Ever since the Mother of God appeared several times in the early part of the 20th century to three Portuguese children, including Sister Lucy, in order to promise to Church and world a period of peace if the Pope and Catholic bishops would consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, Catholics have anxiously awaited that Consecration.  Several Popes did Consecrations to fulfil her request : Pius XII in 1942 while World War two was raging;  Paul VI towards the end of the Second Vatican Council ; John-Paul II three times, in 1981, 1982, and in 1984 when the substitute Sister Lucy declared that the Consecration had at last been validly performed – but who can say that a period of peace followed on from 1984 ?  Therefore outright war with Russia in the Ukraine prompted Pope Francis to perform yet another consecration a few days ago. Was the consecration valid this time ?

At least two major considerations suggest that what Pope Francis did on March 25 was no more what Our Lady requested at Fatima than anything that any of his three predecessors did. Now there is no need to say that any of these six consecrations were worthless, because “half a loaf is better than no bread”, says an old proverb, and Our Lady will have found the way to reward, at least for some good will, the four Popes who tried to consecrate Russia. For instance in 1942 Pius XII’s consecration certainly brought no sudden end to World War II, but with El Alamein and Stalingrad at least the tides of war began to turn towards the “peace” of the Cold War. What the world of course needs is a Pope with enough true faith in Our Lady to do exactly what She says, and to leave Her to sort out the political problems involved.

Meanwhile in their consecrations they are scared of mentioning Russia by name, for fear of a political backlash. Thus the text of Pope Francis on the Feast of the Annunciation was aimed firstly at mankind in general and only secondly at Russia and the Ukraine in particular. But this was not what Our Lady had requested, because it was Russia that had given itself over to the devils of Communism, and it was Russia that was in the 1940’s spreading its errors all over the world. Now in 2022, Russia may seem to be no longer a Communist country, and a religious revival seems to have taken place there in reaction against Communism – 72 years (1917-1989) were enough ! – , but according to some observers it is still a pagan country in many respects, so it may still need a special consecration, especially if it also has a special part to play in the coming rescue of Christendom, as other observers think. In brief, when Our Lady wanted the consecration specifically for “Russia”, She knew what She meant, and She did not mean “mankind”.

The other main reason why Francis’ consecration is inadequate is that it comes from the ringleader of the man-centred Newchurch, which is like a cuckoo in the nest of the true Church, which is centred on God. Thus true consecrations are centred on God, on how we have offended Him, on how we repent for having offended Him, on how seriously we resolve to make reparation for having offended Him. For an example from Scripture of this God-centredness, see the magnificent prayer of the Prophet Daniel (IX, 3-19). Now go back to the tone, so light-weight in comparison, of Francis’ text with its emphasis on the sufferings of men, almost as though peace is an absolute good and war is the ultimate evil. This view of human events is popular today, “politically correct”, typical of modern man, but gravely inadequate, because essentially it is not putting God in first place. Pope Francis cannot be accused of failing to appeal to Mother Mary, but the appeal remains very humanistic.

No doubt She is understanding, but She must also be disappointed, when She knows as She does what suffering is hanging over the heads of all mankind, and how easily it could all have been avoided, if only at any time in the last 90 years Her request had been properly fulfilled. For decades now Her pictures and statues have been weeping tears of water – and blood. We continue to pray for Russia’s Consecration.

                                                                                                                                     Kyrie eleison.

Men have no idea of how they make God feel – 

The punishment to come makes the mind reel !