Bishops’ Declaration on Consecration of Bishop Thomas Aquinas.

Statement of the Bishops of the Resistance on the occasion of the Consecration of Dom Thomas Aquinas OSB

from Fidele FRANCE

Our Lord Jesus Christ, having warned that at His second coming, faith will almost disappeared from the world (Luke XVIII, 8.); it follows that since the triumph of the Church in the Middle Ages, she could only know a great descent to the end of the world.
Three explosions in particular have marked this decline: that of Protestantism which rejected the Church in the sixteenth century; that of liberalism that has rejected Jesus Christ in the eighteenth century; and communism that has rejected God completely in the twentieth century. But worst of all is when this revolution by stages has finally penetrated the interior of the Church with Vatican II (1962-1965). Wanting to bring the Church into the modern world that  had been kept away from it, Pope Paul VI was able to be adopted by the Council Fathers “the values of two centuries of liberal culture.” They assimilated notably revolutionary freedom, equality and fraternity respectively in the form of religious liberty that enhances human dignity, implies the elevation of man above God; of collegiality, which promotes democracy and subverts all authority in the Church; and ecumenism, which in praising false religions, implies the denial of the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And in the half-century since the end of Vatican II, the fatal consequences for the Church of the adoption of the revolutionary “values” have become increasingly evident, culminating in the grave almost daily scandals that stain the pontificate of reigning Pope .

However, the most serious of all in the twenty  first century, is perhaps this mass of Catholics, clergy and laity, who still meekly follow the destroyers. Indeed, how many destroyers do not see what they do? By a “diabolical disorientation” recalled Sister Lucia of Fatima and said before the Council. And how many of the laity still do not see that the Catholic authority exists only to establish the Catholic Truth, and since this is betrayed, it loses its right to be obeyed? For the same disorientation. And what is it, exactly? The loss of Truth, in the progressive loss of all sense of the very existence of an objective truth, because they wanted to free themselves from the reality of God and his creatures, to replace the fantasy of men, in order to do whatever they want. As ever false liberty.

But God does not abandon His Church, so that the 1970s gave rise to Msgr. Lefebvre in order to come to their aid. He could recognize that the popes and their confreres in the Council abandoned the traditions of the Church in the name of modernity, and in doing so, would eventually destroy the Church. He was able to build within the Church, as if by miracle, a strong resistance to the work of destruction in the form of a Priestly Fraternity dedicated to St. Pius X, the Pope was was perfectly circumspect about the corruption of modern times. However, Roman authorities could not stand being denied their alleged “renewal” reconcile, and they did everything to make this resistance disappear, but Msgr. Lefebvre stood up to them . To ensure the survival of his work, a unique importance for the defence of the Catholic Tradition, in 1988 Msgr. Lefebvre proceeded to consecrate four bishops against the explicit will of the lost Roman authorities, but implicitly according to the will of the Popes the entire history of the Church, except for the last four popes, all won over by the council. This heroic decision of Archbishop Lefebvre was then justified largely by the continued decline of the Church authorities, who did nothing more than conform to the decaying century. Of these four bishops, the one who speaks Spanish should be installed in South America to deal with the faithful who wanted to preserve the Faith throughout this continent before as Catholic, but where there was no longer safe bishops to lead them to Heaven.

Unfortunately, the decline did not stop since then, but is now bringing down the SSPX, in its turn, the victim of the universal putrefaction. During the General Chapter of 2012, their leaders under their Superior General, made it turn to the Council. Instead of insisting on the primacy of the Catholic doctrine always, of Tradition, they opened the door to an agreement with official Rome, consecrated to the Council. And therefore, since 2012, the same disorientation finds its way into the interior of the SS{X and at least for the moment, we can no longer count on their bishops. It’s very sad, but it is normal in the current state of the Church and the world. Therefore, again consecrating a bishop is necessary to ensure the survival of the Faith ever, especially in a continent of souls who need a true shepherd to save for eternity.

May God be with him! We pray to the Blessed Virgin for her to keep him under his cloak, faithful unto death.
Msgr. Richard WILLIAMSON
Mons. Jean-Michel FAURE
Mons. Thomas d’Aquin

13th April  2016