ELEISON  COMMENTS  DCCXCVI  (October 15th, 2022)

There is a good old proverb, maybe Chinese, which says, “The wise man blames himself, the fool blames others.” Not that others are never to blame, but that once I recognise that some blame belongs somewhere, I may myself be able to do at least something about it, whereas often I risk being powerless to get those that I want to blame to do anything about it. For instance, in today’s run-up to the potentially catastrophic World War Three, some Europeans are being tempted to blame either the United States, or Jews behind the United States, for the suicidal blindness of the European nations, behaving like puppets of the United States. But in a higher perspective, Europeans would be wiser to blame themselves.

For it is true that Jews exert enormous power in the United States, so that it is reported that four out of five members of the Cabinet by which President Biden governs the country are Jews, no doubt one reason for his earning the nickname of “President Bidenstein”. But who was responsible for electing President Biden, or at least for not rising up against the utter falsehood of his “election” in 2020, if not the American people as a whole ?  And if then Europeans want to blame Americans as a whole, who are Americans if not, centrally, the descendants of Europeans who emigrated from the Reformation onwards across the Atlantic ?  To the question of who is the central person in the history of the USA, is not Charles Coulombe’s answer, surprising at first view, of an Englishman – King Henry VIII – in fact very reasonable ?  Coulombe called his history of the United States “Puritans’ Progress”. Religion is decisive.

Closer to our own time, who, if not a European, signed the Balfour Declaration to promise to the Jews the Holy Land, if they would bring the USA into World War One on the side of England and France ?  And who, if not Europeans, to achieve the same purpose, arranged the trickery of the torpedoing of the “Lusitania” ?  Who then, if not Europeans, was responsible for the American soldiers tilting the balance of war against Germany in 1918, thus ensuring that American diplomats, with their President Wilson, would play also a decisive part in shaping the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which was designed to bring on World War Two ?  And when it duly broke out in 1939, to resist the military might of a revived Germany what was the great hope of Europe overwhelmed if not to bring once more the United States to their aid, which President Roosevelt achieved by the trickery of Pearl Harbour in 1941 ?  And after World War Two, who, if not Europeans, relied on the United States to form, and largely pay for, the defensive alliance of NATO to protect Western Europe from the threat of invasion by the Red Army of Soviet Russia ?  Can President Trump be blamed for having wanted Europe to pay for its own defence ? 

But why would Americans be right in considering Europeans, then and now, to be too gutless and effete to defend “the West” for themselves ?  Because, as Hilaire Belloc said, “The Faith is Europe, and Europe is the Faith.”  But Europe has been losing the Faith steadily, ever since the Reformation in particular, which opened the way for Judeo-Masonry to begin turning “Christendom” into “Western civilisation”, by a process of decadence which reached its climax with Vatican II (1962-1965), where it was not the Potomac, the river of Washington, USA, but four countries of the Rhine which flowed into the River Tiber of Rome : France, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

For, once again, Europeans may well accuse Vatican II of having “americanised” the Church, and there is substance to the accusation, but while American cardinals and bishops at the Council vigorously promoted the adoption by the Catholic Church of their own country’s ideal of “religious liberty”, they had not the majority of votes on the floor of the Council.  Who did have ?  Frenchmen, Germans, Dutchmen and Belgians.  These latter completed the temporary victory of liberalism over the Catholic Church, but let us have patience.  Almighty God is far from having said His last word. 

                                                                                                                                         Kyrie  eleison.

Europe, there may be others worthy of blame,

But to yourself look firstly, in God’s name !