Here is one more young man rescued from godlessness by the Rosary and by some contributions from the author of these “Comments”. Note in particular how his so-called “education” had to begin with the condemnation of common sense in order to make way for its own nonsense. That is typical.  Read on –

I feel a strong urge to express to you my gratitude for your online material and my support for your message for Catholics in our modern world. I live up in northern Scotland, and after a lengthy conversion process and gradual shunning of the Newchurch, I was finally baptised this year at the Easter Vigil in the SSPX chapel in Edinburgh. There is no “Resistance” priest up here that I know of, but the SSPX priest has common sense and I have found him very helpful and reassuring.

I come from a liberal family, but I stopped attending the new Mass because of heterodoxy at the local parish, and then I left the Indult Mass because of the slightly doubtful Holy Orders of the Novus Ordo priests.  Generally however, it was only after I had moved on that I began to look back and see the deeper doctrinal issue. Now I think I do see quite clearly the greater problem, and one great grace I must be ever so thankful to God for is that I think I now see the modern world very well for what it is, and how it has got into the churchmen. I owe this in large part to your sermons and conferences.

And what is that problem ? In a college sociology course which I briefly attended during my final year of high school about six years ago, the very first lesson we did was Sociology versus Common Sense​… gasp! They essentially told us that common sense was just backwards assumptions and stereotypes and that only by sociology and science could we really understand human beings and the world. I  had read Karl Marx’s Introduction to the German Ideology, where Marx lays out his “scientific” historical materialist theory of history and human progress. I put two and two together and realised that “science” and “progress”  were profoundly opposed to common sense. This, I remember, made a deep and lasting impression on me. I think at the time it made me feel a sense of superiority to everyone else. I was the enlightened Mr. Science while they were in the darkness of common sense. Of course Providence was at work, because once I was in the process of converting to the Faith and then discovered your conference on Pascendi, you can imagine my sense of “Eureka!”. Perhaps I did not immediately manage to apply all of the principles laid out by Pius X, but they certainly went into my head fast, and over time it became more and more clear exactly how they are applicable to our situation. Did you not once say that the modern world is something like the Matrix ? – once you take the red pill, there is no going back!

I should say your Excellency, that the Rosary has been most important in all of this, and in bringing me countless other graces, and I am sure that without praying it I would not be so blessed with what I now see and have. I first began to pray it leading up to what was to be my Novus Ordo Baptism. Though I do not think I particularly knew what I was doing, I did say fifteen Mysteries per day for about 40 days prior so that when the day came I had the courage to tell the priest I would not go ahead. And I left for the Indult, which I again left a few months later. Though I have not managed to keep up with fifteen Mysteries a day, I have managed five, and I have tried to make sure they are always prayerful and meditative. It is true that something about the Rosary just kicks the modern world out of a soul.

I can see problems in the Society, as you say, notably a certain downplaying or turning of a blind eye to the problem of modernist Rome and the modern world.  But I do think there is much good in the Society still and surely many good priests. Certainly we are blessed to have our SSPX priest in Edinburgh…

                                                                                                                            Kyrie eleison.

Pascendi for the mind, beads for the heart –

A powerful combination – Heaven’s art !