Dr. E. Michael Jones (EMJ) is an American university professor whose name and books may be familiar to many readers of these “Comments”, because for many years since Vatican II he has been a prolific writer and lecturer on Catholic subjects. Some Catholics may not appreciate that he has never yet completely understood Archbishop Lefebvre’s apparent defiance of Catholic Authority, especially in 1988, when the Archbishop consecrated four bishops to save Catholic Tradition. However, no Catholic familiar with EMJ’s work can fail to appreciate the depth of his faith or the breadth of his culture, and above all his readiness to judge modern “culture” in the light of that faith.

For instance with his latest book just now appearing, The Holocaust Narrative, he is daring to tackle that most forbidden of all taboo subjects, namely the supposed death by gassing of Six Million Jews in Nazi gas-chambers of the Third Reich (1933-1945). We shall have to read the book to see what exactly EMJ says about that unbelievably influential myth, but there is no doubt that more and more serious historians are questioning that the “Holocaust” is a historical fact. Emotion, yes, and a’plenty, but evidence, little to none. Here is what EMJ himself says about the appearance of his book :–

…We have been overwhelmed with orders for the book. In fact we may sell out the first edition before the week is out. I think the book arrived at precisely the moment when the (1) Deep State turned on Biden and his (2) Jewish handlers. The (3) WASP faction of the (4) CIA is now faced with an emergency which forces them to push the Jews to one side before the (5) ADL/AIPAC and other similar organisations wreck the American Empire. It’s similar to the situation after World War II, when the WASP elite had to step in and get rid of the (6) Morgenthau Plan before Germany welcomed the Soviets (7) with open arms. Germany is in precisely the same situation now, ready to get out of NATO and make peace with Russia so that they can get access to the energy they need to maintain their industrial base. David Ignatius’s recent column in the Washington Post asking Biden to step down is an indication of how desperate the Deep State is at this moment.

Not all readers will understand all the references being made here by EMJ, but what he is saying here fully deserves to be explained.  1  The “Deep State” in the USA today is the real government of the country operating beneath the appearances of the government. The proof of its existence in many western nations is how the parties in power can change, but policies unwanted by the people rarely change.  A “Jewish handler” is a Jew standing close behind a public politician to make sure that he will do or say nothing that will displease the Jews. Such “handlers” are key agents of the “Deep State” pursuing the aims of the New World Order, caring nothing about whether the people want the NWO, or not. 3 A “WASP” is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant who wants the Jews to help “Wasps” to get world power, but not when the Jews want that power for themselves. The CIA was a Wasp creation founded to promote American supremacy, not Jewish supremacy, but it has long been so infiltrated by Jews or their friends, that it is no longer working for America but for the New World Order. EMJ says that the CIA is now in panic at the danger of the Jews wrecking America for their own benefit. 5  The Anti-Defamation League and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee are two leading Jewish organisations with an immense sway over the direction of public life in the USA as a whole. The Wasp CIA no longer appreciates their power over America. 6  Henry Morgenthau (1891-1968), a Jew, was Secretary of the US Treasury from 1934 to 1945.  At the end of World War II he drew up a notorious plan for the utter crushing of defeated Germany.  7  Had this plan not been dropped by the good sense of Wasps, it would have driven the entire post-war Germany into the arms of the Soviet Communists. EMJ is saying that good sense is likewise needed today to stop the same people who wanted utterly to wreck Germany from utterly ruining America.

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Some Protestants still have sense, but Cath’lics alone

See fully how free, God’s enemies are to roam.