Declaration of the Priestly Union of Marcel Lefebvre

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Second Vatican Council (8th December 1965), the priests of the Priestly Union of Marcel Lefebvre wish to reaffirm their “refusal” of that fateful Council and “all the reforms that issue from it “. (Archbishop Lefebvre, Declaration of 21 November 1974.)

They make their full judgement of Archbishop Lefebvre, who saw in this Council “the greatest catastrophe in the history of the Church” and compared it to a “third world war”. Vatican II, “turning its back on tradition and breaking with the Church of the past, is a schismatic Council”. (Archbishop Lefebvre in Le Figaro of 4 August 1976.) “The conclusion is that this ruinous event for the Catholic Church and Christian civilization was not directed and led by the Holy Ghost. “(I accuse the Council, 1976)

Consequently, the priests of the Priestly Union of Marcel Lefebvre renew their formal commitment not to accept any “practical agreement” nor any “canonical recognition” in any form whatsoever, from the Conciliar authorities. “It is the strict duty of every Catholic priest wishing to remain Catholic to separate himself from this conciliar church. “(Archbishop Lefebvre, Spiritual Journey, 1990.)

On this Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, they entrust their loyalty to the faithful Virgin, “Immaculate in her faith” (prayer of St. Pius X). Deign to help them bear witness to the truth, to work tirelessly for the salvation of souls and to submit all  to the “sweet reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Letter to Cardinal Seper, April 13, 1978. )