An immense advantage of having a strong and well-informed Catholic faith is that not even news of a huge armaments build-up by Russia, almost guaranteed to lead to the Third World War, will leave one alarmed. The will of God is being worked out in the world, and even His enemies are contributing to that working out of the divine will. If they wish to stop Him from populating Heaven with the souls that love and obey Him, they rage in vain, in fact they help Him. They instrumentalise the world. He instrumentalises them.

For details of the massive expansion of the Russian armed forces just announced by President Putin, see on You Tube an excellent presentation – Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO › watch . In the weeks before Christmas a series of top-level meetings of leading Russian politicians and military personnel were held in Moscow, where Putin explained that the West is so set upon destroying Russia that Russia has no choice but to prepare itself for a major confrontation with the European nations of Nato, with the Americans behind Nato and with the so-called “Neocons” behind the Americans.

As for Nato, it is an alliance of European nations originally set up with and by the USA in the Cold War following on World War II, to enable Europe to defend itself against the very real threat of invasion by Communist Russia. Then Nato was essentially defensive, but once the Cold War was over in the 1980’s, Nato had to justify its existence by turning offensive through an eastward expansion towards Russia. This alarmed the Russians because their former enemies in Europe would now be sitting on their western borders. For the same reason the Russians did not want the Ukraine to join Nato’s military alliance, just as in the 1960’s the USA did not want Russian missiles on Cuba, and threatened WW III to prevent them.

As for the “Neocons”, that is one of many expressions to avoid naming that race of people to which four members out of five belong in the Democrat cabinet of President Biden, now ruling the USA. Why avoid naming them ?  Because their mere name evokes that hostility towards them which has caused them to be thrown out of one host nation after another, over 80 times in all, all over the world. Anybody might suspect that by dominating the USA and instrumentalising its military strength, they might have in mind once more to establish their Communist dictatorship over the entire world, by which every one of them would be a king and every one else a slave. No wonder they wish their name and action to be unknown.

But such an ambition is insane ?  Not for the remote descendants of that race once chosen out by God to be the race of the Messiah, and the launching ramp of His New Testament and Catholic Church. But when their Messiah came and of course refused to serve their worldly ambitions, creating instead a People of God chosen by faith, not race, then they turned against Him, crucified Him and have done their best ever since to destroy that continuation of His Incarnation which is the Catholic Church. Then let us suppose that “Holy Russia” is the last serious obstacle standing in the way of their New World Order, and we have a deep and ancient motive for the “Neocons” to drive the USA to drive Nato to destroy Russia.

But Russia is not Catholic ?  True, but in recovering from Communism (1917-1989) it is turning to Christ.  To recover also from the errors of Orthodoxy, it absolutely needs that Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Catholic Pope and bishops which She referred to at Fatima in 1917. Only then will “a period of peace” be given to our tormented Church and world.                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                              Kyrie eleison 

So let us pray, let us pray,

Fifteen Mysteries every day.