2021 Rosary Blast in Walsingham.

From the feast of the Holy Rosary until Sunday, 10th October over 30 pilgrims took part in the Rosary Blast in Walsingham. Many hundreds joined us in spirit from all over the world. We recited ten full 15 decade Rosaries during the Blast at the Slipper Chapel and its grounds, along the Holy Mile, in the Abbey and in Walsingham village. Each decade was preceded by a meditation by Bishop Williamson or Fr Morgan. The Bishop spoke much of the severe situation of Church and world and how powerful the Rosary is to combat all the current evils.

Mass was said every day and other sacraments were also adminstered.

Our Lady smiled on us with unseasonably clement weather for the whole time.

One generous pilgrim said afterwards, “I feel like I’ve had the biggest spiritual body and soul workout ever” and another “It was a feast for the soul.” All agreed that it was a grace-filled four days and we hope that Our Lady was pleased with our efforts with Her Rosary.

We hope these pictures below give an impression of the Blast along with one of the Rosary meditations from Bishop Williamson. We hope to publish all the Rosary meditations soon.

The sermon of Bishop Williamson from the final Mass in the Abbey grounds is available here –

For more information on Walsingham and the Abbey, please refer to this page –


One Rosary in the grounds of the Slipper Chapel.
One of the Rosaries being recited in the grounds of the Slipper Chapel.
Some of the pilgrims on the Holy Mile.
The Slipper Chapel itself.
Bishop Williamson and Fr Morgan in the grounds of the Slipper Chapel.
The end of the Mass in Walsingham Abbey grounds.
Bishop Williamson preaching at the Mass in the grounds of Walsingham Abbey.
Mass in the ruins of Walsingham Abbey close to the spot where was the Holy House.