Ever since  Vatican II (1962-1965) when the highest Authority in the Catholic Church, its worldwide bishops assembled in an Ecumenical Council under Popes John XXIII and Paul VI, broke with Catholic Tradition and with Catholic Truth by imposing on the Universal Church a new humanistic version of Catholicism, supposedly “updated” to suit modern times, Catholics striving to remain faithful to Our Lord have had to be more or less schizophrenic. Either they clung to Catholic Authority and let go of the Truth at least partly; or they clung to Catholic Truth and “disobeyed” their authorities at least partly; or they chose any one of a variety of uneasy combinations in between.

In 1970 Archbishop Lefebvre founded in Switzerland a priestly Seminary and Congregation to produce a new generation of priests to protect the Church from the consequences of Vatican II which, as he foresaw, placed the very survival of the Church in peril. The Church authorities in Rome, still set upon the Council, bided their time before reacting, but when they saw that the Seminary in Econe was thriving and not about to disappear, they then began to use all the considerable means at their disposal to shut down Econe. The Archbishop would not give way, so there followed 13 years of conflict between Rome and Econe, because he refused to defy Roman Authority by going on his own outside of the normal Church structures. As for official Rome, it could neither swallow him down, because accepting Tradition would doom their false religion, nor could it spit him out, because condemning Tradition risked unmasking their false novelties.

And so the Archbishop presided over the expanding success of his Society while doing everything he could to avoid breaking the normal rules, while Rome watched and waited for the moment when it would at last be able to get away with smashing his work to pieces. That moment came when the Archbishop, approaching death, knew that he would have to consecrate bishops of his own to ensure the survival of his Society after his death, because all bishops “obedient” to Rome, which meant in practice all other bishops in the world, could not be relied on to stand up to the Conciliar authorities. And so in June of 1988 he proceeded to consecrate four of his own priests as bishops. And this was the quasi-consecration of the whole “Traditional movement” inside the Church, of Catholics by now numerous all over the world who understood that while authorities should be respected as far as possible, still Truth had to come first.

Now in November of last year, came allegedly from Heaven, a message from a Sister to a Traditional priest in France who was anxious about following Catholic Truth against the appearance of Catholic Authority. The message, heavenly or not, presents an admirable description of respecting Authority while protecting the Truth, but let readers of these “Comments” judge for themselves, and act accordingly –

The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is presently passing through a deep and hurtful crisis in its representatives, and you, Father, are one of its victims. Mgr. Thuc understood the breakdown inside the Church, and as bishop he took a personal stand which was not according to the rules, because he ordained priests and bishops without incardination, thus putting them all in an irregular situation, even if they are fervent and wish to exercise a ministry in accordance with the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mgr Williamson, having been put in a similar situation by his dismissal from the Society of St Pius X by its Superior at that time without valid reason, should be able to understand your situation because he too has consecrated bishops and ordained priests. Like yourself, for now, these are also lacking incardination. The present situation within the Holy Catholic Church is so bad that the Lord is happy with all His ministers working faithfully for Him, with or without incardination.

This is the Lord’s answer to your question. As soon as Holy Church has recovered within itself the strength of the Truth, priests still adrift will be able to rejoin it officially, while unofficially never having left it. The Lord blesses you, be at peace, and be faithful.

                                                                                                                                Kyrie eleison

Clearly, Our Lord is watching over His Church.

By no means is He leaving it in the lurch.