In another tremendous text of January 21st from Archbishop Vigano, in the name of the true God, the true Church and the true Mass he castigates the Newchurch of Vatican II with its counterfeit “Mass”. Here is a cruelly short summary of the long original, accessible under         Lifesitenews/opinion/abpvigano  

Vatican II, not being a dogmatic Council, did not intend to define any doctrinal truth, limiting itself to reaffirming, often unclearly, doctrines previously defined clearly and unequivocally by the infallible authority of the Magisterium. It was unduly and forcibly considered as “the” Council, the “superdogma” of the new “Conciliar church,” to the point of redefining the Church in relation to that event.

In the history of the Church, until Vatican II, it had never happened that a Council could, in effect, have more authority than twenty dogmatic Councils. Yet it happened, amid the silence of the majority of the Episcopate and with the approval of five Roman Pontiffs, from John XXIII to Benedict XVI. And in these fifty years of permanent revolution, not one of these Popes has ever questioned the “magisterium” of Vatican II, or dared to condemn its heretical theses or clear up its double-talk.

On the contrary, all the Popes since Paul VI have made Vatican II and its implementation so central to the programme of their Pontificate that they subordinated and tied their papal Authority to whatever the Council dictated. Their “magisterium” begins with Vatican II and ends there, and succeeding Popes have proclaimed their immediate Predecessors to be Saints for the sole fact of having convoked, concluded, or applied the Council. Theological language has also been adapted to the double-talk of the Conciliar texts, going so far as to adopt as defined doctrines things that before the Council were considered heretical, such as the State being above religion.

For once, Pope Bergoglio is perfectly right when he claims that the Tridentine Mass is an intolerable threat to Vatican II, because indeed that Mass is so Catholic that it undermines any attempt at peaceful coexistence between the two “forms” of the same Roman Rite. Indeed, it is absurd to conceive of an ordinary Montinian “form” and an extraordinary Tridentine “form”. The Novus Ordo is the expression in worship of a quite different religion – that of the “Conciliar church”. It is a spurious, equivocal rite, so “favouring heresy” that it deserves only to be suppressed and done away with.

I would not be surprised if, in the very near future, those who are abusing the Pope’s Authority in order to demolish the true Church will not only limit the celebration of the ancient Mass, but prohibit it altogether. If Rome were to forbid the celebration of the ancient Mass, Catholics who believe that they can serve two masters – the Church of Christ and the Conciliar church – will discover that they have been deceived. They will have to choose between either disobeying an illicit order in order to obey God, or else bowing their heads to the will of the tyrant while betraying their duty as ministers of God.  

This is no less than the battle between Christ and Satan. A battle for the Mass, which is the heart of our Faith, the throne upon which the Divine Eucharistic King descends, the Calvary on which the immolation of the Immaculate Lamb is renewed in an unbloody form. This battle must be fought over the essential difference between the God-centred vision of the Tridentine Mass and the man-centred vision of its Conciliar counterfeit. Let us ensure that however unworthy we may be, we shall deserve the future praise of the Church while we prepare ourselves for those trials in which we testify that we belong to Christ.

                                                                                                                                       Kyrie eleison

At last, a high-up churchman speaking clearly,                                                                                                For which we love Archbishop Vigano dearly.