When Sister Lucy of Fatima was still the genuine Sister Lucy (up to 1957) and not the fake “Sister” (from 1967 onwards), she said amongst many other things that Heaven was granting in our difficult times a quite special power to the Rosary, to solve all problems. That does make sense. God is the Good Shepherd, and He does not abandon His sheep unless they want to be abandoned, as St Augustine famously said many centuries ago.  Here is an example which arrived just recently in the in-box of these “Comments” (“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give the glory.”) 

My name is ….., and soon after I graduated from high school, I became frustrated with those in the Lutheran Church that I was supposed to be able to rely on for guidance. This lack of competent advice led to me entirely rejecting a life of faith. Then I listened to the author of the “Eleison Comments” in an interview on the Caribbean Rhythms podcast. Soon after, I watched everything I could find of him on the internet. With his teachings and commitment to the realities of the faith and to what is happening in the world, I bought a rosary.

I didn’t know how to pray a rosary and had honestly only ever seen one in movies or television. I have prayed that rosary every day since I received it. At least five Mysteries a day. The results of my prayer have been miraculous. My life and those lives that I pray for seem better off in every measurable way. And all this after only three months of dedicated prayer.  I am and will be forever grateful for having had the rosary shown to me.

For the first time in twenty years, I feel that I have a true bedrock of faith to guide me. I’m currently helping my father, who was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer six months ago. Today, we found out that his body is almost entirely cancer-free, after one round of chemo. I feel that this is only possible due to the workings of Our Lady. I can’t prove it, but I know it to be true.  Thank you for giving me a place of truth to begin again.

There are various lessons to be drawn from this edifying testimony.

First and foremost, the power of Our Lady, working especially through the rosary.  If Heaven said that from now on grace would come through our walking on our hands, we should all be walking around the house on our hands. If Our Lady says, as in Akita in 1973, that in view of the threatening calamities we should all pray the rosary for the Pope, the bishops and priests, we may or may not understand, but that is exactly what we should be doing. I may even have been turned off the rosary, but that is still exactly what I should be doing.

Secondly, the grace of God is still at work, even through the muck-infested Internet. He has not given in His resignation. He is still good to those that look for Him (Psalm IX, 11). Even if a soul seems to itself to be drowning in sin, smothered in modern life, in despair of finding any sanity nigh or afar off, still let it never doubt that it can find God if it looks for Him. Just let him pick up a rosary, and see what it can do.

And thirdly, if anybody wants to fight for God, for family, for country, for sanity, against today’s forces of evil let loose, let him forget politics or academics or economics or any of the variety of other puppet-shows put on to delude us today, all shells with little or no substance still left inside, and let him put into Our Lady’s hands one rosary prayed after another, and he will be on the very front lines of the great war being fought today for no less than the survival of mankind. Let him try the rosary, and see !  And mark down the dates of October 27 to 30 for the next “Rosary Blast” in Walsingham.


Kyrie eleison.                                                                                                                                                

All politics are over, shot and vain.

Turn not to man for an end to the worldwide pain !