care for him or how to really love him. I had never wanted “A Career”, only to seek what was true and to learn how to love.

By the grace of God, in 1991 He revealed to me that His Son, Jesus Christ is alive, Risen! What followed was another nearly 20 years of Protestantism through ten “Denominations”, then more than 10 years of Novus Ordo Catholicism, during which I began to discern increasingly alarming amounts of Protestantism, sigh! Recently, two years of Catholic Tradition, through which I heard of you & Archbishop Lefebvre and now the fast-track clarification of all things through your books. I am at last realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel of “man in the place of God”! Please may I offer a Scripture (Ecclesiasticus VIII:11-12) to express my gratitude in the joy of discovering the preservation of Truth in, of and for, God’s Holy Church:

“Let not the discourse of the ancients escape thee, for they have learned of their fathers:

For of them thou shalt learn understanding, and to give an answer in time of need.”

Readers, it should go without saying, but it also goes with saying, that all and any glory for any truth and goodness that this pilgrim soul finds in these seven books goes to God, and the rest comes from us.  Do also note how wise she is at given moments to recognise how God used her very miseries to lead her all the more strongly to the Truth. Let none of you despair because of the sinful world around you – “God writes straight with crooked lines”.

                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

Let nobody despair of wicked times –

God can write straight with the crookedest of lines.                                                   

 P.S.   To obtain the seven books,  for enquiries,    for orders,



Here is one more young man rescued from godlessness by the Rosary and by some contributions from the author of these “Comments”. Note in particular how his so-called “education” had to begin with the condemnation of common sense in order to make way for its own nonsense. That is typical.  Read on –

I feel a strong urge to express to you my gratitude for your online material and my support for your message for Catholics in our modern world. I live up in northern Scotland, and after a lengthy conversion process and gradual shunning of the Newchurch, I was finally baptised this year at the Easter Vigil in the SSPX chapel in Edinburgh. There is no “Resistance” priest up here that I know of, but the SSPX priest has common sense and I have found him very helpful and reassuring.

I come from a liberal family, but I stopped attending the new Mass because of heterodoxy at the local parish, and then I left the Indult Mass because of the slightly doubtful Holy Orders of the Novus Ordo priests.  Generally however, it was only after I had moved on that I began to look back and see the deeper doctrinal issue. Now I think I do see quite clearly the greater problem, and one great grace I must be ever so thankful to God for is that I think I now see the modern world very well for what it is, and how it has got into the churchmen. I owe this in large part to your sermons and conferences.

And what is that problem ? In a college sociology course which I briefly attended during my final year of high school about six years ago, the very first lesson we did was Sociology versus Common Sense​… gasp! They essentially told us that common sense was just backwards assumptions and stereotypes and that only by sociology and science could we really understand human beings and the world. I  had read Karl Marx’s Introduction to the German Ideology, where Marx lays out his “scientific” historical materialist theory of history and human progress. I put two and two together and realised that “science” and “progress”  were profoundly opposed to common sense. This, I remember, made a deep and lasting impression on me. I think at the time it made me feel a sense of superiority to everyone else. I was the enlightened Mr. Science while they were in the darkness of common sense. Of course Providence was at work, because once I was in the process of converting to the Faith and then discovered your conference on Pascendi, you can imagine my sense of “Eureka!”. Perhaps I did not immediately manage to apply all of the principles laid out by Pius X, but they certainly went into my head fast, and over time it became more and more clear exactly how they are applicable to our situation. Did you not once say that the modern world is something like the Matrix ? – once you take the red pill, there is no going back!

I should say your Excellency, that the Rosary has been most important in all of this, and in bringing me countless other graces, and I am sure that without praying it I would not be so blessed with what I now see and have. I first began to pray it leading up to what was to be my Novus Ordo Baptism. Though I do not think I particularly knew what I was doing, I did say fifteen Mysteries per day for about 40 days prior so that when the day came I had the courage to tell the priest I would not go ahead. And I left for the Indult, which I again left a few months later. Though I have not managed to keep up with fifteen Mysteries a day, I have managed five, and I have tried to make sure they are always prayerful and meditative. It is true that something about the Rosary just kicks the modern world out of a soul.

I can see problems in the Society, as you say, notably a certain downplaying or turning of a blind eye to the problem of modernist Rome and the modern world.  But I do think there is much good in the Society still and surely many good priests. Certainly we are blessed to have our SSPX priest in Edinburgh…

                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison.

Pascendi for the mind, beads for the heart –

A powerful combination – Heaven’s art !



At the risk of laying before a number of readers a matter of which they are already well aware, let these “Comments” present the Warning of Garabandal, because of the high probability that that Warning is authentic, and that it is therefore going to affect every human being alive, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not, with a decisive effect upon their eternal salvation or damnation. Firstly, a brief account of the events of Garabandal.  Secondly, the reason why the Church authorities have not yet given to those events their official approval. And thirdly, why those events fit our present situation like a key fits a lock. The Warning is of such a nature that when it happens, readers could be complaining, “If you knew about this, how in Heaven’s name could you never have told us about it ?”  So here it is –

Garabandal is a small village in the mountains of Northern Spain about one hour in a car south of the city of Santander, halfway across Spain from East to West. In this village between 1961 and 1965 Our Lady appeared some 2000 times to four mountain girls, who had little to no knowledge or experience of anything going on in world or Church outside their own village. This unprecedented number of apparitions alone suggests that they were of a special importance. They included two solemn Messages, from 1961 and 1965, and three major prophecies, of a great Warning, a great Miracle and a great Chastisement. One of the four original girls knows the exact date of the Miracle, and will make it public one week beforehand, otherwise the dates of these three events are unknown.

As described by the leader of the four girls, Conchita, from what Our Lady told her, The Warning will be an entirely supernatural event, coming directly from God, to fill consciences of all people alive with light to show them how their souls stand before God, with all their sins. Given the godless state of the world, the experience will be “felt like fire” for most people, but it will not last long. Some people will die of it, but not many, and everybody will be prepared by it to take notice of the great Miracle to follow. In fact the Warning will be a great mercy of God, because when normally souls learn of their standing before God at their Particular Judgment, following immediately on death, they have no further chance of changing that Judgment. On the contrary, after the Garabandal Warning, few will die and everyone else will be free to change their lives. This Warning makes sense in our world overwhelmed by confusion and lies, because it will be pure truth from God, consoling good people, and taking away all ignorance.

However, the Church authorities have still to give to the Garabandal apparitions of Our Lady their official approval because of the events’ timing and their content. Vatican II (1962-1965) was a gigantic betrayal of Truth, of the Faith, of the Catholic Church. Garabandal (1961-1965) was a gigantic affirmation of Catholic Truth, of the Faith, of the Church. In Her first solemn Message, of 1961, Our Lady warned that “the cup is filling up”. In Her longer solemn Message of 1965, She said amongst other things that “the cup is flowing over”, and that “Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition, and they are taking many souls with them.” Could there be a more accurate summary of what was happening at Vatican II ?  But one can understand that the clergy did not like what She was saying !  She was taking 2000 apparitions to warn Church and world that the clergy’s Vatican II was a huge mistake.

Finally, Garabandal fits our modern world like a key fits a lock. Respecting the churchmen’s free-will, Almighty God allows them to go horribly wrong as the end of the world approaches. But the shepherds’ going astray generates huge confusion among the sheep, Catholic and non-catholic alike. To all of them He offers an extraordinary event, freeing them from all confusion, before they have to answer at death for how they will have spent their lives. What a grace !  And it will be confirmed by the great Miracle, due to take place in Garabandal itself, and exceeding the miracle of the sun spinning, in 1917, at Fatima.

                                                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

Almighty God is good, and plans to tell,

Once more, how to avoid our self-made Hell.



Here follows the summary of a recent article by a French journalist, Jean-Marie Guénois of Le Figaro in Paris, France. He paints a persuasive picture, alas, of how Pope Francis is not at all changing course. 

Rome is in turmoil. A climate of high-tension reigns in the Holy See, in contrast to the image of  good will conveyed to the world. The Roman Curia, once feared, is regularly bypassed by Francis. In 2013 Francis launched a vast reform of the Curia which will take effect at Pentecost this year, when the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium comes into force.

The most important change places all the ministries of the Roman Curia on the same level. This means an abolition of hierarchies within the Vatican ministries. All are considered equal. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was the highest ministry in dignity and importance, is relegated to a position behind that of the dicastery of Evangelization and just before a new dicastery dedicated to charity and humanitarian action. This is the Pope’s new spirit : before talking about doctrine, the Church must be “pastoral” -like a shepherd caring for his flock, and not like a teacher of virtue correcting his students. 
Another key point, imposed by the Pope, is the fact that a lay person, male or female, can now lead a Vatican ministry. This office was previously reserved for bishops and cardinals, for fundamental theological reasons related to the very constitution of the Catholic Church. The Apostolic Constitution also promotes decentralization. The Vatican remains the Vatican, but it is at the service of the Episcopal Conferences, the national structures of the Church in the world, and no longer stands over them. Except for questions of “doctrine, discipline or the communion of the Church”, the Episcopal Conferences will be able to decide on local matters without referring to Rome.

Francis sums up his reform as “the synodal spirit”. This is a “democratic” and “collective” spirit inspired by the governance of the Orthodox and Protestant churches. Francis wants to instil this spirit at all levels of the Catholic Church. To this end, a special Synod on “synodality” has been launched which will take place in all dioceses in 2022. Francis has appointed the Archbishop of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Hollerich, to the key position of Reporter of the next Roman synod on “synodality”. Hollerich, a Jesuit, has repeatedly spoken out in favour of a change in the Church’s discourse on homosexuality, stating that “the positions of the Church on the sinfulness of homosexual relationships are wrong.” 

The Pope confided to Slovak Jesuits at a recent meeting in Bratislava that he was “suffering” at seeing the “ideology of going backwards” in the Church. It was the fight against this “ideology of going backwards” that also motivated his decision to put a regulatory stop to the development of parishes according to the Tridentine rite. “I will continue in this way,” he told the Jesuits, as he spoke out against young priests who, “as soon as they are ordained,” ask the bishop’s permission “to celebrate in Latin.” They must be made to “come down to earth.” 

The lists of papabili are beginning to circulate in Rome. They are only speculation. They have never contributed to the election of a pope. However, one thing is certain. With the next batch of Cardinals that Francis will name, this Pope will have chosen two-thirds of the Cardinals in the next Conclave. That is the majority needed to elect a successor. Francis is controlling everything, down to the last detail.

                                                                                                                                                  Kyrie eleison

Like it or not, the Church still comes through Rome.    

Faith lacking there can only make us groan.



On the TFP website is another excellent article by John Horvat from one month ago entitled  As Liberalism crashes, where should we look for solutions?  Now these “Comments” no more agree with everything that that appears on the TFP website than TFP has to agree with everything that appears in these “Comments”, but articles by John Horvat show an exceptional ability to relate a godless world to  God, because the Church’s full doctrinal depth gives him a handle on our godless scene —

Modernity presents liberalism as the beginning of history. Before liberalism, liberals claim, there was nothing but ignorance and darkness. Liberalism is credited with all progress and security in the modern world. Thus, as liberalism crashes and crumbles, most liberals automatically exclude that which came before it as a possible solution. 

Something remarkable existed before liberalism. It was medieval Christendom. This Christian civilization transformed the West into a model of charity and order. Christendom may not have been perfect, but it acknowledged and worked within the limits of fallen human nature. It was firmly based on reality, not fantasy. Christendom was the first civilization to give rise to hospitals and universities. It is responsible for representative government and the rule of law. The arts and music flourished under its influence.

When liberalism arose from the Enlightenment and the horrors of the French Revolution, it gave rise to a century of turmoil, mass industrialization and materialism. Liberal political movements persecuted the Church, curtailing her freedom and confiscating her property. Its governments absorbed the charitable functions of the Church into their cold bureaucracies.

Liberalism secularized and desacralized society by establishing the fiction of living in a world without God. Modernity paid a heavy price for maintaining this fiction. The godless system gave rise to terrible wars and unnatural ideologies. Today, liberalism is bankrupt. Its internal contradictions are destroying all remaining structures of order. It does no good to look any more to liberalism when seeking solutions for the resulting crisis. It will only produce extreme versions of itself. It is far better to look behind  liberalism and thus return to the roots and wellspring of Christian civilization.

Christian civilization is born from a different set of premises. It works with human nature, not against it. The system relies on organic solutions which naturally and spontaneously develop inside a social order oriented toward the common good. This practice of subsidiarity provides an incredible amount of freedom as social units seek aid for their needs and help others in their shortcomings. A Christian civilization is not a tyranny of God, as liberals claim. Rather, the temporal and spiritual spheres each take care of their respective activities and areas of responsibility. When it practises virtue, such a society can flourish economically and politically as well as help guide souls to sanctification and salvation.

Yet many liberals prefer to insist that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man rather than admit the marvellous reality of human nature as created by God. They would rather pursue a delirious fantasy than live in ordered liberty following the natural moral law. The only way out for those who still believe in truth, tradition and God is to abandon the liberal narrative and its flawed premises. The faithful must seek solutions outside the liberal box and return to that Christian truth and beauty – ever ancient, ever new – that calls out to souls.

                                                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

Liberty-from, maybe, but liberty then for what ?

A positive programme liberty-from has not.

More Ordinations

There have been recently even more ordinations among those remaining faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre over the last few days in France. The priestly ordination of Father Denis of the Sacred Heart took place at the Priory of Notre Dame du Christ-Roi, La Villeneuveon 18th June 2022. The ordination was performed by Bishop Williamson.

Fr Denis is in the middle between Bishop Williamson and Fr Pivert.

Further, on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 24th June 2022, the SAJM was pleased to announce that it had a new priest, Father Paul Rousseau, and two new deacons.

The ordination ceremony of these three seminarians of the Saint Louis Marie Grignon de Monfort seminary took place at the Dominican convent of Avrillé.

Bishop Williamson officiated; Bishop Faure was present, of course, as well as the Dominicans of Avrillé and several priests of the anti-liberal Catholic Resistance.

Source :



I was born in 1958 and until 1988 I lived in my native Poland.  In 1988 I emigrated to the USA and have lived there since then. The beginning of my daily Rosary devotion started on the 5th of January, 2009, in the church run in Phoenix by the SSPX Fathers, when I – for the first time in 38 years – attended the Mass of All Times, and since that day the Tridentine Mass has been the only one I attend. The priest who said the Mass was Father Burfitt, SSPX, a  dedicated priest who helped me significantly in my return to God.

So my daily Rosary started with my coming back to the Tridentine Mass and to Catholic Tradition. It was the time of the Rosary Crusade which Bishop Fellay declared for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I eagerly took part in it. When the Crusade ended I simply continued my daily Rosary which, thanks to God’s grace, has become my second nature. Besides, studying intensely the situation in the Church, the role of the Second Vatican Council, some of the latest apparitions of Our Lady (La Salette, Fatima, Akita, and more) and especially listening to Her so insistent requests to pray the daily Rosary and to fulfil the First Five Saturdays devotion, I realized that as a Catholic I had to respond.

On 30th June 1877 in Gietrzwałd in one of the rare approved Marian apparitions from Poland, the first question Our Lady was asked by Justyna, a girl thirteen years old, was: “What do you want, Holy Mary?” The reply she received was, “I want you to pray the Rosary daily.”  In addition, for us Poles, Our Lady has the honorary title of Queen of Poland, She is our Queen! As She has always been! How then can you refuse the request from your Queen? – impossible!

How then did the daily Rosary change my life? Significantly. I would even say “it changed literally everything”: my daily schedule, my way of thinking, my spiritual life. My priorities have changed and my behaviour. Now, the Holy Rosary is an inseparable part of my life and affects it in a way I would never even have guessed beforehand. It gives me inner peace, distance from worldly things. I believe it helps me the better to control my vices and weaknesses. It directs my thoughts, my desires, my interests toward heavenly things, toward our ultimate Catholic goal, which is no less than Heaven. What I notice particularly is that praying the Rosary also gives me strength in our daily spiritual combat with temptations, with all those evil things we are surrounded by in our more and more godless world. I am certain it is Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces, who supports me so generously with the graces I need.

There have also been some rather painful changes in my life caused by my returning to the true Mass and to Tradition, including the traditional Holy Rosary. It is the fact that some of my closest Catholic friends and family members did not accept my comeback. Some of them even call me “schismatic”. In the beginning it was quite a surprise to me, but now I am used to it. I still try my best to influence them personally with the Catholic truth, but I rely much more on supernatural means like prayer and sacrifices, hoping that one day they will come back to their senses and return to the Truth.

Three months ago my older son told me that after years of leaving the Church he had returned, and he is now regularly attending the Mass of All Times. What a joy when I heard it !

Keep praying, I tell myself, it is just a matter of time…Queen of the Holy Rosary, Pray for Us!

                                                                                                                                       Kyrie eleison.

How many souls the Rosary has saved !                                                                                                     With it the way to Heaven is surely paved.