Please let me thank you for having sent to me 7 volumes of your writings, 4 volumes of “Letters from the Rector” (1983-2003) and 3 volumes of “Eleison Comments” (2005-2019). I had not been aware of this great treasure of Catholic history, culture, music & art. Reading the books has been a “fast track” restoration of Truth in the Faith, history and culture. I am reaping a harvest of understanding in my heart and soul, after decades of wandering in the desert of Modernism. In a world of complete and utter nonsense, how true, how refreshing, is the objectivity that you yourself found, and followed, in Archbishop Lefebvre. I believe this is the remedy for the torrents and torments of subjectivism & confusion swirling all around us today.

As a child I lived in a beautiful, small country town. In 1970, at the age of 12, my Protestant parents took me with them into exile, into the suburbs of a large modern city, where I was to experience practically every devastating consequence of modern city life for a young girl…and also of “man taking the place of God” through money & materialism, consumerism, collapse of morality, feminism, ecumenism, rebellion and sadly my family was radically influenced & affected by all these Liberal and Modernist destroyers of the family, the heart & soul. On this journey I lost my natural wonder and my dawning love for God, whom I had begun to love in the beauty of Creation in the small town of my childhood.

In the mid-1970’s I attended a large city University, where I obtained a completely worthless “Education” with its so-called “Degree”. I had become sure, that if truth existed, it was not to be found in such a place. Thankfully, I went on to become a Registered Nurse in a wonderful old-fashioned Hospital based training. Inevitably sin, anti-family propaganda, immorality, emotional damage, drugs, New Age pseudo-spiritual nonsense, all wrought havoc in my life, so that when I became the single mother of a dear little fellow in the late 1980’s, I knew, that I knew nothing whatsoever about how to care for him or how to really love him. I had never wanted “A Career”, only to seek what was true and to learn how to love.

By the grace of God, in 1991 He revealed to me that His Son, Jesus Christ is alive, Risen! What followed was another nearly 20 years of Protestantism through ten “Denominations”, then more than 10 years of Novus Ordo Catholicism, during which I began to discern increasingly alarming amounts of Protestantism, sigh! Recently, two years of Catholic Tradition, through which I heard of you & Archbishop Lefebvre and now the fast-track clarification of all things through your books. I am at last realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel of “man in the place of God”! Please may I offer a Scripture (Ecclesiasticus VIII:11-12) to express my gratitude in the joy of discovering the preservation of Truth in, of and for, God’s Holy Church:

“Let not the discourse of the ancients escape thee, for they have learned of their fathers:

For of them thou shalt learn understanding, and to give an answer in time of need.”

Readers, it should go without saying, but it also goes with saying, that all and any glory for any truth and goodness that this pilgrim soul finds in these seven books goes to God, and the rest comes from us.  Do also note how wise she is at given moments to recognise how God used her very miseries to lead her all the more strongly to the Truth. Let none of you despair because of the sinful world around you – “God writes straight with crooked lines”.

                                                                                                           Kyrie eleison.

Let nobody despair of wicked times –

God can write straight with the crookedest of lines.                                                   

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