Excellent Letter of Fr Pivert to the SSPX Capitulants

This excellent letter of Fr Pivert is addressed to all the Capitulants who will be attending the General Chapter of the SSPX in July 2018.


Address to the Members of the General Chapter of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X
Do you have love of opprobrium?
You preach the Exercises of St. Ignatius whose key meditation traces the programme of the true servants of God against the programme of the servants of Satan. It is poverty, love of opprobrium, humility and from there, Saint Ignatius asserts, all other virtues flow.
Poverty does not seem to be a hallmark of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X …
And enither the love of reproaches: you seek the approval of the apostate Rome! You want to be recognised by those whom you should denounce and fight! You whine in front of them to beg for some crumbs of recognition. You do not want to see that they are themselves in wake of the world and Bilderbergers.
You submit the marriages of your faithful to the behaviour of the world and not to the rigour of the Gospel, for that is what it is: the false rights of Vatican II which favour divorce under the cover of anulments, while the wise demands of the Code of St. Pius X form worshippers of the true God.
As for humility, I will tell you only one thing: you are bourgeois and chaplains of bourgeoisness. Do not Muslims have souls that you do not seek to convert? Why do you not send your Sisters to live in the midst of them as Father de Foucauld begged?

The Apocalypse will fall on our poor world and you do not train the poor Christians, lovers of opprobrium and humble, who alone can resist the power of money, the vanity of technology, the pride of the Revolution. The word coming from your mouth is: obedience! You do not want to see your young people escape you, caught by the world.

Oh, Fathers, it is no longer the time to ask you to go back thirty years, that is to say, to the enthusiasm of the Consecrations of 1988 by which Archbishop Lefebvre, despising the false wisdom of the world, the false prudence of Rome, gave the world the only answer it deserved: Missionaries of Faith.

For, since you have thrown out of the Society of St. Pius X Bishop Williamson as a delinquent, you have thrown out priests and faithful servants of God as a contagious plague! You have proved by this, as the Father de Cacqueray said, that they no longer have their place in the Society of Saint Pius X. Indeed, our place is no longer in your midst and, would you want to bring us back into what you have done with the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, we would refuse.
We have extended to you our hand so many times, but you have despised and slandered us, so, solemnly, relying on the power of the Gospel, out of respect for the majesty of God, we adjure you to come back from your straying, to ask forgiveness from God for your cowardice. The traitor priests [from the French Revolution] did it before you, why not you? You will ask the  Virgin Mary to obtain from God, by a humble penance, a humble apostolate with the poorest, hidden among the persecuted people of the modern world that you have loved, you will ask  of Him the honour to humbly confessn the Faith. And the day when the world will hate you, where it will treat you as the worst of its enemies, you will know that you are forgiven.

Father François Pivert
Priest of Jesus Christ

Original in French  https://abbe-pivert.com/adresse-aux-membres-du-chapitre-general-de-la-fraternite-saint-pie-x/


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