Even today young people can sense that they have a religious vocation, and then they can approach their elders for advice. But Mother Church is presently in great distress, so it is not easy to counsel them. What follows may seem rather negative, but it is one such attempt.

Dear youngsters.

Yours is a noble desire to serve God, but in today’s crisis of the Church, do not be too surprised or disappointed if you find special obstacles in your way. Ever since the 1960’s when the churchmen at Vatican II deliberately separated Our Lord’s Authority from Our Lord’s Truth, all Catholics have been forced to choose between clinging to His Authority at the expense of His Truth, or cleaving to His Truth at the expense of having to disobey what seems to be His Authority.  Now you yourselves, God bless you, are pursuing a vocation in the movement of Catholic Tradition, in other words you are cleaving rather to unchanging Truth than to apparent Authority, but this means that you are at risk of not having above you a clear representative of God’s own Authority.

This means that you are going to come in contact with a variety of servants of Catholic Tradition engaged in bitter and more or less scandalous fights with one another, because there is no longer above them both that Authority to which both could turn to settle their dispute. Whether their dispute was personal or, more important, doctrinal, either way there was a hierarchical Authority capable of pronouncing on their difference, and of imposing, if necessary, an agreement. The lack of such Authority is the price that Catholic Traditionalists pay, as it were, for clinging to the unchanging Catholic Truth.   And this is a state of the Church which must last at least until God intervenes, as He certainly will do, to put the Pope back on his feet, so as to restore Authority and re-unite Catholic Authority and Catholic Truth.

So what does all of this mean for yourselves ?  Continue to pursue your vocation, do not yet give up the pursuit, but be resigned in advance if it proves to be an unobtainable luxury. The Church is right now marching in the desert on iron rations. Mankind no longer has the right, as it used to have, to an abundance of good Superiors who know how to put together and keep in balance a religious community. God can very well make such Superiors out of human wreckage, but He will be disinclined to do that if our last state would only be worse than our first, alas !  All of us today, we are more or less disintegrated beings, the fruit of centuries of liberalism. How do you make an integral community out of disintegrated members ?  And under a disintegrated Pope ?  Humanly, it is a tall order !

Therefore have a boundless trust in the God whom you wish to serve, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but never let yourself be disappointed by men, and never be surprised if He writes on the blank cheque that you should be giving Him something different from what you expected.  As far as possible, avoid criticising the churchmen who are all in difficulties in a Church which is in effect leaderless. On the contrary, have a great compassion for all victims of the godless 21st century, clergy or laity, because never before has the world been quite such a “valley of tears”. Follow Providence, because God may have foreseen for you a religious house where you can fulfil the vocation He may have inspired within you. Heaven alone knows how our world needs your prayers and your devotion to the God it scorns ! 

So have courage, pray the Holy Rosary every day, five Mysteries at least, preferably fifteen if at all possible, and Our Lady will look after you, and bring you, by whatever way, to Her divine Son.

                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison.

To serve God never can we be too poor –

His help is always “closer than the door.”



“Know your enemy,” says the old saying. Indeed, how else can one win a war ?  Now whether they like it or not, Catholics are in the front line of the relentless war between God and the Devil for the eternal salvation or damnation of immortal souls. But in this war, money is a prime instrument of the Devil for the seduction and corruption of men. Let Catholics profit from this brief history of the USA’s central bank up to 1913 :  “L’emprise de l’oligarchie bancaire sur les USA” by J.P. le Perlier (jeune-nation.com). 

The American War of Independence was not about tea tariffs. It was a war of independence against the stateless bankers who ruled in London and intended to dominate and ransom the American colony in the same way. So the bankers had the English Parliament pass a law obliging the colonists to replace their freely issued money with loans from the banks at interest. “In one year”, said Benjamin Franklin, “the era of prosperity was replaced by such a depression that the streets of the colony were filled with the unemployed”. This led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the resulting war.

The first care of the American legislators was to write in their Constitution that “Congress reserves the right to create the currency and to regulate its value.” However, the bankers did not give up and in 1791, they succeeded in obtaining from Congress the creation of a central bank on the English model for a provisional basis of 20 years. This central bank was refused renewal in 1811 by President James Madison but was once again imposed for twenty years from 1816. In 1837, renewal was refused by President Andrew Jackson, who was as hostile as his predecessors to the control of international finance over the United States. 

Almost half a century later, Abraham Lincoln went further by creating a national “green-back” currency beyond the control of the banking oligarchy. Re-elected in 1864, Lincoln made it known that his first objective in the aftermath of the Civil War would be to end the influence of the financial oligarchy in the US. The war ended on April 9, 1865. Lincoln was assassinated on April 14. Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor, issued directives to remove the green-backs from circulation and this was done in a few years.

The subsequent move towards centralized banking was done very gradually and with dissimulation. The name of “Central Bank” was avoided and the “Federal Reserve” Act passed in 1913. Charles A. Lindbergh declared: “The worst legislative crime of all time is perpetrated by this law: When the President signs this bill, the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized”. Yet the War of Independence had been intended to free the US from the financial oligarchy that had imposed itself on England. Now, 137 years of intrigue had finally allowed the London bankers to re-establish their hold on the former American colony. With the creation of the Federal Reserve, 1913 was the year of the definitive subjection of Americans to the financial dictates against which they had revolted in 1776.

Like Lincoln a century before him, President John F. Kennedy took the risk of opposing the same financial power by ordering the issuance of a currency guaranteed by the U.S. State, without going through the Federal Reserve. The order was dated June 4, 1963. Six months later, Kennedy was assassinated. What do Lincoln and Kennedy have in common? In both cases, their successors stopped immediately the issuance of money by the Treasury, and restored this privilege to the financial oligarchy.

                                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison

‘Twixt Mammon and God, said Jesus, we must choose.                                                                                        

Bankers choose Mammon. God they have to lose.



A colleague in the priesthood has written another valuable overview of the whole Corona or Covid affair, to help souls to see clearly what it is all really about, as opposed to what liars of the past, present and future tell us it is all about. He explains how the insane pride of a tiny group of men is wanting to build “The Final Tower of Babel”, to shut God out and take His place, once and for all. Their purpose is therefore threefold : to decimate mankind;  to create a global New World Order;  and to create an entirely new kind of man, to be controlled by a satanic elite – themselves. In fact they have been working on this project for centuries, but the final breakthrough of something so new called for a worldwide “pandemic” to usher it in – hence the “Corona virus”, from Wuhan in China.

But the low Corona death statistics gave the lie to the “pandemic”, as did firstly the universal strict censorship in the world’s official media of any story to the contrary, such a censorship as could only come from a highly efficient and supremely powerful centre of power; and as did secondly the world’s servile politicians, ready to force upon the public any farce commanded by their hidden masters, in this case the farcical proposition that the only answer to the “pandemic” is their “vaccine”, or injection.

We must pause for a moment on the diabolical “vaccine” coming from this elite of Satanists. It is an unfinished product, intrinsically dependent on the multiple abortions of the “medical” foetus industry,

functioning by the manipulation of human genes, sterilising women, laden with metal nano-particles to work towards the blending of human beings with machines, that “transhumanism” beloved of people like Karl Schwab in order to create a completely new kind of human being, to be no longer created by God.

Such a sort of Satanic baptism, intended for all mankind, is absolutely unacceptable for Catholics.

We come back to the threefold goal of the Globalists with their so-called “pandemic” and “vaccine”.

Firstly, to decimate the world’s population. As commemorated by the monumental Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 near Atlanta in the USA, the first Guideline reads, “Keep World Population under five hundred million”, i.e. well under its present eight billion, because the much reduced number of trans-humanised beings will be that much easier for the tiny NWO elite to control as their slaves. Deaths should rise steadily as the repeated “Vaccines” and boosters steadily undermine men’s immune systems.

Secondly, as the crumbling remains of the past Roman World Order are being driven into the wall by a deliberate financial crash and a planned Third World War, so their ruins will make possible the erection of the brand New World Order. And as Christendom will supposedly have failed, so men will turn to an Anti-Christian prolongation of their atheistic materialism, namely Communism, on the Chinese model, with “freedom” being replaced by total supervision and control of the population, by injected “Chips”.

And thirdly, by the successful blending of man with machine through implants in brain and body, heavily researched in several countries ever since the end of World War II, human evolution will take a great step forward, and the New Man will be born, “cleansed of the mistakes and omissions of man (as he is),” says Schwab. Here is the latest version of the glory of man replacing God – the final Tower of Babel.

So is this satanic programme fated to succeed ?  Is there nothing we can do ?  Not at all, says our colleague !  Firstly, nobody can rob us, against our will, of our faith, or of God’s grace. Secondly, we need a great confidence in God. He may test us, like Job, but if we pass the test, great will be God’s reward. And thirdly, no Tower of Babel has succeeded in all human history. God is God. We need not be cowed !

                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison.

Poor planners of a “great” and godless world –

Into the depths of Hell they will be hurled !



The Protocols of the Sages of Sion is a book that deserves to be better known before it becomes, under a Communist regime once again, a capital offence to possess a copy. This is because it is a blueprint of the modern world, and if anybody is asking himself how the modern world came to be what it is, the book provides a number of answers, however strange those answers may at first sight appear. These “Comments” presented earlier (December 5, 2020) a useful summary of all 24 Protocols. Last week they referred to the end of Protocol # 10 as very possibly bearing on the Covid-nonsense, the “scamdemic”.

Here is the end of that tenth Protocol –

“….By such measures we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the Constitutions of States to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of Constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of government into our despotism.

“The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the Constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for – of their rulers, will clamour: ”Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords – frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts – who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our own rulers and representatives.”

“But you yourselves (the Sages of Sion being addressed at their meeting) perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations, it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy, and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the GOYIM (Gentiles) see no other way out than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.

But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space, the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.”   (End of Protocol # 10)

For any newcomer to the Protocols, it may be necessary to read a few times these four paragraphs to grasp the essential message, but it is worth it to realise fully who are the brains and the driving force behind the “scamdemic” or “plandemic” or “Covid-nonsense” or whatever one cares to call it. The latest of its true horrors to emerge is the unprecedented long blood clots now being pulled out of the veins of corpses of the “vaccinated” dead by embalmers emptying out the veins to prepare the corpses for burial. However, Protocol # 10 may well suggest that for its designers, the more the horrors of Covid, the better it will prepare the  GOYIM to clamour for their own complete domination by – the Sages of Sion.

The Sages themselves have always bitterly disputed the authenticity of the Protocols, claiming that they are either a partial compilation from previous centuries,  or a complete forgery. But as Henry Ford, the famous American car-manufacturer said, “If you want to know whether the Protocols are authentic, look around you.” Indeed the whole modern world corresponds to the Sages’ plan in the Protocols.

In 1899 Pope Leo XIII wrote the Prayer of the Consecration of the World to the Sacred Heart which included the following lines, often today omitted for fear of the Sages. Let us pray them, against Covid.  

“Look, finally, with eyes of pity upon the children of that race, which was for so long a time Thy chosen people; and let Thy Blood, which was once invoked upon them in vengeance, now descend upon them also in a cleansing flood of redemption and eternal life.”

                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison.

Lord God, please give us properly to understand,

Covid comes through men, but from Your own Hand !


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCLXI  (February 12th, 2022) :  WRONG  LEAD  II

Readers of these “Comments” last week noticed of course that there was no room for the promised analysis of three comparisons made by the Superior General (SG for short) of the Society of St Pius X in  support of the Society’s position that Catholics may accept to be inoculated with the Covid “vaccine” or jab. A criticism of these comparisons follows below, not for the pleasure of criticising the Society, God forbid, but because it is in today’s all-engulfing confusion so important to think as clearly as one can. Truth alone can be a solid basis for sane action.

Answering questions after his lecture on “The Mission of the SSPX” at the Society’s Press Conference for Catholic Tradition held in the USA last December, the SG began by presenting the principle of St Thomas Aquinas (2a2ae Q.78, a4) which allows of profiting by the sins of others as long as there is no co-operation in the sin as sin. And then the SG quotes three comparisons to illustrate the application of this principle to the case of accepting a Covid inoculation tainted by the sin of abortion through its resort, for its research or testing or production, to foetal tissue obtained from abortions. Note that comparisons always illustrate, but they also “always limp” (Latin saying), because they always have a good leg, the part that illustrates, and a bad leg, a part that does not apply. How well do the SG’s comparisons apply ?

First comparison:  just as everybody agrees that to take a cornea from the corpse of a man murdered a few hours ago, so long as one had nothing to do with the murder, is legitimate, so everybody should agree that to take foetal tissue from a baby just aborted is legitimate, so long as one had nothing to do with the abortions involved. However, how can a single murder, completely unconnected with the taking of the corpse’s cornea, be compared with today’ s foetal industry (as it can be called), deliberately ripping God knows how many foetuses from their mothers’ wombs to be torn apart while still living, with no anaesthetic, for their variety of tissues to serve modern medicine in a variety of ways ?  True (good leg), I had nothing directly to do with all those abortions, nor did many of all the patients profiting from them. But when the fury of God descends upon the foetal industry, will many of us have deserved to escape it ?

Second comparison: just as a Catholic organisation cannot spend for Islam money given to it for a Catholic purpose, but it can accept property of Islam given for a Catholic purpose, so a Catholic cannot accept an inoculation given for a sinister purpose but he can accept it for a decent purpose. However, the purpose of the giver is not the sole reason for accepting or refusing a gift. For instance, if I know that a gift of money comes from stolen goods, the Church may not accept it, however pious was the giver’s purpose, because the gift is tainted in itself. Now the Covid inoculation is thoroughly tainted in itself: medically it is murderous, morally it comes from the foetus industry and politically it means compliance with the New World Order and Communism. Only a quite exceptional purpose can justify accepting it, because the triple taint is obvious to anyone who spends just a few hours investigating on the Internet.

Third comparison: just as meat that has been offered to idols can be eaten afterwards (so long as there is no scandal) by Catholics, because they know that idols are nothing (I Cor. VIII), so Catholics may accept the Covid inoculation because they believe that it has no religious implications. However, States all over the world continue to impose tyrannical restrictions in order to get all their citizens inoculated, despite the catastrophic injuries and deaths caused by the inoculation. This strongly suggests that health was never their main concern. All the evidence tells that the jab was not for the “virus”, but the “virus”(still not isolated) was for the jab. The inoculation has huge religious implications, being merely part of Judeo-masonry’s great war on God. Read the end of the tenth of the 24 Protocols of the Sages of Sion.

                                                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison. “…Men are we, and must grieve when even the shade

Of that which once was great, is passed away.”

(William Wordsworth, “On the extinction of the Venetian Republic”)

Blessing of the chapel at the new seminary in Brazil

We are pleased to report that the chapel of the seminary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, near the monastery of Santa Cruz outside Nova Friburgo in Brazil, was recently blessed by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. The pictures below show how much work has been achieved there at this fourth seminary of the Resistance.

Donations through Paypal can be made through the following email link – semimaculadocoracaodemaria@gmail.com


ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCLX  ( 5th February, 2022) :  WRONG  LEAD  –  I

At the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition held in the USA on December 11, 2021, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SG for short) took official position on two different Covid questions, both controversial but in fact quite distinct. Firstly in a brief speech he gave three arguments to justify why the Society is not taking a public position for or against the so-called Covid “vaccines”. And secondly in Question Time he gave three comparisons to help explain why the Society tells Catholics that they may accept to be inoculated with these “vaccines”. Both his arguments and his comparisons deserve examination, but note that the SG has more than once been quoted favourably in these “Comments”. The problem is absolutely not personal in any way.  See on the Internet :      https://youtu.be/OYuqVdzr6Ew 

His first argument for the Society standing back from the whole Covid controversy is that it is a medical question which does not come under the religious mission of the Society. And this argument he says is the main reason for the Society not to commit itself officially one way or the other. However, is the abolition of God, of Christ and of the Catholic Church not a religious question ?  The objective investigation team of the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has interviewed hundreds of doctors and politicians ever since Covid burst on the world scene in March of 2020, and their serious conclusion is that the Covid onslaught is “the greatest crime ever committed against mankind as a whole.” Fuellmich is convinced that the jab or “vaccine” was not invented for the Covid virus, but the virus was invented to impose the jab, either to depopulate, i.e. kill, millions of human beings, or so change their genome as to render them more docile slaves of the surviving elite. That is why so many people make the same accusation, that Covid is a fraud, medical in deceptive appearance, but in reality utterly political, part of a massive and unbelievably wicked fraud to take power over the whole world.

Objection: priests should stand back, because who can tell for sure whether people like Fuellmich are not simply “conspiracy theorists” ?  Answer: Were Covid not a fraud, would it need such a mass of shifting lies to promote and protect it ?  Is an honest mind really so incapable of discovering the objective truth ?

The SG even admits in his second argument that the Globalist Conspiracy to replace the Catholic Church and God’s natural order with another universal man-made authority, started 300 years ago, with Masonry. The Church has long known all about Freemasonry, he says, so we need not worry about Covid. However, if Covid is being tied through the Globalists to Judeo-masonry, the Church’s prime organised enemy, as the Popes have recognised since the 1730’s, then we can sit back and relax ?  Should not Covid    be worrying priests all the more, not the less ?  Or has the SSPX also been infiltrated by Freemasonry ?  To ask the question is to fear the answer, when its SG argues in such a way.

His third argument, from the anti-”vaccine” alliance, is equally contorted. He says that the SSPX cannot afford to join the anti-”vaccine” alliance because it includes left-wingers opposing the “vaccine” in the name of human dignity and human rights, just like abortionists claim that abortion is part of human dignity and a human right. However, there is no comparison between these two “human rights”. The right of any man or woman to refuse anything going into their body which they do not want in their body is a true human right over one’s own body. Abortion is no human right at all, even of the mother, because the foetus is never part of her own body that belongs to her, because from the moment of conception it is a substance distinct from the mother’s substance, by blood-type, fingerprint and genetic composition. Therefore anyone, left-wing or right-wing, who claims that the two rights are comparable, is talking nonsense, and to oppose the “vaccine” the SSPX need have no fear of being associated with them. The business of an SG is to talk Catholic sense, not worry too much about the multitudes talking nonsense.

                                                                                                                                        Kyrie eleison

SG, forget distractions, go to the roots –

What IS the “vaccine”, and, what are its FRUITS.



We adapt here, and abbreviate, more precious truth-telling from the website of Doug Casey: internationalman.com  “Here’s why the money-printing won’t stop.”

Question:The US government has printed more money recently than it has for its nearly 250-year existence.  Does the US government have any alternative to printing more and more money?

Answer:  The question is, what will the Fed do when it can no longer pretend that inflation is under control?  The Fed has already printed trillions so that much higher inflation is already baked into the cake. The question is how the Fed will respond to inflation out of control. Either  1) it keeps printing trillions and lets inflation skyrocket, ensuring that the dollar finishes by losing all value, or 2) it tightens monetary policy by cutting Government spending, and watches the markets crash, including the stock market.

When faced with such a choice, politicians usually choose the easy option, in this case to keep printing money. For indeed, decisions to cut spending have often become politically impossible, so that the US government already has the certain prospect of endless multi-trillion dollar deficits that ever-increasing money printing alone can finance. Thus a conservative estimate of the budget deficit between now and 2031 will be close to $20 trillion, and that is a deficit which the Fed’s printing presses alone can pay.

Moreover, there is no bigger debtor in the history of the world than the US government, and inflation allows any debtor to reduce his debt burden because what he borrowed in dollars he can repay in dimes.  Therefore the government has a huge incentive to continue creating enormous amounts of inflation.

In addition, a brief look at how the US government finances itself reveals that it is, without a doubt, running a giant Ponzi scheme, meaning that if they stop pumping continually more fresh money into it, the whole thing will collapse. Now unlike private Ponzi schemes, the US government can continue to pump new money into its scam by printing the money needed – we are back to the Fed’s printing presses.  So the Fed may make gestures of cutting spending, but as soon as markets start to collapse and institutions to fail, it will stop tightening and it will again let loose the money-printing. In brief, the US government has no option but to continue with increasing money-printing to cover its expenses.

Question: But the Government recently said that “Inflation is good.”

Answer:  Nonsense !  It benefits the government by lightening its debt burden, but this it does by emptying out the value from the dollars in every citizen’s pocket. The government is in fact stealing from its citizens, but in such a way that few citizens realise what is happening. In fact the Federal Reserve and other central banks only ever existed to steal money from you through inflation, and redirect it to people politically connected. That is their primary purpose, and it always has been. Hence a flow of false information on finance and economics in the vile media and in the “universities” in particular.

Question:  What other tricks can the US government play at this point in the game ?

Answer:  Whatever they call it and whatever form it takes, you can be sure that the net effect will transfer more money and power to the government. Out-of-control inflation is a common excuse for governments to implement capital controls, price controls, wealth confiscations, and all sorts of other nasty measures. But perhaps the most terrifying item on the menu is central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will  make possible an Orwellian surveillance system that monitors and controls every penny you earn, save, and spend. CBDCs are an important topic; we should dedicate our next conversation to them.

                                                                                                                                              Kyrie eleison.  Man without God makes finance Hell on earth.                                                                                Our one and only hope is Christ’s re-birth.


Seminary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Seminary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary located next to the Santa Cruz Monastery of Bishop Thomas Aquinas in Nova Friburgo, Brazil has sent some pictures of the seminary and the improvements they would like to make.

Donations through Paypal can be made through the following email link – semimaculadocoracaodemaria@gmail.com

The driveway up to the seminary is badly in need of repair
Some recent renovation work.
Some ongoing renovation work



Common sense is becoming so rare today that from wherever it comes it must be welcomed. Some people think that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is merely a pawn of the world power presently using Covid to arrive at an anti-human dictatorship over the entire world. That may be partly true, insofar as that same power already has such control over world affairs that Putin could hardly have become a world leader without its consent. On the other hand other people think that he is the one true statesman on the present world scene, because of his good sense for the true interests of the entire world, and not just Russia. In any case he is capable of talking common sense like few politicians today.  See for instance this summary of part of his speech last October 21 at the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, bringing together nearly 300 participants from academia, politics and the media. English language link:    Putin´s speech at the plenary session of the 18th Valdai Club – Global Review (global-review.info)

Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, “reverse discrimination” against the majority in the interests of a particular minority, and the demand to give up the traditional notions of mother, father, family and even gender, are mileposts on the path towards social renewal.

The advocates of so-called ‘social progress’ believe they are introducing humanity to some kind of new and better consciousness. However, their prescriptions are not new at all. Russia has been there already. After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs, indeed the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family with closest relations denouncing one another to the State, was proclaimed as progress then, and was widely supported around the world, as now.  

The fight for equality and against discrimination in Western countries has turned into aggressive dogmatism bordering on absurdity. The works of the great authors of the past such as Shakespeare, are no longer taught at schools or universities. The classics are declared backward and ignorant of the importance of gender or race. In Hollywood memos are distributed about how many characters of what colour or gender should be in a movie. This is even worse than the Agitprop department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Zealots of these new approaches even go so far as to want to abolish these concepts altogether. Anyone who dares mention that men and women actually exist, which is a biological fact, is browbeaten with horrendous “Newspeak”, denying the fact. This is nothing new; in the 1920s, the so-called Soviet “In-culturers” also invented a Newspeak, believing they were creating a new consciousness and changing values that way. They made such a mess it still makes one shudder.

Today it is monstrous when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. It verges on a crime against humanity, and it is being done in the name and under the banner of progress.  The cost of such ill-conceived social experiments is sometimes beyond estimation. Such actions can destroy not only the material, but also the spiritual foundations of human existence, leaving behind a moral wreckage where nothing can be built to replace it for a long time.

                                                                                                                                    Kyrie eleison                 The Communists were crazy yesterday.                                                                                                Warring on God, they are just as sick today.