Did not Karl Marx once say that Communism can be summed up in one simple phrase – “the abolition of private property” ?  And did not a supreme Globalist, Klaus Schwab, recently promise all souls alive that under Globalism “they will own nothing but they will be completely happy” ?  And does that not say that Globalism will essentially be on-going Communism ?  But why this detestation of private property ?  Because these godless souls are wanting to put an end to any human society that still has any belief in, or respect for, the God of the Ten Commandments: Seventh, thou shalt not steal, Tenth, thou shalt not even desire to steal.  Two whole Commandments out of ten, to establish the principle of private property amongst men. The modern war on private property is, amongst other things, modern man’s war on God.

Defending the interests of Almighty God, the Catholic Church defends private property against all Socialists, Communists, Globalists and other enemies of human society who want to destroy it. One notable defender of private property was Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) in his famous Encyclical, Rerum Novarum of 1891. Since the godless Globalists are threatening right now to overthrow all human society with their “Reset”, let us have a look at this Pope’s defence of the principle of private property.

Private property, he says ((RN 8) is a natural right of man, to abolish which is unjust, harming both workers and owners, both States and governments. This is because man alone is a rational animal among the rest of the animals, or brutes. Thus all animals must feed, but whereas God thinks ahead and provides for the feeding of the brute animals, God gives to men a mind to think ahead for their own future. This means that whereas the brute animals will merely use things, man will use them and also take them into his possession. But the earth alone can supply for his recurring future needs. Therefore man is of such a nature as to take the earth into his possession, in other words he has a natural right to property.

To the objection that the State can provide for all men within it, Leo XIII replies (RN 13) with another key principle, that the individual is prior to the State (because for a State to exist, already existing individuals must come together). And to the objection that God gives the earth to mankind in common, in other words He gives all the earth to all mankind (RN 14) and not just to this or that owner in proper, Leo replies that while it is true that God offers the earth to serve everyone and to be owned by anyone, never-theless any particular part of it is to be possessed by someone. Otherwise the strife will be endless, so that, as Klaus Schwab very well understands, the State will have to intervene to exercise supreme control.

Moreover (RN 15), a man is definitely more motivated to work on what is his own property, and the sweat of his brow so makes marks upon, and enters into, his property that to deprive him of ownership of it is both to deprive him of motivation to work upon it and to defraud him of the fruit of his labours. Man naturally attaches to his land. Socialism and Globalism both uproot him the better to control him.

The individual’s natural right to property is further reinforced by his natural family obligations (RN 18). As fatherhood is a natural right extending the individual into the head of a family, so the family is of a nature to extend the right of property, either for instance to feed the whole family in the present, or as a bequest to the children for their future. Nor can or should the State provide (except in families’ special distress), because children enter a society or State only through a family, and so the prior-existing family has prior rights and duties to those of the State.

The sane Pope concludes (RN 22) that Socialism will ravage society with turmoil, envy, poverty, universal wretchedness and enslavement. But see next week what Leo says the State does need to do.

                                                                                                                                                 Kyrie eleison.

Men hungry for power want Socialism to reign.

Thus Globalists want universal pain.