Here is the story of another young man’s finding his way back to the true Faith, this time from Ireland, once so Catholic, but today deep in apostasy. Like Quebec – the higher they were, the harder they fall. Notice how the turning point of his conversion was his beginning to pray, in particular the Rosary.

Growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s in Ireland, things were rapidly changing for the worse. The deconstruction of Ireland’s past was already set in motion. As was common for most young men of my age, I was baptised and sent to the local “Catholic” school. But there was never any catechesis, or teaching on the Faith, which is why if you were to ask most children in Ireland who have gone to a “Catholic” school about even the most basic tenets of the Faith, they would not be able to answer.

My return to the Faith has been of an unconventional type. I have always had a hunger for knowledge and I devoured books as a child, but without the proper guidance from authority figures, I was easily led astray by my fallen nature. In my late teenage years, I read many different types of philosophy, with phases of Marx, Nietzsche, and Camus among others. Somehow, I came across the writings of the old-fashioned Italian philosopher Julius Evola, whose utter hatred and contempt for the modern world struck a chord with me. He never used the word God, as he himself was not Catholic, but he substituted the term with either the ‘Absolute’ or the ‘Transcendent’. However, around the same time as I began to read Evola, I began also looking into Catholicism, more for political than for any spiritual reasons.

The problem arose when I looked at the Church today and compared it with the radical ‘Traditionalism’ that I was learning from Evola. I knew some of the issues surrounding Vatican II and was familiar with the SSPX by name, but I knew little about going to Mass or doctrines of the Faith. I read up on how Catholics pray, and I came across the Rosary. I did not understand why Catholics prayed so much to Mary instead of to God, but I was willing to see what all the fuss was about, so I began to say the Rosary.

My reversion to the Faith was all happening during the Covid “pandemic”, when the Catholic churches in Ireland were shut for the longest continuous stretch in Europe. I had nowhere to go and could not have availed myself of Communion even if I had wanted to. Thankfully, I had been talking to some Catholics online and one informed me of a priest who was meeting with people to give Confession. I immediately contacted this priest, and my Confession took place in a cemetery. By going to Confession and trying to come back to the Faith, my old atheistic self was in a sense dying, and I was being reborn in the Faith.

Something I have noticed in the Latin Mass communities in Dublin is that the majority of men attending are reverts to the faith, while the women tend to be cradle Catholics. Many of the young men who would describe themselves as traditional Catholics are aware and knowledgeable on the ‘Jewish Question’, but are unsure of what they can do to combat the efforts of the Synagogue of Satan. What can we do aside from prayer to actively combat the enemies of the Church ?  One thing none of us seem to be able to truly understand is – what happened to the Church? How does she find herself in the current state that she is in? And by extension, what has happened to our society? I read old Papal Encyclicals and compare them with what I see coming from many in the Church hierarchy today and I ask myself – is it the same Faith?                                                                                                                                                                         

(No, it is not the same Faith, it is a new religion, at war with the old. The enemies of the Faith are best fought by the weapons of the Faith. Pray all 15 Mysteries of the Rosary, every day, for them. We are living through the climax of a 700-year apostasy of Christendom. Society has been in that downfall.)                                                           

                                                                                                                                      Kyrie eleison   

My country fell, but God reached out to me –   

A victim I no longer had to be.