Here is another testimonial, of a woman being clearly enlightened, and well on her way to being saved, by the prayer of the Rosary. Praise and thanks be to God, and to Our Lady !

I am an American woman in my 50’s, baptized Catholic as an infant in the 1970’s. My parents were not devout or practising Catholics, but with my parents I attended the New Mass, which was the only Mass I knew.  I did go to a Catholic grade school, where at first there were Sisters to teach me, but all of a sudden they disappeared from the classrooms, to be replaced by secular teachers. I was too young to understand what was going on, but I can remember my grandmother one day crying out to my mother, “They’ve changed the Mass, why ?” My grandmother prayed the Rosary daily. I pray the Rosary that she showed me when I was five years old. It is now my inspiration. I believe it is the Grace of God and her prayers that have brought me to where I am now. Currently I attend an SSPX Chapel, because a friend of mine showed me what the True Mass of all time is. Its beauty for Our Lord came as a shock to me. She also taught me what had happened to the Mass. It took me a number of years to get caught up and digest the disaster. I am still learning.

I now realise I was born into an industrialised society, like everyone else in the USA. I am currently working for an environmental company, a godless corporation, actually run and operated by Frenchmen with its head office in Paris. Every year the company praises and celebrates the French Revolution, but the more I learn about Catholic History and that Revolution, the more difficult it is becoming to stay with this company. There will come the point when I have to leave, because an agenda of sin, e.g. the gay movement, is being pushed harder and harder on the employees. I stay in touch with a priest to judge when that point of departure will have come.

To counter-act the nightmare surrounding me at work and in society, I keep reading the Psalms, which give me great hope, for instance Psalm VII, 15 : The enemy “has dug a ditch and made it deep, but he has fallen into the pit he has made”. The Psalms teach me how God turns evil into good, so that I begin to see how even His bitterest enemies, such as the “Red Sea Pedestrians”, are actually doing God’s bidding, only they do not know it. Likewise with Covid, and now the transgender movement. 

As for Covid, I am a woman myself, of course, but having been born in our industrialised society, I had no idea that God does not want women in the office, that ideally women should be either consecrated to God as a Sister or taking care of a home, looking after children and husband, as a good wife and mother. It was the Covid lock-down that taught me this truth, because being a finance manager that supervises a number of women under me, most of them with children in the government school system, I observed directly how through lock-down God was showing them what a mother should do. Obliged to stay indoors at home, they clocked out of work and spent much more time with their children, supervising their studies and bonding with them that much more closely. It was good to see.

 As for the transgender movement, by which men want to be women, in the USA we now see men participating in women’s sports. Since men are naturally stronger than women, the men often win, which means that there is a pressure on women, in the USA at least, to drive women out of sports, and back to our proper role in life, for which God designed us by the human nature that He gave us, which is different between men and women. With God’s grace, at least some women will wake up to the craziness of transgenderism and realize what they were made for. In most of this I can see the hand of God, and if I meditate on His ways, it gives me so much joy, that I can get through the difficulties of our times. Thanks be to the Internet for certain sermons and talks which I hear nowhere else !

                                                                                                                                   Kyrie eleison.

When woman turns to God and to the Psalms,

No more the Devil’s worst of teaching harms !