TS Eliot Conference

A goodly number of people attended the weekend of conferences on T S Eliot from 1st to 3rd given by Dr David White at Regina Martyrum House who travelled over from the United States of America especially to do so.




The conferences provoked plenty of discussion












On the Saturday of the conference, Dr White lead us to the shelter on Margate beach where part of ‘The Wasteland’ was written by Eliot during a stay there. Whilst there Dr White recited the whole of ‘The Wasteland’ for us in the very same shelter.














Some of the hardy participants next to Margate beach



One of the participants summed up the whole weekend – Dr White’s conferences have brought Eliot to life for me and also somehow given me permission to appreciate ‘the edifying secular’ again. It’s easy to become narrow-minded as the world grows cold – but great art has so much to teach us at precisely this time.”