Faithful Priests

Bishop Williamson has just blessed  a chapel in St. Gallen in Switzerland. It has been founded for  the ‘Catholic Fidelity’ and served by Father Brühwiler, a Swiss priest who left the Society of Saint Pius X to remain faithful to the Church, and is now under the authority of Mgr. Faure.
Father Brühwiler works  with Fathers Epiney and Grenon, in Riddes in the Valais. 
In addition, Fr. Failer started from Austria has started a ministry for ‘Catholic Fidelity’ in Germany, among other places in Cologne. He has joined Fr. Fuchs, who is also responsible for part of his apostolate in Austria and Hungary.
May our prayers accompany these valiant priests.

Pray for them!

His Lordship Bishop Williamson opening the new chapel in St Gallen.

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