During the Summer….

we were able to have a Rosary Blast led by Bishop Williamson. It was most appropriately held in Walsingham, the pre-eminent shrine to Our Lady in England.

Many souls came from all over the country that weekend to honour Our Lady in Her Holy Rosary. From Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime seven complete Rosaries were said (105 decades). We were able to recite the Rosaries at the Slipper Chapel, along the Holy Mile into the village, at the site of the high altar in the Abbey Church and at the pilgrims’ hostel. In addition, several hundred souls wrote in with pledges from all over the world stating that they would join us in spirit. During the Mass at the Abbey about 20 more good souls joined us when they saw the Rosary being said and the true Mass being celebrated.

The Bishop provided some very thought-provoking meditations for each Mystery which covered the Church, Pope Francis, all the bishops and priests, our nation and our families and we added also our own private intentions.

It was an intense weekend but Our Lady smiled down on us with some exceptional weather. All agreed that it was a grace filled weekend and we hope that our prayers were pleasing to Our Lady.