News from the Northern Mission

Fr King has now acquired a property for the ‘Northern Mission’. It will serve as a place to live for Priests serving the North and also as a chapel for the faithful.  The new property will be dedicated to St. Gregory the Great who is the Apostle of England.

Some more encouraging news is the fact that a young seminarian from the North is now at the seminary in Avrillé, France, whom we sincerely hope and pray will return to in a few years time as a priest and missionary.  Please pray fervently for him, his name is Joshua Turner and he hopes to receive the clerical cassock this coming 5th February from Bishop Faure in Avrillé. Father was able to visit the seminary at the end of September travelling with Mr Turner, who was about to begin his first year in seminary.  Both of them were very impressed with what they saw and also the Dominican Friary whose learned priests are providing the teaching and spiritual formation of some eight young seminarians.

May God continue to bless Father’s apostolate in the North.