The so-called movement of “Resistance” inside today’s Catholic Church is a poor affair, humanly speaking, but it may yet be the will of God, given the unprecedented state of chaos in which Church and world find themselves today. If we say that this “Resistance” consists in a loose and unstructured union of priests mostly coming from inside the Society of St Pius X, who quit the SSPX of their own accord or were thrown out by its Superiors because they would not go along with the Society’s re-orientation at its General Chapter of 2012, then we can ask, what have these “Resistant” priests achieved since 2012 ?

Humanly speaking, the answer must be, not very much. Normal features of any Catholic organisation are structure, Superiors and subjects, internal obedience to those Superiors and external obedience to local Catholic authorities and to Rome. And up till now the “Resistance” priests seem to have achieved none of these things, as its enemies do not fail to point out. Nor can the “Resistance” boast that it is convincing many souls that it it has the true solution to the problems being left unsolved by the Newchurch or the Newsociety. Many souls may be attracted for a while to the “Resistance” by the arguments of Truth which it presents, but rather fewer will permanently stay, often due to the seeming lack of Authority behind those arguments. Catholics need their Catholic Pope, and many, destabilised without him, follow his shadow.

Then if the “Resistance” is not heeded in principle and barely followed in practice, what use is it ?  Here are two quotes from the Passion of Our Lord. To Pharisees rebuking him for the noise being made by His disciples, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out” (Luke XIX,40). The “Resistance” is trampled upon, like stones in the street, but it is crying out, to save stones the trouble !  And to Pontius Pilate asking Him if He is a king, “For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth, hears my voice” (Jn. XVIII, 37). The “Resistance” is telling vital truth no longer told by the SSPX, for instance, today’s Roman officials have lost the Faith.

Here follows what one member of the “Resistance” writes about it. One might wish there were many other members who saw the reality so clearly. Otherwise they risk playing children’s games, somewhat like the SSPX Capitulants in 2012 – and 2006 and 1994…

In effect, one cannot be “optimistic” as to what is going on here, either with regard to a certain priest in particular, or with regard to the “Resistance” in general. The Devil is working double overtime to bring down the last bastions of Tradition. We need to ask God for ourselves to keep a cool head. Nicolas Gomez Davila (1913-1994) would say, “Since everything being constructed today automatically passes over to the enemy, let us hope, before constructing anything, that time brings us materials that do not betray.”  May God grant us patience, common sense and good humour.

In other words, as the official Catholic Church passed over to the enemy at Vatican II; as the Society of St Pius X passed over to the enemy at its General Chapter of 2012; so there is every possibility, if not likelihood, of the “Resistance” in turn passing over to the enemy, even if that can hardly happen officially, because the “Resistance” has so little official about it.  One may wonder if here is not exactly why the Lord God has allowed the “Resistance” to come into existence with so little structure or organisation.

In any case, bravo to the Columbian philosopher, who never went to any “university”. And bravo to the “Resistance” member who quotes him. Neither of them are playing children’s games.

As St Paul says, “When I became a man, I gave up childish ways” (I Cor. XIII, 11).  One may ask, are there any men left ?

                                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison

Children are innocent, their games are sweet,

But adults have the Devil to defeat !