Fr Girouard on the latest commuiqué from Bishop Fellay

God bless Fr Girouard for his far-sightedness  –

OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUÉ OF BISHOP FELLAY TO MEMBERS OF THE SSPX (PRIESTS, BROTHERS, NUNS, OBLATES). Dated June 28, and released to the public on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16th, 2016. (From DICI)

For the glory of God,
for the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of His Most Holy Mother,
for our salvation.

In the present grave state of necessity in the Church, which gives it the right to administer spiritual aid to the souls that turn to it, the Society of Saint Pius X does not seek above all a canonical recognition, to which it has a right because it is Catholic. The solution is not simply juridical. It depends on a doctrinal position that it is imperative to express.

When Saint Pius X condemned modernism, he traced the whole argument of the encyclical Pascendi back to one initial principle: independence. Now the world makes all its efforts to change the axis around which it must turn. And it is obvious to Catholics, as it is to those who are not, that the Cross is no longer that axis. Paul VI said it very well: man is (See Closing Speech of Vatican II, December 7, 1965).

Today the world turns around this, according to him, definitively established axis: human dignity, man’s conscience and freedom. Modern man exists for his own sake. Man is the king of the universe. He has dethroned Christ. Man exalts his autonomous, independent conscience, to the point of dissolving even the very foundations of the family and marriage.

The Society of Saint Pius X has always opposed this project of deconstruction of the universe, both the political society, and the Church.

To remedy this universal disorder, the Good Lord raised up a man, a Christian, a priest, a bishop. What did he do? He founded a society—a hierarchical society—the principle and end of which are just the antidote to this universal disorder: The Sacrament of Holy Orders. The purpose of the Society of Saint Pius X continues to be not only the actual remedy of the crisis but also thereby the salvation of all who cooperate in it. The Society is determined to keep doctrinal, theological and social rectitude, founded on the Cross of Jesus Christ, on His Kingship, on His sacrifice, and on His priesthood, the principle of all order and of all grace. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre fought his whole life long for the triumph of these fundamental truths. It is incumbent on us at the present hour to redouble our efforts and to intensify the same fight on the same principles.

We are not “conciliarists”: for they deny that Christ’s cross is the world’s axis; neither are we dissenters who reject the social nature of the Church. We are a Society of priests of Jesus Christ, of the Catholic Church.

Is this truly the moment for the general restoration of the Church? Divine Providence does not abandon its Church, the head of which is the Pope, the Vicar of Jesus Christ. This is why an indisputable sign of this restoration will be the express desire will of the Supreme Pontiff to grant the means with which to reestablish the order of the priesthood, of the faith, and of Tradition, sign which will moreover be the guarantee of the necessary unity of the family of Tradition.

Christus regnat,
Christus imperat,
Deo gratias,

+ Bernard Fellay
Anzère, 28 June 2016
on the vigil of the Apostles Peter and Paul


Dear parishioners and friends,

Let us try to summarize and clarify this communiqué, so as to understand better its real meaning. I will put the paragraph numbers between parenthesis. Afterwards I will comment the document.


(1) The SSPX has a right to a canonical recognition but does not seek it, as it has supplied jurisdiction.

(2) Pascendi says the root of modernism is the spirit of independance. Thus the Cross is not anymore the axis of the world, but man is (Paul VI at the end of Vatican II). .

3) Modern man has dethroned Christ and made himself king of the universe, seeking his own satisfaction in all things..

4) The SSPX is opposed to this shift from the Cross to Man.

5) In order to fight the spirit of independance and restore the Cross as axis of the universe, God sent Archbihsop Lefebvre who founded a hierarchical society dedicated to Holy Orders. She continues his fight for the Truth.

6) The SSPX is therefore neither conciliarist (who promote Man’s kingship) nor dissenters (who refuse the social aspect of the Church).

7) God helps His Church and His Vicar, the Pope, and therefore a restoration will come one day. The sign that the time has come will be when the Pope  expresses his will to grant the means to restore Holy Orders, Faith, and Tradition. This sign will also bring the necessary unity of the traditional movement.


Well, my dear friends, here is what the comminuqué really says:

The root of Modernism is the spirit of independance, which leads man to seek his own satisfaction in all things, thus putting himself at the center of the universe, thus dethroning Christ and His Cross, as was confirmed with Vatican II.

To correct this, God sent the SSPX, which is hierarchical, and thus opposed by its very structure to that spirit of independance, and therefore to Modernism. Restoration of the Kingship of Christ and of the Cross by Holy Orders continues to be the purpose of the Society. She is therefore against conciliarism, while at the same time she does not want to be independant from the structure of the Church, which is also hierachical, and headed by God’s Vicar.

God will use the Pope to end the crisis and restore Christ and the Cross as the axis of the Universe. The sign of this restoration will be when the Pope will express his determination to use the remedy sent by God. This sign will unify all members of the family of Tradition. Indeed, which one of them will dare to oppose God’s manifest will?

The Pope will administer the God-send remedy to the ailing Church by officially re-integrating the Society in the structure of the Church.

It will take time to heal the Church, (and the world by the healed Church), but we must be confident we will succeed. Are we not the remedy sent by God?

Dear parishioners and friends, doesn’t this remind you of something? Remember what I wrote a few days ago (July 4th) about the latest Rosary Crusade? Remember the words I had put in Bishop Fellay’s mouth as his future announcement at the end of Crusade? Is not the gist of this June 28th communiqué saying almost the same thing?

I am now wondering if this recognition might not take place sooner than August 22, 2017… It’s coming, my friends!

God bless,

Fr. Girouard